Top 5 Learning Apps to Make Your Life Easier

Learning is always a time-consuming thing, and it may be complicated sometimes. Turning the challenge into fun at ease is possible thanks to your mobile device. Yes, Your mobile device can open access to an enormous world of knowledge, be writing tips, Vocabulary, the field of STEM, or a new language!

So today, we bring five such apps that can open new opportunities for learning for you.

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5 Best Learning Apps You Must Try Today



This is probably one of the most useful apps that can help with learning new, interesting, and up-to-date things. The app opens the knowledge about the fundamentals, specifics, and interesting facts from various areas.

It provides access to the scope of presentation materials in hundreds of fields: from engineering to art. Each talk is subject-specific and provides a comprehensive overview of a topic in an engaging manner. 

Now the resources are available on their website and YouTube channel. But, using an app on iOS and Android makes it easier to access everything. Moreover, users get extra features with the app, like downloading videos. 

This app has proven to be effective for learning as it provides practical-oriented knowledge.

edx App


edX is another great app for self-learning. It provides access to the expanded database of resources and courses from TOP US universities. What is pleasant is that the app provides access to all resources free of charge.

However, if you wish to get an extra certification that can prove passing certain courses, this option is provided for a reasonable price. 

The range of subjects covered by this platform is truly extensive. It offers an enormous number of courses starting from engineering to arts.

On top of that, each course is accompanied by quizzes to check whether you have gained comprehensive knowledge on the subject. Interactive online labs are also available for certain courses too. 

Lots of users worldwide find this application to be truly amazing. The app is available on iOS and Android.

Duolingo App


This is a widely used app that helps you to learn English or any language of your choice like a game. The app gives you an array of words and you have to make proper sentences. It can be 100% personalized and tightened to the needs of users. It has multiple levels. To unblock the next level, it is necessary to collect a specific number of coins. 

This app also has an animated owl that accompanies a user through the entire game and helps to earn and learn more. Another advantage of Duolingo is that it provides access to the community of fellow students within the app. Communication between peers is straightforward thanks to the message boards.

You may discuss any learning issues, and ask for advice if you feel stuck. The Duolingo app is available for iOS and Android. There is a desktop version too. 

HelloTalk App


One of the best ways to get better practice in speaking English is to have conversations with English native speakers. This free app provides an enormous number of such opportunities.

A user can arrange communication with native speakers through chat, voice and video calls, voice recordings, and even drawings. You may easily have live communications with native speakers, and ask for feedback, for instance, if you write papers and need feedback in this course.

The app also provides an opportunity to join a community of native speakers. You may also find lots of materials that can help you in academics. The HelloTalk app is available on both iOS and Android.

EverNote App


Evernote is a popular note-taking app that can help to manage your time and organize your tasks. It’s a very useful app if you have overloads and missed deadlines a couple of times.

Having a well-arranged schedule is an always working suggestion that goes a long way.

Any user can collect the info that matters, images, and make lists and notes. It is also easy to share and sync through various devices and platforms using this app.

The UI is well laid out and easy to use and it is free! 

Evernote is available for all major operating systems including Android, iOS, and windows. A Linux version (Private beta) is also in active development.

Final Words

Boosting the learning process and skills is much easier when you do it interactively and engagingly. You can gain more practical-oriented knowledge and memorize things easier.

We hope you enjoyed our article. Did you know about these apps? Which app will you use? Let us know in the comments below.

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