Timeless Classic Maps of Counter-Strike: Dust 2 and Mirage

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) features a variety of different playable maps. The most notorious of these maps include Dust 2 and Mirage. So today, we are going to focus a bit on these 2 different timeless classic maps and their themes.

There will hardly be anyone who hasn’t heard of Counter-Strike. The game offers two different map styles. One being for bomb defusal and the other for hostage rescue. Among which “Bomb defusal” has been the most popular mode since the beginning of CS:GO history.

In this mode, the game divides players into two teams – the terrorists and the counter-terrorists. The Terrorists must plant the bomb or eliminate the counter-terrorist players. Counter-terrorists must eliminate the terrorists and they must defuse the bomb if the terrorists plant it.

Counter-Strike Map Mirage


Mirage is one of the well-known maps is in Counter-Strike. But did you know, Mirage was known as the map “Strike” on older Counter-Strike titles and first was released on June 6, 2013?

The map’s theme is the Middle east, but the architecture is Moroccan, so it is possible that the map is located in Morocco.

Valve decided to remake the map Strike from Counter-Strike Source and then updated it for CS:GO. After the map had been remade, Valve published it as an official bomb defusal map.

When Valve was remaking the map, the map underwent many changes. Textures got swapped, gameplay got tweaked and the visuals were made to be better looking.

Since then Mirage has updated multiple times, including a couple of changes that impacted the gameplay of the map. Some maps have also been made by the player base, whose work has been central to the many cosmetics of CS:GO.

Counter-Strike Map: Dust 2

Dust 2

Dust 2 is by far the most recognizable map in Counter-Strike. The map dates back to March 13, 2001! According to Jess Cliffe, the co-designer of the original Counter-Strike, the map is also set in Morocco.

Like any other regular game map, the players are divided to terrorists and counter-terrorists. The terrorists must get to one of two bombsites on the map.

The bomb sites have different obstacles and places for players to hide in with multiple choke points, which are tactically important. For example, the catwalk connects the middle with the A site. Catwalk is a popular place to go as both terrorist and counter-terrorist.

Another popular area to go to is middle doors. Middle doors give counter-terrorists the opportunities to peak terrorists in the middle or in the spawn area.

Dust 2 is especially popular because the map is simple to learn and navigate. The call-outs that players use are also simple.

As of 2017, Valve has remade Dust 2 to appear more modern.


Now, Counter-strike provides other great maps as well, but they have never been as popular as Dust 2 or Mirage. Players call these maps timeless classics and are some of the best in FPS map design because they offer amazing replayability.

So, it is safe to say that, even after a long history of changes, these 2 maps will continue to be part of Counter-Strike’s future.

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