SouL Announces a Break from PUBG Mobile Tournaments

Team SouL announces a Break from PUBG Mobile Tournaments. The news comes as a courtesy from a social media post by one of the team members.

SouL is one of the best PUBG Mobile esports teams in India. They have represented India in many global tournaments like PMCO Global, and PMSC. Presently, the team is competing in the PMPL South Asia Scrims 2020.

The team has announced to take a rest ‘from customs‘ for a few days and would be returning on 18th April. The announcement typically means that they will not be playing PMPL South Asia Scrims or any other tournament during the intermediate period.

The news comes courtesy of soul_Viper’s Instagram post. The clan member wrote that team needs to examine and work on some new things. However,  the team did not share a definite reason for the same.

SouL announces a break from PUBG Tournaments
SouL Viper shared on Instagram Story.

The performance of Team SouL was not up to the mark in PMPL South Asia Scrims. On Day 6 of the tournament, the team was in 11th place, with 28 points. The incompatible performance of the team during the competition could be the reason that SouL took this step.

PMPL South Asia Overall Standings
PMPL South Asia Scrims Season 2: Day 6 Overall Standings board

Earlier, other team members have also shared their concerns regarding the team strategy. This might be one of the reasons why SouL didn’t take part in the PMCO Spring Split 2020.

It is not the first time SouL Mortal has taken a break from the esports tournament. After their last break, the team came back very strongly in the PMCO 2019. Following their latest break, the team would expect better results in their future tournaments, after making new strategies, and working on other avenues.

PMPL South Asia Scrims is being held online for entertaining the audience during the continuous lockdown due to of the COVID 19 pandemic. Currently, the second season of PMPL South Asia is in full swing, which will end on 17th April. SouL’s recent statement about a break means that the team will not be a part of the rest of this tournament.

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