Top 10 Best Guns to use in PUBG New State

Here are the top 10 guns you can use in PUBG New State!

PUBG New State is already striking in the mobile gaming community and has crossed 1 million downloads on Google Play Store in no time. We are observing many players switching from their old gameplay and getting their hands on the game. Also, a lot of new players are paving their way into this futuristic mobile battle royal.

Similar to any previous Krafton games, the weapons in PUBG New State are pretty deadly. However, it is crucial to choose the most appropriate weapon to survive in the chaos.

If you are someone who is not aware of multiple guns, you are on the right page.

Today, we bring you the Best Guns in PUBG New State in each category. Furthermore, you will have a better understanding by going through their stats.

So, make sure to read about the top weapons and have fun finishing your enemies on the battleground!

Top Assault Rifles in PUBG New State

#1 Groza

Best Guns in PUBG New State - Groza

Damage: 47

Fire Rate: 0.08s

Range: 200 meters

Recoil: High

If you have the guts to loot the airdrop, no gun can match the damage level of Groza in PUBG New State. Every pro player is using this beast during high-rank matches to get some kills. Moreover, Groza works best with the AR Suppressor attached to its end. Thus making it almost very hard for your enemy to spot your exact location in final circles.

Do remember that recoil control is a significant issue and needs accuracy to get kills from a distance. Hence, you have to be extremely careful while aiming with Groza. Overall it is undoubtedly one of the best guns in PUBG New State.

#2 M416

Best Guns in PUBG New State - M416

Damage: 41

Fire Rate: 0.085

Range: 300 meters

Recoil: Medium

The M416 is the most popular gun in PUBG New State. You might think that guns like Beryl or Groza do more damage, but they have a tremendous recoil. This is the reason players tend to keep M416 as their primary weapon.

Being a powerful AR, some players also get sneaky sniper kills by using M416 in single mode. Thus, you can easily outplay opponents in mid or close-ranged combats. It would be better to practice some headshots for better accuracy.

Top SubMachine Guns in PUBG New State

#1 Micro UZI

Best Guns in PUBG New State - Uzi

Damage: 26

Fire Rate: 0.05s

Range: 100 meters

Recoil: Low

Want a powerful secondary weapon for pushing your enemy? We don’t think you need anything other than the Micro Uzi. The gun is entirely different from the word ‘Micro’ in its name. Its low damage is compensated by the extremely fast firing rate that increases overall damage per second. Being a submachine gun the recoil is pretty low.

No doubt, it could easily beat ARs in a close-quarter fight provided you have quick reflexes. The only downfall is that you can only yield standard scopes (red dots) while using UZI.

#2 Vector

Best Guns in PUBG New State - Vector

Damage: 31

Fire Rate: 0.06

Range: 150 meters

Recoil: Low

Vector is like an elder brother of UZI with more damage but a lesser fire rate. The gun is readily available in both Troi and Erangel maps and You could equip it with up to a 6x scope. However, the recoil might be unstable while using larger scopes with a considerable bullet drop. Therefore, it’s up to you how to make the best use of Vector. We also suggest using an Extended magazine as it has a small clip size with only 13 bullets.

Top Shotguns in PUBG New State

#1 S12K

Best Guns in PUBG New State - SK12

Damage: 24

Fire Rate: 0.25s

Range: 10 meters

Reload Time: 3s

We rarely find players using shotguns during the later stage of the match. Although, you could use S12K for eliminating players in a single shot. It is more like a semi-automatic weapon and has negligible wait time between consecutive shots. Unlike other shotguns, you could extend the size of each magazine for a better chance of hitting the opponent. It is only viable for short-range attacks as it deals no damage when you are out of range.

#2 S686

Best Guns in PUBG New State - S686

Damage: 26

Fire Rate: 0.2s

Range: 20 meters

Reload Time: 3s

S686 is one of the viable choices from best guns to use in PUBG New State. It only fires 2 shots per load which is enough to finish any player. If you are good at aiming, a single shot will quickly knock down the enemy. The next shot will seal the kill for you! The only disadvantage is that you are defenseless for 3 seconds once the gun is fired. Therefore, you have to keep faith in yourself and, obviously, S686.

Top Sniper Rifles in PUBG New State

#1 AWM

Best Guns in PUBG New State - AWM

Damage: 105

Fire Rate: 1.8s

Range: 500 meters

Reload Time: 4.6s

There is no gun in PUBG New State that deals as much damage as AWM in a single bullet. This sniper can only be obtained from the airdrop that makes it super rare in the game. Moreover, using an 8x scope and Sniper Suppressor will make it more effective than ever. If you can successfully connect a headshot, the AWM bullet will not even spare a Lvl 3 helmet. The .300 magnum ammo has no drop even while shooting at 500 meters.

#2 M24

Best Guns in PUBG New State - M24

Damage: 75

Fire Rate: 1.8s

Range: 400 meters

Reload Time: 4s

M24 is the perfect alternative for players who don’t want to risk their life looting the airdrop. It works quite similar to AWM but deals lesser damage to the maximum level of helmets. Also, you have the option to add a flash hider or suppressor to improve stability while firing at long distances.

Top Designated Marksman Rifle in PUBG New State

#1 SLR

Best Guns in PUBG New State - SLR

Damage: 58

Fire Rate: 0.1s

Range: 250 meters

Reload Time: 3.6s

SLR can be used both as a sniper or AR with a single firing mode. The gun might seem unstable while firing several shots. However, you will get used to the recoil with a little practice. It will send your opponent back to the lobby within a couple of bullets. You would definitely want to try SLR in your next match of PUBG New State.

#2 Mini 14

Best Guns in PUBG New State - Mini 14

Damage: 46

Fire Rate: 0.15s

Range: 250 meters

Reload Time: 3.6s

Mini-14 might be an underrated gun, especially when it comes to indoor battles. It is a significant damage-dealing weapon that could be a nightmare for your enemies. Further, it is much easier to control as compared to other DMRs in the game. The best part is that you can easily score long-distance kills as Mini-14 has negligible bullet drop even with an 8x scope. It’s just like shooting laser beams at your opponent without any brutal recoil.

Final Verdict

So, this is all about the Best Guns in PUBG New State for all beginner players out there. We hope this guide will give you an overview of how different guns perform in different situations. You can now increase your rank in the game using the skills of each weapon.

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