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Capital Games and Electronic Arts have come up with Star Wars : Galaxy of Heroes is a mobile collectible RPG game. Its preview was released in Australia during October 2015 and was formally released on November 24, 2015.
One can live their Star Wars dream by fighting with favourite dark and light side heroes across iconic places and make their way towards being the Master of Galaxy.

Premise: Star wars: Galaxy of Heroes is set in a distant corner of the Star Wars Galaxy, where people from different species compete in physiological battles which involves notable figures from the story of Star Wars.

Information Table

Game NameStar Wars: Heroes of Galaxy
Publisher(s)Electronic Arts
Developer(s)EA Capital GamesEA Mobile
Platform(s)Android, iOS
ReleaseNovember 24, 2015 

Gameplay for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

 Star Wars - Galaxy of Heroes Gameplay

From collecting heroes from different worlds and then fighting with their help in a simulated world, this game is a whole package of roller coaster ride. The controls, gears and fighting can be confusing at start, so here is a short explanation of controls and processes to be ahead in the game.


While playing a battle, several buttons are visible on the screen.

  • Button on the top left corner are Settings and Auto
    Settings will lead you to settings for the game.
    Auto will enable the characters to play without the further interactions with buttons
  • Buttons at the bottom right corner are abilities which can be used to attack. There are only 2 at the start of the game but more can be added but 3 buttons are the maximum.
  • Players can select an enemy to attack by clicking on his head. However, this function may not be available in some scenarios.

Upgrading and Promoting

Upgrading and Promoting
  • Players can upgrade their character by going to their character’s screen.
  • Choose their character.
  • Two buttons on the button right are the upgrade and promotion button.


  • To equip, players need to visit characters’ screens.
  • Tap on the character of choice.
  • There are 6 buttons around the character to equip different things, click on gear to equip gears.


  • This option is not always available.
  • The craft button helps to get gears.
  • It shows the required items to craft gear, it takes 5 pieces of gears.


There are different modes for players to engage in, including squad arena, dark and light side battles, catina, galactic wars, raids and various special events.


There are different types of resources in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes.


  • Mod Energy
  • Cantina Energy
  • Energy
  • Ship Energy
  • Conquest Energy


  • The Pit Tickets
  • Tank Takedown Tickets
  • The Sith Triumvirate Tickets
  • Dark Side Currency
  • Light Side Currency


  • Crystals
  • Credits
  • Ships Building Materials
  • Ally Points
  • Cantina Battle Tokens
  • Galactic War Tokens
  • Squad Arena Tokens
  • Fleet Arena Tokens
  • Guild Tokens
  • Mk I Guild Event Tokens
  • Mk II Guild Event Tokens
  • Championship Tokens
  • Shard Store Tokens
  • Conquest Credits

Other Resources

  • Sim Ticket
  • Challenge Keycards
  • Conquest Keycards



Center Table

  • Light Side Character Campaign

Lead a squad of light side heroes to defeat dark side enemies in 3-wave battles.

  • Dark Side Character Campaign

Lead a squad of dark side villains to defeat light side enemies in 3-wave battles.

Upper Center Table

  • Shipments

Players can purchase randomly available character shards and gears with crystal and credits. It changes every 6 hours.

  • Store

Players can purchase data cards to get characters and consumable resource items or redeem a Bronzium data card with earned Ally Points.

Upper Left Table

  • Neutral catina Campaign

Players can lead a squad of Heroes and Villains to defeat unlikely combinations of enemies in 3-wave battles.

  • Neutral Mod Battles Campaign 

Engage in 5-wave battles against enemies enhanced by particular mods to earn low-grade mods and slicing parts.

  • Mod Challenges

Win mod battles to earn better mods of a particular stat.

Upper Right Table

  • Squad Arena

Battles against other players’ squads in 5-on-5 battles, while competing for daily prizes based on ranking.

  • Galactic Battles

It includes 2 campaigns: War, which involves battling 12 player-made teams and Conquest, a 5-stage mode with two difficulties and exclusive rewards.

Lower Left Tables

  • Daily Challenges

Players must complete daily challenges to obtain important resources and select gear.

  • Grand Arena Championships

Players at maximum level can be grouped into 8 and pitted against three opponents in mini-Territory Battles with a rare gear and slicing parts at stake.

Lower Right Tables

  • Special Events Battles

Participation in special battles can earn rewards to players.

  • Shard Shop Shipments

Purchase gear and Shards for General Grievous with currency redeemed from axcess 7-star character shards.

  • Scavenger

Make top-gear characters even stronger by pooling together spare  parts to upgrade their personal artifacts, called relics.

“Back Room” Areas: Far Left, Guilds

  • Guild Raids

Work together to defeat a powerful boss and earn rare gear and shards for a special character.

  • Territory Battles

Work together to drive enemies away from a territory

  • Guild Shipments

Purchase items with guild tokens earned from guild victories, including character shards.

  • Guild Member Item Requests/Donations

It allows a guild member to donate or request a gear item.

  • Guild Management

It helps players to review the guild’s current statistics along with a list of members.

  • Guild Search

Search for other guilds

Far RIght, Ships

  • Fleet Arena

Put your created fleet against other player’s fleets and compete for daily rewards based on ranking.

  • Daily Ship Challenges

Complete daily challenges to earn ship resources.

  • Fleet Arena Store

Use currency earned from arena ranking to buy blueprints, shards and high-grade ability materials.

  • Neutral Fleet Battles

Players can use their fleet to defeat computer-controlled enemy fleets, composed of heroes, villains or both, in single-wave 3-on-3 battles.


  • These were introduced to the game in April 2016.
  • Maximum of 50 players can go on raids and participate in both territory Wars and Territory Battles.
  • Another Update was made in 2021


  • These were also added in 2016 to the game.
  • There are 4 types of raids.
  • Every Raid gives a character and its own tiers.
  • These were also updated in March 2021


  • Ships were introduced on November 22, 2016.
  • This allows players to control various spaceships through their captains and pilots.
  • A total of 23 different ships are available.


  • Short for modifications.
  • It allows players to upgrade their characters within the game.
  • Mods are available for characters after they are at level 50 or above.
  • This effect allows players to increase statistical areas of their characters to yield better performance in battle.


Gears are the resources which are used in the game to increase Characters stats. Each character has gear levels which are increased when players are able to collect 6 fully crafted pieces of gears.


  1. Daily Activities– Players can earn rewards daily by completing daily objectives
  2. Guild Activities– Players can earn bigger rewards by completing these objectives daily.
  3. Quests– Players can take part in this to earn various rewards like titles and portraits.
  4. Prestigious Quests– This is a series of objectives which can be played to earn titles.
  5. Achievements– Players can earn certain specific things by completing these objectives.
  6. Feats– Players can complete objectives found in Grand Arena Championships and Galactic Challenges to earn Feats rewards.

Time Settings

These timings can be changed by players only twice in a year by going to Settings. Then Time settings and then adjusting the Daily Activities Reset.

  • Daily Activities Reset- 12 AM
  • Squad Arena Payout- 6 PM
  • Fleet Arena Payout- 7 PM
  • Fleet Arena Store Reset- 12 PM     6 PM   9 PM
  • Shipments/Store Reset-6 AM     12 PM     6 PM    12 AM
  • Bonus Energies-
  • Energy- 12 PM     6 PM     9 PM
  • Mod Energy- 12 PM 
  • Cantina Energy- 12 PM
  • Ship Energy- 6 PM


This data represents the capacity of the character of taking the damage. This is a list of stats used by the game

HealthProtectionTenacityArmorResistanceCritical AvoidanceDeflection ChanceDodge ChanceSpeedCritical ChanceCritical DamageDamageAccuracyPotencyHealth StealPenetration

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