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Xhero idle avengers released on 17 Dec 2020 is still one of the most unique games which introduced a completely different type of battle mechanism to the RPG franchise. Players can summon heroes, make teams and engage in boss battles to progress in the campaign.

Its incredible success in the industry comes from the user-friendly automated battle modes with aesthetic animations as the cherry on top. Players can expect tonnes of amazing heroes, incredible rewards, missions, and game modes to keep them glued to their screens

Game info

NameX Hero Idle Avengers
DevelopersGlaciers game
PublishersGlaciers game
PlatformsAndroid, iOS
Release17 December 2020

Gameplay and Game Mechanics

X Hero Idle Avengers Gameplay

Xhero has two types of game modes or let’s say battle types which divide the gameplay into two separate parts. First is the automated battle mode which is called the x war campaign where you form your team of summoned heroes and battle your way through. Second is your regular game mode designed to help you farm coins and rewards

X Hero Idle Avengers Gameplay and Mechanics

As the campaign starts you receive plenty of rewards, such as heroes to start and summon enhancements. For every stage completed, you’ll be rewarded out of 3 stars, there are extra rewards to receive based on your overall progress within the campaign. You will face harder levels and tougher bosses as you advance so make sure you are geared up for it.

It is an idle Rpg which means that the game provides you rewards and resources even when you are AFK or offline.  Rewards are based on your progress in the campaign with every level you reach the rewards and resources also increase accordingly.

X Hero Idle Avengers Heroes

Heroes in xhero are blessed with different factions and abilities which determine their strength in battle. There are 5 unique types of heroes in X-HERO: Idle Avengers: warriors, mages, rangers, raiders, and healers or support units. Considering all of their strength and weakness you are supposed to make the best lineup possible before engaging in a battle.

Factions stats

X Hero Idle Avengers - Dark heroes

The faction bonuses currently in the game are the following:

3 Characters of the same faction: +10% HP, +5% ATK

4 Characters of the same faction: +15% HP, +10% ATK

4 Characters of the same faction, and 2 other characters of the same faction: +15% HP, +15% ATK

5 Characters of the same faction: +20% HP, +20% ATK

6 Characters of the same faction: +25% HP, +25% ATK

Universe Faction

X Hero Idle Avengers - Nature Hero

This faction is unique and doesn’t stack in the same manner. However, having various characters of this faction in your team will trigger different bonuses:

1 Character: +25% Armor

2 Characters: +20% Broken armor

3 Characters: +15% Critical

4 Characters: +15% Damage immunity

6 Characters: +10% Speed

List of heroes and weapons

1. Indira

X Hero Idle Avengers - Indira

2. Rex

X Hero Idle Avengers - Rex

3. Satan

X Hero Idle Avengers - Satan

4. Saint

X Hero Idle Avengers - Saint

Weapons and Gears

Like every other battle type RPG xhero also has a huge diversity of weapons and resources. These gears have been graded according to their rarity in-game. Only equipment grade 3 (blue) and above can be upgraded.

1. Helmet 

X Hero Idle Avengers Weapons - Impulse Helmet

2. Dagger

X Hero Idle Avengers weapon Impulse Dagger

3. Greaves

X Hero Idle Avengers weapons - greaves

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