NieR Reincarnation Tier list – Best Characters and Weapons in to use PvP and PvE Modes

NieR Reincarnation Tier list ranks all the best heroes/weapons in the game according to their strengths and weaknesses in PvP and PvE battles.

Nier reincarnation has a long list of characters and weapons and it gets hard to assemble them all on a best of three formation basis for any casual player. That’s why we at decided to do the analysis work for you so all you gotta do is follow up with the article to get the best-rated tier list on Nier Reincarnation character and weapons.

Nier Reincarnation is a JRPG style game that is heavily story-based but most people overlook the fact that it includes strategy usage too. Every character in the game has its weaknesses and strengths but you can only take three to battle and there’s stuff life PvP, PvE ratings that will help you decide on that.

This tier list will help you find the best characters for all game modes and keep you updated about the new characters included in the game.

Modes like PvP and PvE will always affect the rankings of characters as some tend to perform better in different situations.

Moreover what we focused on here was the individual 1-4 Star ranking in-game, which can help you get a broad idea about rankings. However, that doesn’t fully decide who’s the best character in Nier Reincarnation. It’s more game mode and situation-dependent.

Understanding the system

NieR Reincarnation tier list - characters

Nier reincarnation being a “Gacha game” – can be a hassle trying to get the character of your choice. Getting new characters requires Gems, which are earned by completing Missions, playing the Roulette Machine, grabbing your daily login bonus, and much more.

You can always reroll whatever you pull for a chance at better characters and items. It won’t guarantee the hero of your choice but increases your chances for it and is definitely worth the value.

To get a better understanding of the game check out – NieR Reincarnation Wiki

How tier list work

In our Nier Reincarnation tier list characters and weapons are sorted by PvE, PvP rarity, and star levels, with the right support and weapons your character can come clutch at times of need.

The major characters are rated in the form of tiers: tier S, S+, A, B, and C.

Tier S+ characters are the best ones, tier S characters are good ones, tier A characters are decent, but the tier B characters are not so worthy and are mostly used by beginners.

Individual characters in the game have unique stats, abilities, and performances. Based on their strength, abilities, stats, and performance, this tier list has been made.

Tier list

As stated earlier there are 2 (PvP and PvE) tier lists in Nier Reincarnation. We will go through them one by one.

NieR Reincarnation PvE tier list (PLayer vs Environment)

Nier Reincarnation tier list

PvE is the most important mode in NieR Reincarnation as it’s predominantly story-based. It refers to the main questlines of the game which involve battles with NPCs, exploring, and completing a handful of other guests. The following characters specialize against NPCs.

Underneath is the ranking of the current top-tier characters that perform best in PvE.  The table below will show you the character’s name, weapon along with rarity and tier.

2P – Mock MachinerySword4 StarS
A2 – Divergent AttackerBig Sword4 StarS
Emil – Divergent OddityStaff4 Star S
Fio – Intoner GirlFist    4 Star S
Gayle – Gelebretory HunterSword4 StarS
Griff – Abstract CaptainGun    4 Star S
Noelle – Celebratory WeaponSpear4 Star S
The World-Ender – Divergent LadSpear    4 Star S
063y – Fractured PrisonerBig Sword    4 Star A
2B – Divergent BattlerSword    4 Star A
Akeha – Summer AssassinBig Sword    4 Star A
Dimos – Abstract GunmanGun    4 Star A
F66x – Abstract CaptiveStaff    4 StarA
Fio – Abstract GirlFist    4 Star A
Fio – Summer GirlFist    4 Star A
Gayle – Abstract HunterSword4 StarA
Gayle – Bloody HunterSword    4 Star A
Griff – Celebratory CaptainGun    4 Star A
Levania – Reborn BeastFist    4 Star A
Rion – Mechanical ExileStaff4 StarA
Rion – Summer ExileStaff4 StarA
Zero – Divergent SisterSword    4 Star A
9S – Divergent ScannerSword    4 StarB
Akeha – Abstract AssassinBig Sword4 StarB
Akeha – Dissenting AssassinBig Sword    3 StarB
Akeha – Mechanical AssassinBig Sword    4 Star B
Argo – Celebratory TravelerSpear    4StarB
Dimos – Dissenting GunmanGun    3 Star B
F66x – Dissenting CaptiveStaff3 StarB
Fio – Celebratory GirlFist4 Star B
Fio – Dissenting GirlFist    3 Star B
Fio – Mechanical GirlFist    4 StarB
Fio – Simulacrum GirlFist4 Star B
Fio – Simulacrum GirlFist4 Star B
Kainé – Divergent WarriorSword4 Star B
Lars – Abstract SoldierSword    4 Star B
Lars – Reborn TruantSword    4 StarB
063y – Abstract PrisonerBig Sword    4 Star C
Argo – Abstract TravelerSpear4 StarC
Argo – Dissenting TravelerSpear    3 Star C

NieR Reincarnation PvP tier list (Player vs Player)

Nier Reincarnation character tier list

PvP is where you will face real players to see whose team is better and earn tons of in-game rewards worth the grind. 

The table below lists all the best-rated PvP characters in NieR Reincarnation.

2B – Divergent BattlerSword4 Star S+
2P – Mock MachineSword    4 Star S+
Akeha – Mechanical AssassinBig Sword    4 StarS+
Fio – Intoner GirlFist4 StarS+
Gayle – Abstract HunterSword4 StarS+
Gayle – Bloody HunterSword4 StarS+
Griff – Abstract CaptainGun4 StarS+
Lars – Reborn TruantSword4 StarS+
Zero – Divergent SisterSword4 StarS+
063y – Fractured PrisonerBig Sword    4 StarS
A2 – Divergent AttackerBig Sword    4 StarS
Dimos – Abstract GunmanGun    4 StarS
Gayle – Celebratory HunterSword    4 StarS
Lars – Abstract SoldierSword4 Star S
Rion – Summer ExileStaff4 Star S
The World-Ender – Divergent LadSpear4 Star S
9S – Divergent ScannerSword4 Star A
Akeha – Summer AssassinBig Sword    4 Star A
Argo – Abstract TravelerSpear4 Star A
Argo – Celebratory TravelerSpear4 Star A
Emil – Divergent OddityStaff4 Star A
Fio – Abstract GirlFist4 Star A
Griff – Celebratory CaptainGun4 Star A
Levania – Reborn BeastFist4 Star A
Noelle – Abstract WeaponSpear4 Star A
Noelle – Celebratory WeaponSpear4 Star A
Rion – Mechanical ExileStaff    4 Star A
063y – Abstract PrisonerBig Sword    4 Star B
Akeha – Abstract AssassinBig Sword    4 Star B
Akeha – Dissenting AssassinBig Sword    3 StarB
Akeha – Intoner AssassinBig Sword    4 Star B
Argo – Patriotic TravelerSpear4 Star B
F66x – Abstract CaptiveStaff4 Star B
Fio – Celebratory GirlFist    4 StarB
Fio – Mechanical GirlFist4 Star B
Fio – Simulacrum GirlFist    4 Star B
Fio – Summer GirlFist4 Star B
Rion – Abstract ExileStaff4 Star B

Nier Reincarnation Characters Briefing

Nier Reincarnation  character briefing


Highest DPS dealing unit. Use in combination with Fire Greatsword if possible. This will improve her durability. 


Deals a good amount of damage and is good for combos. The default weapon is the dark sword.


Useful for multiple strikes attacks. 9S’s powerful weapon is a dark sword with X10% ability to stun a single enemy.


Does an insane amount of damage and is most recommended for boss fights. Reduces opponent’s def.


Rion is a self-healer with the capability to decrease the ATK power of the opponent. 


 Dimos’s ability allows her to blind a single target.


Akeha is another self-healer with the capability to decrease the ATK power of the foe. 


Argo can be used to boost a combo meter and the agility of friendly units.


Has strong DEF stats and the ability to increase the team’s agility.


F66 is one of the great healers/supporters in PvE. 


063y – Crushing Male Prisoner is good in PvE.

Nier Reincarnation Weapons Tier List

Nier Reincarnation weapons tier list

Nier Reincarnation gives you a variety of weapons to choose from. However, not every character in the game can use all the weapons.

Below is a list of the best weapons in the Weapons along with their tier and compatible characters.

  • Tier 1 – Phoenix Dagger(063y Fractured Prisoner)
  • Tier 1 – Glimmering Bay(Rion Summer Exile)
  • Tier 1 – Phoenix Sword(Akeha Mechanical Assassin)
  • Tier 1 – Wretched Blade(Gayle Abstract Hunter)
  • Tier 2 – Iron Signpost(Noelle Celebrator Weapon)
  • Tier 2 – Blade of Judgment(Lars Abstract Soldier)
  • Tier 2 – Outlaw Gun(Dimos Abstract Gunman)
  • Tier 2 – Cruel Adoration(Rion Mechanical Exile
  • Tier 3 – Black Sunflower(Akeha Summer Assassin)
  • Tier 3 – Silversnow Fang(Akeha Abstract Assassin)
  • Tier 3 – Bloodroot Vase(Fio Abstract Girl)
  • Tier 3 – Type-40 Fist(Fio Mechanical Girl)
  • Tier 3 – Stratocratic Providence(Rion Abstract Exile)
  • Tier 4 – Core Half-Pike(Argo Abstract Soldier)
  • Tier 4 – Cryptolith Staff(F66x Abstract Captive)
  • Tier 1 – Kaine’s Sword
  • Tier 2 – Phoenix Spear
  • Tier 3 – Fool’s Lament
  • Tier 3 – Phoenix Sword
  • Tier 4 – Sunrise
  • Tier 4 – Vile Ax

So, that was all for the Nier Reincarnation tier list for this month. Make sure to visit and turn the 🔔 notifications on for any future updates in the list.

Do note that the Nier Reincarnation tier list is based on our own research and experience with the game. So, If you have any comments, suggestions, or queries – feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Is the NieR Reincarnation tier list valid throughout the Game?

    Yes, the list is valid throughout the game but it will get updated as the game changes or in case of the introduction of a new character.

  2. Is the reroll worth it?

    Yes, the reroll is worth in NieR Reincarnation. It increases your chances of getting your fav character.

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NieR Re[in]carnation (ニーア リインカーネーション) is a free-to-play mobile game supported by Android and ios both. The game was first announced on March 29, 2020, later finally released in July 2021 worldwide. NieR Reincarnation is heavily story-based and action-packed that promises to keep gamers glued to their screens till the very end.

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