Area F2 Public Beta – Here is Everything you Need to Know

Area F2 open beta finally makes its way to 11 more countries. The game is almost a replica of the popular title Rainbow 6 Siege, and some are even referring it as Rainbow 6 Mobile. Here is everything you need to know about Area F2, its release date, System requirements, and How to Download Area f2 apk for android or ios and more. 

Area F2 is a free to play online action first-person shooter mobile game. However, it is not another run and gun battle Royale game. Where games like PUBG Mobile and Free Fire focuses on fighting on vast islands, Area F2 focuses on close-quarter hyper-realistic combats.

According to the developer Qookka Games – it is the first CQB or Close-Quarters Battle shooting game on mobile.

First Impression

(Video credit: Rey LAGARTO YouTube)

At the start of the game, players are divided into two teams of 5 members each. Each team is then assigned as either attackers or defenders. Players take the role of agents, and there are a variety of agent characters to choose from. Furthermore, each agent has a bunch of unique abilities that can be used in combat.

So, what’s so special about the mobile game, you may ask? Well, in Area F2, your environment is dynamic. You destroy almost any kind of cover, roof walls, and whatnot.

This approach alone has a massive impact on the gameplay as players can no longer depend on the simple run, gun, and hide strategy. Instead, players need to plan their attacks or defences carefully.

The arsenal is great, with all sorts of weapons such as – assault rifles, shotguns, handguns, machineguns, throwables, and explosives. Additionally, agents are equipped with radio-controlled drones, grappling hooks, and other advanced gears.

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We hope that it will only get better with future updates. Overall the game gets a thumbs up from us 👍.

Area F2 or Rainbow 6 Mobile?

Now you probably know this already that Area F2 is dubbed as Rainbow Six Mobile by several websites. It is not a work of sheer fantasy. The game does heavily resemble the former. Some users went as far as calling it a Rainbow Six Siege Clone.

To be frank, we were actually surprised when we first tried the game ourselves too. From guns, maps, level designs, you will notice the striking similarities.

In fact, here is a side by side comparison of the two – (Video Credit: Mad Raccoons YouTube)

To be clear, so far, Ubisoft didn’t disclose any plans on releasing a mobile version of the Rainbow 6. Area F2 definitely isn’t a work of Ubisoft nor a collaboration with Qookka Games. It will be very interesting to see how things turn out in the future.


Area F2 System Requirements


Minimum: Snapdragon 625, 2 GB RAM, Android 5.1

Recommended: Snapdragon 835 or above, 3 GB or More RAM, Android 7 or above.


Minimum: Apple A8, 1GB RAM, iOS 12.

Recommended: Apple A11 Bionic, 2GB or more RAM, iOS 13

For more details on the same with a list of compatible devices, please refer to our dedicated article on Area F2 system requirements.


Area F2 Release date

As of now, we don’t have any official news of the exact release date of the game. However, rumour has it that the developers are planning an early Christmas global release.

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Area F2 was announced at the end of last year and was under Closed Beta in South America Regions. Yesterday (16th April 2020), the developers released an open beta of the game in 11 more countries.

Currently, anyone from Brazil, Belarus, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Russia, Thailand, Turkey, and Ukraine will be able to download and play the Public Beta.


How to Download Area F2 

Area F2 release date

Area F2 is officially available as a pubic beta in the list of countries mentioned earlier. If you are anywhere from the regions mentioned above, you can download the game directly from Google Play and Apple Appstore.

But what if you are not? Well, you can still try the game even if you are outside the list of countries with a simple trick using. Want to know how? Let us know if you want to know the trick comments section below, and we will make that happen!


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