Oldschool Runescape Pest Control Minigame

Oldschool Runescape(OSRS) has many activities and minigames for players to experience and have fun with. These minigames can get you access to new equipment. Today, we are going to discuss the Oldschool Runescape Pest Control minigame and its rewards.

OSRS Pest Control is a combat-based cooperative minigame. Only players who have a membership can play this minigame. To start playing Pest Control, you must board the ship from Port Sarim or use the minigame teleport section to select Pest Control.

There are three different boats that players can enter with different minigame difficulty. These boats give different amounts of points. Players can spend their points on combat experience, void knight equipment, herb farming, mining, and seed packs.

OSRS Pest Control Boat access Requirements and More:

OSRS Pest Control Boat access Requirements

To enter the novice boats Players require a combat level of 40 or above.

If you want to enter intermediate boats. You need to at least reach level 70 in combat.

And lastly, the Veteran boat requires a combat level of 100.

Most players usually play Pest Control to gain void knight equipment, especially the range variant. This is because, Pest Control games usually last 2-5 minutes, while one set of void knight equipment takes about 10-20 hours to gain. The armor set gives different bonuses when all pieces are worn, usually, accuracy boosts.

You need a minimum of 850 points to get a full void set with one helmet.

Oldschool Runescape Pest Control Minigame Objectives and More

The goal of the minigame is to defend the void knight from the monsters that spawn through the portals. Void equipment is one of the main goals for every account. Void equipment is often used when players farm monsters for gold and can be upgraded after completing the Western Provinces Hard Diary.

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Pest Control consists of healing the void knight or killing the monsters that come from the portals. There are a variety of different monsters (Brawlers, Defilers, Ravagers, Shifters, and Spinners), each with their different styles of combat.

A quick tip we have for new players is that Spinners should always be killed when they spawn since spinners heal the portal. Having too many of them near one portal can give you a hard time when destroying the portals. On the other hand, Shifters can teleport near the void knight and damage it.

Destroying the portals is the only way to win and finish a Pest Control game

OSRS Pest Control Minigame


There are multiple ways to play the Pest Control mini-game in OSRS.

Some players defend the void knight and kill the shifters that teleport to the void knight. Some choose to rush the portals, kill the monsters, and wait for the portal’s shields to go down. Players must play the actual minigame to get points, since being inactive will not give you any points.

The official world to play Pest Control on is World 344, which is a European server.

All in all, Pest Control and the void knight equipment should be one of your goals on your RuneScape adventure because of its accuracy boost. Using the official world will also ensure that you find full games of Pest Control, which in turn lowers your chances of losing a game.

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