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Valor Legends is one of the recent mobile Idle RPGs. It is a fun-filled experience made for you by the developers at Century Games. You are most likely to enjoy playing the game with your friends and progress accordingly. However, before beginning, you need to know a few things about the game.

Valor Legends emerges as a mobile-based Idle Role Playing Game that will indeed become popular among players. The game is regularly updated with new features, weapons, and heroes. Moreover, you will experience advanced game mechanics that will enhance the overall engagement.

Players need to upgrade their heroes using in-game currency and fight battles. The rewards depend on the performance and amount of damage you deal with the opponents. Overall, both veteran and new gamers will have a great time enjoying this game on their devices. This is why Valor Legends is already on the top of gaming charts on Android and iOS platforms.

Today, we are going to give a quick overview of the game through our Valor Legends Wiki. Make sure to follow the guidelines to have a better chance of winning exciting rewards.

Game Information

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Game NameValor Legends
Publisher(s)Century Games
Developer(s)Century Games
In-Game Purchases$0.99 – $99.99
Platform(s)Android, iOS
Release Date14 September 2021
Mode(s)Singleplayer, Multiplayer


Valor Legends Gameplay

The gameplay of Valor Legends is pretty simple and easy to understand, especially if you are a beginner. Heroes are the soul of this game, and players need to upgrade their cards to participate in difficult levels.

In case you don’t have strong heroes, you can summon random cards using the Eternal Summon Book. Once you activate it, there is a chance of getting a 3-star to 5-star hero. The drop rate becomes lesser as you get high-level heroes on the way. The best part is that you will 100% get a Legendary hero in the initial 10 summons of the day.

There are different Arenas where you can fight against other opponents to earn exciting rewards. Moreover, you can watch replays of previous battles and develop better strategies. It will help you get revenge against enemies that might have defeated you in the past. Make sure to get a higher score to climb up the leaderboards.

A higher place in rankings means more rewards at the end. However, the leaderboards reset after the season ends, and you have to grind again to get back to the spot.

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Players also need to keep an eye on different tasks that appear in the game regularly. For instance, Daily and Weekly tasks are only available for a limited period and expire after the timer ends. You have to check the requirements and execute the task depending on the mission level. It will reward you with gems and experience to progress through the game.

Valor Legends allow its players to be offline and still get into battles and earn rewards. This feature is known as Idle Reward, which pretty much explains the definition. You can select an ideal team of heroes that will fight in your absence. Moreover, players can be offline for 12 hours, during which rewards will be stored. In case you are unable to collect if, in the given time, any extra winning will be lost. Therefore, players must log in at least once during 12 hours to collect Idel Rewards.

In-Game Currency

Valor Legends Gameplay

Currencies in any game are essential to purchase different characters and weapons that you use regularly. Valor Legends also has a couple of in-game currency options that will help players get deals from the shop. You can expect the following currencies while playing the game.


Gems are the most crucial in-game currency that allows you to control the overall purchase system. Moreover, players can earn it through bounty offers that often appear in the game. Gems are also a part of reward prizes in weekly events that you can unlock by completing missions. Don’t forget to purchase new hero cards to unlock their special abilities.

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Valor Legends Wiki

It is quite obvious that you need gold to upgrade heroes and weapons in Valor Legends. Gold is easy to earn as it appears in the game every 8 hours. Therefore, players only need to log into the account and collect it accordingly. It may be less valuable than gems, but you need gold to make several in-game purchases.

Guild Tokens

As the name suggests, you can get Guild Tokens from guild dungeons. These help in earning refinement crystals for your heroes. Hence, you can participate in dungeons and complete multiple levels. Make sure to have high-level heroes before entering into challenging missions.