Rapture TV: a New Video Game Streaming Platform for the Streamers and the Viewers

Are you a hardcore gamer who loves streaming their gameplay online and connecting with likewise people who respect and enjoy your content?

Do you find there is something missing in the streaming platforms you use that makes the entire streaming process more of a pain than fun?

If you’ve answered “Yes!” to both those questions, then you’re at the right place for the right information, as Rapture TV is the solution to all your gaming woes. But before we dive deep into the formalities, how can we miss the bread, butter, and life of streaming platforms, aka viewers.

As a viewer of a particular streamer, it can be annoying having to watch so many ads during the gameplay, especially if the streaming platform being used is freemium.

Similarly, many streaming platforms benefit the streamers without considering or appreciating the time and compassion viewers put in by watching their favorite streamers.

And while there have been a few solutions here and there that address some of these problems, there hasn’t been one platform that takes care of both the streamers and their audience at the same time.

Here is where Rapture TV steps in!

As the newest streaming platform on the internet specifically made for gamers, Rapture TV is the only streaming platform that makes sure the audience also earns credit when they view ads.

If this sounds too good to be true, then worry not because soon Rapture TV is due for release in 2021.

But before that, let’s look into what Rapture TV really is.

What is Rapture TV?

Rapture TV

Rapture TV isn’t just another streaming platform that lets gamers stream their gameplay online. It is a community that aims at connecting streamers with their right audience and making sure they both benefit from their enthusiasm and commitment towards gaming and streaming.

It is not just a platform; it is a community!

A community where everyone is rewarded for the time they put in, whether you’re a streamer or a viewer, everyone wins when they use Rapture TV.

According to their claims –“Rapture TV is here to disrupt the world of online video game streaming by making it for the streamers and the viewers at the same time and making sure both get the monetary reward they deserve.”

So whether you’ve mastered PUBG, Mario Cart, Minecraft, or any other video game, Rapture TV is truly the one platform where your talents and skills can shine and be appreciated by true fans of serious gamers and exquisite gameplay.

If that sounds good, and you want to get into the nitty-gritty of the details regarding the reward system, then keep on reading.

What’s in it for you?

Whether you stream or watch on Rapture TV, there is a lot in store for you both in monetary reward and community building.

Rapture TV has the biggest payout offered by any streaming platform currently, where streamers get around 70% of the total revenue earned. The bigger and stronger your community, the higher your earnings get.

Plus, rapture TV doesn’t tangle its streamers in strict guidelines that often take out the joy from streaming. We’ve all seen the scandals that occur when popular streaming platforms ban their top content creators for no reason or block their accounts over old policies that don’t make sense.

Rapture TV has a foolproof policy system that ensures all of our streaming creators can focus on creating excellent streaming content while interacting with their viewers in different channels, either in different gaming categories or single streaming channels.

With rapture TV, the freedom of streaming is liberating, and the joy of seeing your community grow is endless. And speaking of community, viewers.

Viewers Earn too!

Our viewers will also get the opportunity to earn credits by watching ads while watching streams, which they can use to cash out or tip their favorite streamers. It honestly is the best and only streaming platform that has included it’s viewers in the reward scheme as well and makes sure all those ads give them something in return.

Signing up for the platform is completely free, whether you’re a steamer or a viewer. And there are different payment methods, including PayPal, debit/credit card, Visa, Bitcoin, and RPD.

It doesn’t get better than this, and in January 2021, you will have the exclusive opportunity of investing in Rapture TV and getting perks and benefits that are available for a limited time only.

Join and Invest in our Kickstarter Campaign

Rapture TV will be holding a fundraiser on Kickstarter soon that will have exclusive benefits for the loyal users who believe in Rapture TV and the values they uphold.

As an online video gaming streaming platform that involves both the streamers and the users in its reward system, invest in Rapture TV before it is too late. It will be the hottest streaming platform once launched, as our share of earnings earned for streamers is unlike anything offered by streaming platforms currently live.

Be the smart person in the room, and invest in Rapture TV as a streamer where some of the benefits include:
• Instant partner verification
• 90% of total revenue earned for life
• Access during test phases

And much, much more.

Rapture TV is all about empowering and rewarding it’s content creators and audiences, no matter how big or small. Everyone takes home a piece of the pie and can cash out the rewards or tip it to their favorite streamer.

So if you don’t want to be left out from the best video game online streaming platform that will see much hype and success from creators and viewers, then keep an eye out for our Kickstarter campaign that will go live soon.

If you have any questions or are interested in investing before the campaign, simply go to our website at rapture.tv or contact us to set up a meeting to discuss in more detail.

The future of video gaming streaming platforms is about to be disrupted. Join before it is too late.


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