7 Reasons Why Gamers Are Into Dark Mode

Once a little-known user interface option, dark mode has taken the gaming world by storm. Walk into any gaming setup or tournament, and you’ll likely see darkened interfaces with black and gray themes rather than conventional light modes.

This is no coincidence as there are some solid reasons behind the widespread adoption of dark mode among gamers.

So, in this article, we will explore the top 7 reasons why Gamers are into Dark Mode. Let’s dive in!

Did you Know?

Early computer CRT monitors weren’t efficient enough to have color backgrounds, so dark mode was standard by necessity. This changed with the advent of color CRT displays and operating systems were optimized for readability on white backgrounds.

In 2016 Microsoft launched its first official dark theme for Windows 10. 2 years later, Apple introduced a mac os dark mode with MacOS Mojave in 2018.

Why do Gamers like Dark Mode?

Now there are various reasons why someone would prefer a dark UI over the default. That said a large portion of gamers almost swear by a dark mode. Here are 7 reasons why –

Enhances Immersion

Improved Immersion

A dimly lit environment ensures that your eyes always remain focused on what is happening on the screen in front of you.

You can say that you are intentionally cutting off your peripheral vision to achieve better immersion. It is one of the reasons why watching movies in a dimly lit room feels better.

The same goes for video games where a dimly lit room improves immersion and for some it helps them focus on the game better.

And using dark mode in such a situation just makes more sense as it may reduce eyestrain.

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Reduces Eyestrain

Reduces Eyestrain

Now a huge number of people believe that using dark mode reduces eye strain. After all the screen is black so less light gets to your eyes. However, this is not true. 

There is little to no empirical evidence that suggests that dark mode is better for your eyes or reduces eye staring. So why do so many people believe otherwise?

Well, it simply has to do with the lighting in your environment where you are using the screen. In a dimly lit room using dark mode is more soothing to your eyes and your eyes do not need to adjust to the different light intensities in the room.

As many “gamers” like to game in a room alone, there is often not adequate light and thus using a dark mode naturally feels easier on the eyes.

Provides a Modern, Sleek Aesthetic

Modern Sleek Aesthetic

For years we have seen design changes in operating systems and browsers. Yet, from a color scheme perspective, they have always looked the same with Dark text on a white background.

Although there is nothing wrong with that, a large number of people (which includes l huge number of gamers) tend to feel that it is a bit old school.

Thus, dark mode – which is starkly different from the conventional color scheme just feels different and more modern.

Allows for Customization and Personal Flair

Adds a Personal Flair

Although many people tend to use the dark mode most OS, apps, and websites will use the light mode for default. Thus using the dark mode is an easy way to make your system look a bit different from the rest.

Relatable to the Gaming Culture

Relatable to Gaming Culture

Most quality gaming gear uses black as a base color. For instance, from motherboards, and GPUs to peripherals, such as – keyboards, and gaming mice, to gaming consoles, and many high-end gaming laptops with plenty of RGB are mostly black. 

This adds a unique look to the whole setup.

Provided that aesthetics is a part of the whole gamer vibe most gamers just tend to use a dark mode to go hand in hand with the hardware.

Websites like Steam and apps like Discord and Spotify which most gamers use have darker themes by default.

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Improves Battery Life

Battery Life

Dark mode can help you save battery life if you are gaming on the go on a laptop or your handheld. But there is a catch – using dark mode can prolong your device’s battery life only if it has an OLED screen. 

Many gaming laptops and recently popular handhelds don’t come with LCD screens that don’t gain anything from using a dark mode.


Consistency of the UI

Our usage of dark mode is often tied to how and when we use our devices. For example, many of us spend a significant amount of time in dim environments, like lying in bed with phones, where glare can be an issue. Dark mode reduces visual strain in these low-light settings.

Over time, the familiarity and comfort of dark themes in nighttime or dark use cases can make it feel more natural than conventional light modes. The context in which we view screens impacts our aesthetic and functional preferences in interface design.

Given that most gamers tend to spend a good amount of time in dimly lit rooms, naturally, they love dark mode.

Do you use dark mode or light mode? Let us know in the comments below.

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