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Seasun, a Chinese game developer, created Girl Cafe Gun, an anime role-playing game. It is a role-playing game in the visual novel format with a lot of interaction with beautiful anime girls.

The action-adventure game Girl Cafe Gun is set in a cafe. This is a two-dimensional game with amazing graphics and music effects that the player can enjoy.

Girl Cafe Gun is a game in which you switch between caring for your cafe and fighting with your girls. These confrontations take place in a real-time isometric perspective, with both your characters and your opponents shooting at each other until only one side remains.

Bilibili’s action RPG, Girl Cafe Gun, was released in its English version for Android on the 9th of September, 2021.

About the game:

Girl Cafe Gun App icon
Game nameGirl Cafe Gun
Publisher(s)Bilibili (China’s mainland),
Marvelous → Seasun Japan (Japan),
Komoe Game (Taiwan Province),
BILIBILI HK (Korea, North America)
Developer(s)Seasun Inc.
Platform(s)Android, iOS
ReleaseJapan – 22 September 2019
China’s Mainland – 19 November 2019 (iOS)21 November 2019 (Android)
Taiwan Province – 16 March 2020
Korea – 15 July 2020
Genre(s)Anime, Role-playing
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer

Storyline of the game:

Girl Cafe Gun poster

Girl Cafe Gun is set in the uncertain future of 20XX on Earth, where mankind is attempting to survive after ‘the Outbreak,’ an episode in which individuals become infected with the ‘Ionus.’ The plot follows the Manager, the commander of a mercenary squad, as he forms bonds with the girls in the squad while leading them in combat against alien adversaries and human moles.

The game is a follow-up to the developer’s earlier effort, Girl Cafe Gun, which debuted in 2016 and was discontinued in early 2020.


Girl Cafe Gun gameplay

Girl Cafe Gun is a Character card-based role-playing game with shooting at its core. Players will assemble a fully customizable three-man team to take on a variety of frightening foes. Within each level, players have control over the team’s overall movement as well as the active skills of each character card. Players may make their teams more strong by promoting their character cards, weapons, and modules as they gather more resources over time.

Later stages are typically far more difficult, and as the player progresses, additional adversaries will become available. It challenges players to figure out how to make their resources more effective in fighting and how to get girls on the battlefield to cooperate flawlessly.

Players will be able to test themselves through numerous hard sorts of levels in addition to the main storyline levels to clear them. For example, shield and HP will not be restored across all 33 levels of Bounty Mission, nor will they be restored across all 33 levels of Data Drill, which need the quickest clearance time or the most damage caused. There are also numerous limited-time activity levels in the game.

The player would be the manager of a maid café in their daily lives, where they do not need to be on the battlefield.

In this post-apocalyptic environment, players must both make a livelihood and form bonds with the girls in the Café. Players could engage with girls to generate affection and discover exclusive stories by using well-made Live2D figures.


Girl Cafe Gun Achievements

Since its introduction in China in late November 2019, Girl Cafe Gun has received a lot of positive feedback, ranking top in the App Store and generating a revenue of around 10 million CNY in the first month. However, the game’s resources were insufficient, resulting in several server outages, resulting in service disruptions, and partial data loss. The developer compensated gamers subsequently and was able to stabilize the game’s availability a few months later, but several players had already left during this time.

The game has been in constant struggle with a variety of problems and the anarchy in its UGC areas being the first game of its sort built by Seasun Inc. The ‘World’ channel has been inundated with spam from its inception, despite the developer’s implementation of numerical measures. The game has stabilized after three months of changes, but it has still lost a significant number of players.

Although the early occurrences had a disastrous effect on the game’s user base, the game continues to attract a large number of players who visit anime conventions such as ComicCup and Bilibili World. The game was forced to temporarily halt operations in May 2021 as a result of the Chinese government’s “Operation Qinglang,” but it got widespread support from its players.

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List of Top 5 best Character picks for 2022:

Moon – Casual:

Girl Cafe Gun - Moon in Causal outfit

Moon is among the game’s best powerful heroes, capable of annihilating the majority of foes merely by holding down the fire button. Because her passives increase her damage and critical rate, she can deal more damage with her basic attacks. Her active talent also enhances her damage and critical rate for a limited time, considerably expanding her destructive power.

Lida – Maid:

Girl Cafe Gun - Lida in Maid outfit

Lida is the epitome of what a solid support player in this game should be. She has skills that don’t deal much damage on their own, but when specific conditions are met, they allow her friends to inflict suffering. Her active talent, for example, sends forth cutters that do constant damage to the enemy while also causing considerable stagger damage. This skill has the potential to easily break the enemy, exposing them to more damage from the rest of the squad.

The fact that her passives improve both the squad’s stagger damage and the damage inflicted to the enemy while they are staggered adds to this. She can also cause up to 50% more stagger damage and 18% more damage, has superior efficiency and centralized output data drill levels, and has the highest performance and centralized output data drill levels.

Shi Wuxia – Tactical Equip:

Girl Cafe Gun - Shi Wuxia in Tactical Equip outfit

In her Tactical Equip form, Shi Wuxia is nearly the polar opposite of Moon. This is because, although Moon relies mainly on basic strikes, Shi Wuxia has an outrageously powerful active skill that deals up to 56 instances of damage to the closest target, with each occurrence inflicting up to 41% damage. Her passives boost her damage when she deals with numerous consecutive hits and also increase damage dealt with staggering targets, increasing her devastation. Shi Wuxia (Tactical Equip) is a strong choice for dealing with bosses and other difficult opponents due to these traits.

Cornelia – Casual:

Girl Cafe Gun - Cornelia in Causal outfit

Cornelia’s AoE damage is particularly high in this edition, thanks to her relentless barrage of explosives. These explosions not only cause a lot of damage, but they also stun adversaries a lot, leaving them vulnerable to more hits. One of her passives also causes adjacent enemies to be stunned every 5 seconds. This effectively transforms her into a fantastic support DPS character by allowing her mere presence to aid in the annihilation of adversaries.

Irene – Tactical Equip:

Girl Cafe Gun - Irene in Tactical Equip outfut

Irene is extremely good at focusing on a large number of adversaries, especially those in close quarters. Irene in this configuration is an excellent addition to any team, especially if you’re short on the damage. Her destructive potential is nearly equal to Moon’s. Not only that, but each time this character card is enhanced, Tactical stats will grow somewhat. She is a joyful and loving idealist who wishes for everyone’s redemption and is willing to give up her own life for the sake of others.

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List of weapons:

Girl Cafe Gun Weapons

Tier 0:

  • Call of Victory
  • Xmas Candy Cane
  • Water Blaster
  • Hallowed Spirit
  • Corrupt Spider Queen
  • Water of Destiny
  • Laser Pistol
  • Frontline Warrior

Tier 1:

  • NY Hanetsuki
  • Fall of Demigod
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • The Hive
  • Star Beacon
  • Ruthless Healer
  • Precision Rifle
  • Hell’s Fang
  • Guiding Star
  • Gravity Compass
  • Fiery Thorns
  • Cruelty Maker

Tier 2:

Girl Cafe Gun poster
  • EM Cannon
  • Winter Diffuser
  • Poseidon’s Spear
  • Wraith of Jealousy
  • Wolf of Nomads
  • Tesla Aurora
  • Ruthless Rifle
  • Luciferin
  • Galaxy Star
  • Double Justice
  • Deadly Blaster
  • Beam Rifle
  • Abyssal Hammer
  • Pale Dragonbreath

Tier 3:

  • Swan Dance
  • War Bugle
  • Red Lotus
  • Artemis