World Flipper Tier list – Best Characters in the Game

The World Flipper Tier list ranks all the characters in the game according to their effectiveness in battles as in the latest update.

Getting the prerequisite analysis on the best characters in World Flipper through a tier list is one of the most important things you can do early on. The game includes around 60 characters waiting to be played, and getting some of the better ones from rerolling will set you apart from the crowd from the very beginning.

World flipper Tier list is a ranking system where players judge a character’s strength and viability within a competitive setting. This sort of organization can help condense all of this information to make it easier for newcomers to understand more about units and their compatibilities.

World flipper is a story-based role-playing game, players are supposed to unlock heroes as they progress and come up with a three-man squad formation to continue the story and fight bosses.

So what we looked at while making this list was all the elements involved with their required compatibility with each other.

There are six elements in World Flipper: Fire, Water, Wind, Thunder, Light, and Dark. These elements match up in the following manner:

  • Fire beats Wind
  • Wind beats Thunder
  • Thunder beats Water
  • Water beats Fire
  • Light and Darkness deal additional damage to each other.

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Considering all the above compatibility factors we made the list for you to make the perfect three-man squad as per the need.

How does Our World Flipper Tier List work?

World Flipper Tier list - Party A

The major characters are rated in the form of tiers – Tier S+, S, A, B, C, and D.

Tier S+ characters are the best ones, tier S characters are good ones, tier A characters are decent, the tier B characters are average whereas C and D being the weakest are only used by newcomers. The game though has its way of characterizing units and has all the units rated in star points.

World Flipper Tier List

World Flipper Tier list - Best Characters

S+ Tier

These characters are the most powerful and possess exceptional abilities. If you receive one of these, you don’t even need to reroll.

UnitTypeAbilityStar Level
VeronDarkSwordsman5 Star
WagnerFireArcher5 Star
SiltyWindWarrior5 Star
PhilliaWindSupport5 Star
NephtimLightSpecial5 Star
MiaWindFist4 Star

S Tier

These are good characters, and maintaining them would not be a bad idea if you already have some S+ Class characters.

UnitsTypeAbilityStar Level
AmeliaWaterSpecial4 Star
CagliostroThunderSupport5 Star
ClarisseFireSpecial5 Star
AliceWaterFist4 Star
SoniaWaterSword5 Star
SuizenWaterSupport5 Star

A Tier

World Flipper Character

These characters each have their own set of strengths and flaws. These heroes are definitely playable.

UnitsTypeAbilityStar Level
LunaluThunderSpecial4 Star
InahoThunderSpecial5 Star
EcreelLightSword5 Star
LannerWaterSword4 Star
BercetiaDarkArcher5 Star
AzelFireSword4 Star

B Tier

These characters are good, but you should reroll if you don’t have any S+ or S class characters.

UnitsTypeAbilityStar Level
ShiroWindFist4 Star
LeonWindSword5 Star
MurakumoWindSword5 Star
LiamDarkArcher4 Star
RegisThunderArcher4 Star
MarinaFireSword5 Star
ArisaWindArcher4 Star

C Tier

These characters are adequate, but there are better characters available.

UnitsTypeAbilityStar Level
MarianneDarkArcher4 Star
RazeltLightWarrior5 Star
AlmDarkBruiser4 Star
EliyaLightArcher4 Star
FinnLightSword4 Star
AsukirimaruFireBruiser4 Star
RamsThunderSpecial4 Star
OruruWindSword4 Star

D Tier

These are the four-star characters who are the weakest. To get a 5 star, it’s best to reroll.

UnitsTypeAbilityStar Level
AndyDarkSupport4 Star
ArcFireSpecial4 Star
BiancaFireSword4 Star
DearLightStaff4 Star
EleanorThunderSword4 Star
MercelWindArcher4 Star
MinoThunderFist4 Star
SharonWaterFist4 Star
RizelleWaterSupport4 Star
HanabiFireBruiser4 Star
HelgaWindBruiser4 Star
JayThunderStaff4 Star
JelalLightSword4 Star
KiraLightSword4 Star
YuelWaterWarrior4 Star
SoushiroWindSword4 Star

*Note that the World Flipper tier list was created by our own research and experience with the different characters in the game so your mileage may vary.

Teams for Bosses

World Flipper Boss Mission

As you progress through the seven chapters in the game the story unlocks around a few bosses for you to farm for various upgrade materials.

WhitetailSoushiro, Philia, Sha SusuRams, Mia, Owlbert
OrochiClarisse, Enni, MarnieAdil, Sha Susu, Owlbert
Lich (Regitare)Clarisse, Enni, MarnieAdil, Sha Susu, Owlbert
Hermit KingRams, Renoir, Sha SusuMurakumo, (any healer), Owlbert
GolemAlice, Sharon, SoniaRain, Faf, Liesel
ArchEllya, Razelt, Sha SusuKiera, Alk, Owlbert

So, that’s all for the World Flipper tier list for the latest update. This list should assist you in your progression through the game. What are your favorite characters? Let us know in the comments below.

We will keep updating the list from time to time whenever new characters are added to the game. So, to stay updated with the latest – don’t forget to turn 🔔notifications from Alternatively, you can follow us on Twitter or Facebook too 😊.

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  1. Is the list valid throughout the game?

    Yes, the list is valid throughout the game. However, it will get updated as the game changes or in the case of the introduction of a new character.

  2. Is the reroll worth it?

    Yes, the reroll is absolutely worth a go. It increases your chances of getting your fav character.