Best Characters in Valorant 2022

Here are the Best Characters in Valorant as of 2022!

Valorant is a free first-person shooting game with a fast-paced and engaging gameplay experience. The game includes fully explorable environments and vehicles, as well as a high-quality art style with 3D graphics. There are a variety of characters to choose from, everyone with their own set of skills.

Are you a rookie player who wants to play with the best character there is? Or are you a professional gamer who wants to discover which character is the most powerful right now?

Whatever the situation, this article which includes the best Valorant characters will assist you a lot when you start playing this incredible game.

Knowing about the strengths and weaknesses of the top game’s top characters is very important. This enables players to make more informed selections regarding which character to choose before going into battle.

If you want to find out about the best-ever characters in Valorant, this article is for you. Read it to the end and you will be in a better position to make a wise selection. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Top Characters in Valorant

“Agents” are the names of the characters in the Valorant game. In the game, there are more than ten agents to choose from. Each of them has its own set of skills and abilities. The characters which we will be discussing in this article are the best and most powerful ones. These agents are excellent to play with and you will enjoy it a lot. 

The top-notch characters in Valorant are described below:


Best Characters in Valorant in 2022 - Agent Jett.

Jett is a female dazzling agent from South Korea who appears in the game VALORANT. Jett is one of the game’s quickest characters. She is a fair-skinned, short girl in terms of character. She is, in essence, the game’s lone agent with the lowest stature. Jett is unquestionably one of Valorant’s most powerful agents. Jett’s finest ability is to go from one spot to another in the wink of an eye, and her updraft skill also helps her to get a height advantage over her opponent during close combat.

She does not, however, own any of the teleportation’s special elements. Jett’s effectiveness made her one of the most talked-about subjects among the gamers. She is also one of the most capable agents in the game when it comes to delivering high-end AOE, Protection, and Health Recovery.

Moreover, her ability to drift is a passive one that helps her to travel more rapidly and stealthily. Her major superpowers include  Cloudburst, which damages and slows opponents with a rain of missiles; updraft, which generates a rush of wind that lifts Jett and surrounding teammates into the air; and wushu, which boosts her attack speed and causes a great deal of damage to the enemies. 

Jett’s distinguishing powers are tailwind, which boosts her and her allies’ movement speed, and blade storm, which forces her to whirl swiftly and inflict damage on all enemies. Jett’s greatest ability, “blade storm,” causes her to spin quickly and cause great damage to her enemies. Jett is one of the most powerful agents you will ever come across in the game. 

Jett’s gear is designed for movement rather than functionality. Jett is a fantastic agent to have in 1v1 battles, skirmishes, and ambush situations. Her high-risk approach, on the other hand, might be the downfall of a novice player.


Best Characters in Valorant in 2022 - Agent Sova

This Russian Aggressor is a wonderful Agent for team play and has a lot of crucial skills. Players are only now discovering the breadth of Sova’s capabilities. Sova is regarded as one of the best team players and often counted amongst the team’s ultimate agents, as he can help teammates start battles and just gain information on the opponent’s whereabouts using his intel-gathering skills and terrific abilities.

With his Recon ability, he can deal minor damage to an opponent in battle. Thus, if you’re planning on playing with him in the Valorant, you will need to know your positions and how to use the recon arrow to quickly obtain vital information about the opponent. Sova is by far the best information gatherer in the game, but mastering his powers takes time

Moreover, Sova’s drones are extremely significant for scouting, and his recon darts let him scout from previously unreachable positions in Valorant. Using this Agent, on the other hand, necessitates a significant degree of skill and practice. Prepare to put in a few hours of work to discover how to maximize this Agent’s powers.

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Best Characters in Valorant in 2022 - Agent Sage

Sage is a Chinese female character who is a part of the Valorant Protocol. Her code name is Thorne and her major abilities include  Barrier Orb, which builds a shield around her, Slow Orb, which slows opponents down, and Healing Orb, which heals herself and her allies. Resurrection is her greatest ability, which allows her to bring teammates back to life. She has a total of eight ultimate points. 

In a group of fighters, Sage is the healer. When facing tough competition, her healing capabilities might provide her and the team a major advantage. She can also resuscitate a teammate in the middle of a battle, making her a clear MVP. Furthermore, this Chinese Sentinel has the ability to influence her surroundings. She can shut off areas or takedown opponents’ defenses by destroying their barricades.

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Best Characters in Valorant in 2022 - Agent Viper

Viper is a key character in the VALORANT video game. She is a human female from the United States. Snake Bite and Poison Cloud are two of Viper’s most powerful and effective capabilities, and Toxic Screen is his signature ability. Viper’s Pit is her strongest strength. Viper’s codename is Pandemic, and she has a total of 7 ultimate points. 

Since her first appearance in Valorant, the American Controller Viper has risen through the ranks. If gamers know how to use her, she may prevent opponents from defusing for about 13 seconds. Her specialty is using a combination of toxic chemical weapons and mind tricks to control the battlefield.


Best Characters in Valorant in 2022 - Agent Chamber

The next best character on our list is agent Chamber. Vincent Fabron is his true name, and he is a Frenchman. He is a human male who is a member of the Kingdom Corporation and the Valorant Protocol. He is a Sentinel with the Headhunter and Rendezvous abilities. Tour De Force is his ultimate ability, and considering his ultimate points, so he has got seven of them.

Though his skills appear to be comparable to those of Jett at first glance, only time will tell if Chamber is indeed all he’s been made out to be. He excels at long range and has the evasive style to scare his opponents. However, many Agents have arrived with a lot of hype and failed to live up to it. The French weapons designer has a lot to prove, and we are hoping he lives up to the hype.


Best Characters in Valorant in 2022 - Agent Astra

Astra is a Ghanaian character that belongs to the Radiant race. She is a female, and the Valorant Protocol is her affiliation. Astra’s basic powers include gravity well, nova pulse, and disperse, and she plays the role of a controller. Astral form and cosmic division are two of Astra’s hallmark talents. Talking about her codename, it is Rift and as far as her ultimate points are concerned, so they are 7.

Astra is a prime example of effort paying off.  Astra’sHr suck ability can greatly help with coordinated attacks by hindering the advancements of the opponent forces. With her Gravity Well, she can draw opponents in and concuss them with the Nova Pulse. 

Players will need some experience to get the most out of this Agent’s game. It is all about attempting to bring forth her finest performance while battling the disadvantages. For unskilled players, her cooldown capabilities might be challenging. Lastly, in the Astral Form, players are unable to fight back, making the Agent highly susceptible.


Best Characters in Valorant in 2022 - Agent Skye

Skye is a Valorant Protocol agent from Australia who belongs to the Radiant race. Skye is a female character and she belongs to the Valorant Protocol group. Her fundamental skills are Regrowth and Trailblazer, while her signature powers are Guiding Light and Seekers. Her role is that of an Initiator. Her ultimate points are 7, and her supreme power is Seekers. Furthermore, her nickname is Guide and the artist who is behind her voice is Miranda O’Hare.

In addition, Skye’s ability to heal and distract opponents with her crafts makes her an excellent Agent for breaking into places. She was virtually at the bottom of the barrel before, but as players learn more about her playstyle, she is rising steadily in the ranks.


Best Characters in Valorant in 2022 - Agent Breach

The next powerful character that can be found in Valorant is Breach who is a male human character and an initiator with the ability to generate a tremor that damages and stuns adversaries, as well as a Flashpoint that blinds and shocks opponents. Breach can also set up a Fault Line that destroys and stuns opponents. 

Rolling Thunder is Breach’s ultimate ability, which causes him to leap into the air and bash down on all opponents in a huge area, destroying and stunning them. Lastly, Breach has a total of seven ultimate points.


Best Characters in Valorant in 2022 - Agent Reyna

Reyna is another epic character in Valorant. She is of the dazzling race and is from Mexico. Reyna is a vampire agent that uses her killings to feed her skills. This Agent, who hails from Mexico, is nearly unstoppable in the hands of the right player. She can impart Nearsight on her opponents, making her one of the finest duelists in the game. She can also make herself invisible. She’s a fantastic Agent for single-player games.

Moreover, Reyna is a spell caster with the skills of leering and dismissing. Devour and empress are two of her most powerful powers. The ultimate ability of Reyna is empress, which requires a total of 6 ultimate points.


Best Characters in Valorant in 2022 - Agent Killjoy

Killjoy is a female human Sentinel. Her major capabilities are Alarmbot and Nanoswarm, and she is from Germany. Turret is her signature ability, and Lockdown is her extreme ability. Killjoy has a total of 7 ultimate points. This Agent is a good addition to a squad since she uses her inventions to thwart opponents in their tracks.


Best Characters in Valorant in 2022 - Agent Raze

In the Valorant, Raze is an excellent combat agent. She is among the most powerful agents in the game when it comes to dealing heavy damage to opponents. At close range, she can deal great damage to the opponent. As a result, the player must ensure that Raze is used in close proximity to the opponent.

Since her skills are more useful in close quarters, the player must choose the shot on sight option otherwise her abilities will be a waste of time in the squad.

Raze is a skilled combatant who defeats her opponents with her Boom Bot and Blast Pack powers. Raze’s paint shells power paints her opponent in paint, making them easier to strike, while her Gamechanger capability results in a loud blast, inflicting heavy damage to the enemies. 


Best Characters in Valorant in 2022 - Agent Cypher

In Valorant, securely gathering data is critical, and Cypher is at the top of the class in this regard. His pack has certain unique features, such as the ability to single-hold a site with his devices while using his Spycam to affect other parts of the guide.

On both sides of the guide, his expeditions go a long way to close out hostile flankers and nightstalkers, giving his company a sense of security and assurance that they won’t have to worry about their backs.

Bottom Line

Valorant is an incredible game that gained popularity in a very short time. In the discussion above, we highlighted some of the best characters or agents that can be accessed in the game. These characters have excellent abilities and if used correctly, one can reap many benefits. Now, it’s time to grab your controller and start playing this mind-blowing game. 

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