Taxi Sim 2020 Game Review: is this Game Worth Your Time?

Taxi simulator 2020 is a taxi simulation game developed by Ovilex Software. Ovilex Soft is a Romania-based video game and software developing company, known for its simulation games such as Train Driver, Bus Simulator, Flight Sim 2018, Track Driver Sim, etc. We gave the game a try, and in this article, we share a detailed review of the game and try to find out if Taxi Sim 2020 is worth your time.

Game Story

In taxi sim 2020, you start your career by selecting and buying a car using the amount of in-game money you already have. After that, you can simply drive around the place and look for people in need of a ride.

Earn coins by picking up and dropping your clients at their destinations. Buy better cars like SUVs, luxury cars, sports cars, and supercars to be able to pick up VIP clients with special requirements and progress your career. You can use coins or real cash to upgrade and customize your car to suit your style.

Realism in Taxi Sim 2020

In taxi sim 2020, all the cars give players an option to use manual gearshifting for a more challenging and realistic driving experience.

Like in real life, there are certain penalties in the Taxi Sim 2020, which decreases the fare earned. The penalties differ from incident to incident, and upon to the type of passengers, the player is ferrying. The players need to adjust their driving style for different kinds of clients. Some of the passengers are in a hurry and don’t care even if you run a red light. But be wary of traffic rules as you’ll be fined for breaking them.

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Be aware of the traffic, pedestrians, and obstacles as in Taxi Sim 2020, the car gets damaged (and you get fined) when you hit anything. Furthermore, once the vehicle is damaged beyond a limit, you’ll have to pay from your coins for repairs.

The game also features dynamic lifelike weather and a day/night system. Keep driving around in the rain through puddles and you will notice your car getting dirty with each trip.


There is also a multiplayer mode available for players who want to enjoy the game with friends. The multiplayer mode does not have any traffic rules or any given objectives. It is more of a free roam on the map, racing with your friends.

There are a total of three maps available in the game, New York, Miami, and Rome or Los Angeles, with the New York map being the biggest among the three.

Features of Taxi Sim 2020

  • Different types of vehicles, like SUVs, luxury cars, sports cars, and supercars.
  • Three different Maps. Huge cities to explore
  • Realistic Controls
  • Multiplayer for playing with your friends
  • Newly updated engine sounds
  • Lifelike vehicle features like the car getting dirty or requiring repairs
  • Many different camera orientations for convenience of the player
  • Visual customizations
  • Realistic environments and a dynamic weather system
  • City traffic consisting of cars, vans, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles
  • Vibrant and diverse pedestrian traffic
  • Career, Free Roam, and Multiplayer modes
  • New vehicles and challenges added every week
NameTaxi Sim 2020
DeveloperOvidiu Pop
CategorySimulation Game
CompatibilityAndroid, iOS

Our Verdict

To sum it up, Taxi Sim 2020 is a great taxi simulation game. The game requires a relatively low amount of space on your device. The graphics of the game are amazing. The gameplay is smooth, with good graphics. The controls are responsive and easy to master. Taxi Sim 2020 is available on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. So if you are looking for a driving simulator game, we highly recommend you try this game.

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