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Welcome to the World Flipper wiki – here is all you need to know about the popular pinball-style mobile action RPG game.

Remember the good old days when we spent our childhood playing pinball, well guess what this Christmas we bring you a guide to a Japanese story-based pinball-type game. World Flipper is easily one the most interesting games out there, released on 8 September 2021 it already has over 1million downloads now.

The reason for the game’s incredible success in such a short time is the concept and game mechanics behind it. World Flipper has one of the most interesting stories and all the battles are fought in a pinball-like fashion with 2d style pixel graphics. Since this is a Jrp Like game no wonder it includes a gatcha summoning system too.

Players are supposed to progress in the story and unlock new heroes on the way, the game includes a lot of strategy and preparation for combat so if you’ve just downloaded and installed this game, then this article is for you.

Game info

World Flipper - game info
NameWorld Flipper
PublishersKakao games
WriterHige driver
ComposerHige driver
PlatformAndroid, iOS
GenreRPG, Action
Release date8 September 2021 (global)

The storyline of the game

World Flipper - Story

The story revolves around a boy and girl who lost their way home and wandered in space in search of their planets. They both stumble upon each other in a remote village and become friends. Fate has it such that both of them have lost track of their memories too.

For a while, they dwelt together in peace and friendship,

until fate struck like a bolt of lightning, bringing with it a power that would change their lives and everyone else’s too.

The power referred to here is another character named Light who was once a great champion from a distant world, now transformed into a rabbit-like creature because of the lord of the shadows.

He was being chased by agents of the Dark Throne; they followed him to the village where alk and Stella were living. All of them teamed up to defeat those minions and began their quest to kill the demon lord of the shadows.

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Gameplay and Mechanics

The first thing you gotta do is focus on the story and farm Units and level them up

World Flipper Gameplay

As the story goes on you get to fight bosses and you get rewards plus experience for it.

As the game progresses ahead you move on to a harder set of opponents. These bosses are extremely hard to beat and you need to make a specific team beat them.

As we discussed above the highlight of the game mechanics is the pinball system. we are further going to discuss

On the same and how one could perform better in combat.

Starting with the basics, fights in World Flipper are designed in a way that the balls are your characters and the bumpers are the enemies and in order to defeat your foes, you must continuously launch your units into the enemy by using the flippers below, which is the most common way of dealing damage.

Every character in the game has its own set of unique abilities which is why the game involves strategic usage of them so you need to unlock decent characters at the start of your game.

Apart from the individual skills the game has features like mid-air dashing and combo attacks. While your character is in mid-air you can tap anywhere near the enemy and all your units dash towards it for extra damage.

Unlocking Characters in World Flipper

World Flipper characters

Like every other gacha game World Flipper being no exception lets you summon new characters by using the game’s currency that is the lodestar beads. Luckily, this game is quite generous with its beginner and pre-registration rewards, which give you enough currency to do three 10x pulls and increase your chances to get a decent unit.

 Moreover, characters in the game can belong to different classes, which will significantly affect their performance in combat, such as by determining the type of power flip performed when these characters are set in a specific formation.

There are a few elements to consider when it comes to the different units in World Flipper, let’s go ahead and give a brief breakdown of the most important aspects:

Starting with “Type”, these are divided into five different categories: Bladewielder, Bruiser, Deadeye, Support, and Special. For example, if your leader is a Bruiser, then you will only perform the Bruiser power flip if you manage to fill up your bar while in combat.

There are some significant properties that your characters can have, but that can also prominently increase your power if used correctly. Your character’s element will have more notable effects in most battles, as it will allow them to deal extra damage depending on the elemental matchups while you are in boss fights.

There are six elements in World Flipper, namely – Fire, Water, Wind, Thunder, Light, and Dark.

These elements match up in the following manner –

World Flipper Items
  • Fire beats Wind
  • Wind beats Thunder
  • Thunder beats Water
  • Water beats Fire
  • Light and Darkness deal additional damage to each other.

Considering all the above compatibility factors you’re supposed to make the perfect three-man squad necessary to prevail in boss fights.

Some Units and Armaments

Below are a few examples of some top-tier units and weapons in the game.

1. Teurgis

World Flipper Teurgis

2. Bulleta

World Flipper Bulleta

3. Rolf

World Flipper Rolf


In World Flipper weapons play a huge role in the game by giving extra stats and abilities, you should aim to obtain these weapons as soon as possible to make your progression smoother and more enjoyable.

Here are 3 of the best weapons you can find in the game –

1. Ukonvasara

World Flipper weapons - ukonvasara

2. Deaths Sickle

World Flipper weapons deaths sickle

3. Meteora

World Flipper weapons meteora

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