Valor Legends Tier List [Updated May 2024] | Best Heroes

This Valor Legends Tier List article lists all the best heroes, heroes, in Valor Legends and ranks them in different classes accordingly.

Valor Legends is undoubtedly one of the popular RPG games with millions of active players. It is a fun-to-play game with a lot of action and thrill at every stage of the game. There is no doubt in the fact that heroes are the strongest troops that you can use in Valor Legends. Moreover, you can unlock more than 70 heroes with unique abilities to fight against the opponent. If you are a beginner and don’t know much about the game, we are here to help you.

Today, we bring you the complete guide on Valor Legends Tier List along with their ratings. Make sure to follow the guide and create an ideal combination of in-game heroes to win battles.

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Classes in Valor Legends

Valor Legends Tier List

Before we proceed with the Valor Legends Tier List, you should know the fundamentals of different classes. Every hero in the game has a specific class that defines its abilities and group with similar characteristics. As per the latest guidelines, we have 5 classes of heroes in Valor Legends,

1. Assassins– The melee damage dealing heroes are under this category.

2. Warriors– These are the strongest heroes who can be an ideal tank in the battle.

3. Mages– Any hero with Caster DPS ability falls under this class

4. Rangers– If you want to deal damage from a distance, rangers are a perfect choice.

5. Priests– Priests remain behind the primary army and heal your troops

Valor Legends Tier List

Valor Legends Tier List - All Heroes

If you want to know about the true power of any hero, begin by observing the tier rating. We have made things simpler for you by dividing every hero as per their ranks. There are a total of 4 ranks- S, A, B, C (in decreasing order of power). Hence, heroes with S ranking are the strongest and pretty rare to collect.

Valor Legends Tier List – Assassins

  • Ramiel – S Tier
  • Terrence – S Tier
  • Garr – A Tier
  • Bally – B Tier
  • Bella – B Tier
  • Sota – C Tier
  • Beezlebub – C Tier

Valor Legends Tier List – Warriors

Valor Legends Tier list - Seth
  • Lionel – S Tier
  • Eric – S Tier
  • Cardelin – S Tier
  • Catarina – A Tier
  • Yesacco – A Tier
  • Ayla – B Tier
  • Renaud – B Tier
  • Patrus – B Tier
  • Seth – C Tier
  • Norton – C Tier

Valor Legends Tier List – Mages

  • Sinclair – S Tier
  • Oche – S Tier
  • Yulvyin – S Tier
  • Frode – A Tier
  • Gisela – A Tier
  • Achis – A Tier
  • Milton – B Tier
  • Raghnail – B Tier
  • Primo – C Tier

Valor Legends Tier List – Rangers

Valor Legends Tier list - Renee the fearless Hunter
  • Sellier – S Tier
  • Telwihr – S Tier
  • Felix – S Tier
  • Diana – A Tier
  • Liv – A Tier
  • Renee – B Tier
  • Brooke – B Tier
  • Darby – C Tier
  • Edwyrd – C Tier

Valor Legends Tier List – Priests

  • Lucia – S Tier
  • Olivia – S Tier
  • Margaret – S Tier
  • Flora – A Tier
  • Suvere – A Tier
  • Waga – B Tier
  • Grigor – B Tier
Valor Legends Tier list - Doris

Please note that this Valor Legends Tier List is solely based on our research and experience with the game so your opinion may vary. Also, if you try out playing the game, do not forget to comment down your views in the comments below.

We will be updating the list as new updates are rolled out.

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