Arena of Valor Will Launch Worldwide In April 2020

Arena of Valor, formerly known as Realm of Valor, is one of the most loved Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) Games. Developed by TiMi Studios, the game has a very complex in publishing. This game has been published by Tencent in the majority of the countries, and Garena, in Southeast Asia. As a result, the game is currently available in the majority of the countries, but not all. However, Last year Tencent abandoned Arena of Valor publishing rights from Sixjoy in India.

But finally, there is good news for all MOBA fans. A few days ago, Tencent Games officially announced that they will launch Arena of Valor WorldWide in Mid April 2020. But there is a question in everyone’s mind what will happen with closed servers? Fortunately, Tencent also says that all the servers which were closed will either re-open or will be merged with other servers.

The Developer team also announced that Arena of Valor Will is available for Pre-Registration on Google Play soon. It will be only for new countries like INDIA, MENA, and RUSSIA. Players who already have accounts on the old server can log in with the FB account. They will get the exchange code and transfer the old account into the new server, including the resources of the heroes, skins, vouchers, golds, gems, LVL3 Arcana, etc.

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Mar. 27th AoV Developer Letter from arenaofvalor

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