PUBG Mobile Introduces New TDM Ranked Arena Mode

After the announcement of 0.18.0 update, fans now have more good news, with the launch of PUBG Mobile Ranked arena TDM mode or Teamdeath Match Mode. Here is everything you need to know.

Tencent had PUBG Mobile fans pumped up when they finally released the full details and features list for the upcoming PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 update. Now, as a pleasant surprise, Tencent has announced a new mode, Ranked team deathmatch.

What is this New Ranked Arena Mode?


Since it’s launch The team deathmatch mode of PUBG Mobile has become the most popular of modes among PUBG Mobile players. The fast-paced close-quarters battle is especially popular among players who love playing aggressive, going in guns blazing with their team. Although team death Matches provide a lot of action-packed fun, there is a considerable drawback. Players can not push their in-game rank playing it. That forced users to play classic matches to advance their tier.

The developers of PUBG Mobile took feedback from the many unhappy players and introduced an in-game event named as Ranked Arena Event.

The ranked arena mode Enables players to advance their rank while enjoying the fast-paced action of Team deathmatches.

How to play the new Ranked Arena Event

New TDM Ranked Arena Mode,

In the map selection section of PUBG Mobile, there will now be a new option available called the Ranked Arena. There are three types of matches in the event, team Deathmatch, Assault and Domination.

Much like the regular TDM, players will have to play with a squad in the new Ranked Arena Mode. However, in Arena Mode, the players do not get to choose the type of matches themselves and will have to play a random game from the three earlier mentioned types.

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The players will have to choose a Loadout before starting the game and will have to play with that selected Loadout only.


New TDM Ranked Arena Mode,

The highest tier a player can reach is the Ace tier. The players will gain rank points based on their performance in the game. Additionally, Players will have a chance to unlock tier rewards.

Tier Rewards

pubg mobile new ranked arena mode tiers 1

The players who like to play the Arena Mode and want to push their ranks by playing aggressive should not miss it at any cost. Although the event will only be available for a limited time, this is a very welcome step from Tencent.

There are two types of tier rewards in the ranked Arena mode.

pubg mobile new ranked arena mode rewards 1

Tier Reaching rewards

When players reach a new tier, they get to collect the prize for the tier.

Ranked Arena match rewards

After a match ends, players will get rewards based on their tier. Players will receive their prizes within 3 hours after the match results.


Ranked Arena Mode Gameplay

Here is a gameplay video of Ranked Arena Mode (Credits: Vedant Gilhotra YouTube)

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