Persona 5 Royal Crossover With Another Eden will Receive a Second Part in November

Last year, one of the most popular mobile RPG Another Eden announced a crossover with Atlus’ Persona 5. Today they revealed that part two of this big collab will arrive in the game this month for users in Japan. For the rest of the world, the updates will arrive in November.

This second part will be called ‘Bound Wills and the Hollow Puppeteers: Promises, Vows, and Rings’ simply because Another Eden has a thing for overly long names. We will also see Persona 5 Royal characters Kasumi Yoshizawa and Ryuji Sakamoto. Both Kasumi and Ryuji will appear as Violet and Skull and will be added to the ever-growing roster of playable characters. They will join the two currently available Persona 5 heroes Joker and Morgana.

To understand the upcoming crossover, you can check out the amazingly brief trailer which is embedded above. We don’t know too much about what this new development will bring to the table. However, we expect further details to surface in the coming weeks.

The first part of this collaboration between Another Eden and Persona 5 was a permanent addition to the game, so if you’re yet to play it, you can still do so. Each of the characters from Persona 5 has its original Japanese actors, which fans of the series will be happy to hear.

If you’re unfamiliar with Another Eden, it’s a popular mobile JRPG. The game removes all common complaints about gacha games such as energy timers and limited-time events. Instead, it looks to provide a traditional turn-based experience with an ever-growing character roster. One of the lead writers on the game is Masato Kato, who wrote the script for Chrono Trigger.

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Another Eden is available to download over on the App Store and Google Play. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.


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