Warframe Tier List: Best Frames Ranked [June 2024]

Warframe is a thrilling free online multiplayer game developed by Digital Extremes. It offers a variety of playable characters known as Warframes.

Players in Warframe take control of members of the Tenno race that have been frozen for generations and are now at war with the Grinee.

There is frantic action and difficult enemy encounters in the game. The primary objectives of the game are completing tasks and killing enemies. 

Players must have a thorough understanding of their abilities, weapons, and foes’ strengths and weaknesses in order to effectively finish these tasks. There are a variety of missions in the game, each with unique challenges. Understanding that tier list is very much helpful. 

In this post, we will examine the current state of Warframe and provide a comprehensive tier list to help players in making wise choices regarding their favorite Warframes.

Warframe Tier Lists – Best Frames

Tier Frames
SNezha, Nova, Octavia, Saryn, Wisp, Gara, Mesa
AVoidrig, Volt, Xaku, Zephyr, Protea, Revenant, Rhino, Trinity, Equinox, Gauss, Ivara, Nekros, Baruuk, Chroma, Ember
BMag, Mirrage, Nidus, Oberon, Titania, Wukong, Hildryn, Inaros, Khora, Ash, Excalibur, Garusa, Harrow
CLoki, Valkyr, Vauban, Wraith, Hydroid, Hyldrim, Lavos, Limbo, Bonewidow, Caliban, Gyre, Atlas, Banshee
DGrendel, Nyx, Yareli, Frost

Understanding the Warframe Tier List

Warframe Tier List

A tier list ranking scheme divides Warframes into various tiers according to their general strength, adaptability, and efficiency throughout various game modes, like solo games, team structure, or endgame content. 

Warframe tier lists are arbitrary and might change depending on player preferences and playstyles. 

The tier ranking described below is based on the meta of the game, popular opinion, and a chance for high-level gameplay of the Warframes.

SThese Warframes are the most overpowered ones available. You can easily win games with these Warframes because they are excellent in all game styles.
AThe greatest Warframes are for younger players who have not yet honed their skills.
BEven though these Warframes might not have the strongest fighting skills, you can still use them if you don’t have many other options.
CAlthough the C-Tier Warframes are reliable soldiers, they lack the A-Tier or S-Tier Warframes’ level of power.
DHere is a list of Warframes that fall short in terms of general usefulness.

So that’s it for Warframe Tier List. Do remember that each player will have a unique perspective on a particular Warframe, and depending on that the tier list may differ from player to player.

You are welcome to contribute any thoughts you may have in the comments. 😊


Warframe Tier List FAQ

Are the Warframe tier lists undisputed and generally accepted?

The Warframe tier lists are arbitrary and prone to change depending on the player’s choices and playstyle. Even though a specific community agreement may exist, upgrades, balancing adjustments, and individual viewpoints impact tier lists.

How frequently are Warframe tier lists updated?

When significant game changes like the addition of new Warframes, reworks, or balance changes take place, Warframe tier lists are often updated. To keep informed, it’s a good idea to refer to current tier lists or ask advice from seasoned players.

Can Warframes of lower tiers still function well in the game?

Definitely! Warframes with lower tiers can still be helpful and fun to play. Each Warframe has unique skills and gameplay which can shine in particular scenarios or game types. It’s crucial to try several Warframes until you find one that fits your chosen playstyle and provides a fun experience.

Does any Warframe have a reputation for being weak or underpowered?

Digital Extremes constantly works to address balance issues, even though some Warframes may be considered weaker than others. Warframe balancing is a continuous process. Reworks and modifications are frequently included in Warframe upgrades to increase the viability and efficiency of underperforming Warframes.

Can Warframes be utilized in different missions interchangeably?

Depending on the player’s tastes and tactics, different missions can utilise different Warframes. While some Warframes might be better suited to a particular task, others might be more adaptive to different situations. When choosing a Warframe, it’s critical to consider the mission’s goal, enemy kinds, and team makeup.

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Warframe Tier List

Warframe Tier List: Best Frames Ranked [June 2024]

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Warframe Tier Lists – Best FramesUnderstanding the Warframe Tier ListFAQsAre the Warframe tier lists undisputed and generally accepted?How frequently are Warframe tier lists updated?Can Warframes of lower tiers still function well in the game?Does any Warframe have a reputation for…