2045 Wasteland Rebuild Tier List

Looking to get a competitive edge on 2045 Wasteland Rebuild? then you might want to check this article!

The 2045 Wasteland Rebuild tier list is for all of you who are trying to get good at the game as well as keeping up with all the prerequisite info regarding the hero and their abilities.

As you advance through the campaign you come across several heroes with their respective roles. You are required to study all the abilities, roles, and compatibility factors before assembling the perfect formation of your squad.

We at shadowknightgaming.com do the analysis beforehand to keep you guys updated with our 2045 Wasteland Rebuild tier list every season and in case of a new arrival too.

Understanding 2045 Wasteland Rebuild Tier list

2045 Wasteland Rebuild Tier list hero Popularity index

We have done the analysis work for you and came up with the list of best available heroes as per rankings and abilities combined.

The following categories classify heroes in 2045 Wasteland Rebuild.

  1. Mythic Heroes – these are everyone’s first priority in the squad apart from being the most powerful, these are also super rare to find.
  1. Legendary Heroes- you can find legendary heroes in 100 gems scan ,even though they are not as strong as mythic heroes they can be extremely useful in battle.
  1. Common heroes – as the name suggests these are the most common and easy to find, they are also pretty strong and compatible for every formation possible.

Remember, keeping updated with the seasonal hero popularity index and your campaign info is Crucial.

Besides that, all the Heroes can be further categorized into Factions and Hero types.

To get a better understanding of the game, check out 2045 WASTELAND REBUILD WIKI.


Since every hero has a bunch of natural abilities and weaknesses which makes them vulnerable to a specific type of opponent. This natural way of selection forms the basis of hero classification under the name factions.

Following are the factions available in the game –

  1. Argent dawn
  2. Crimson dusk
  3. Lost tribe
  4. Undead legions
  5. Future force
  6. Elderitch voids
2045 wasteland rebuild faction - All logos
2045 wasteland rebuild faction – All logos

Faction Dynamics

2045 Wasteland Rebuild runs on the principle of hero abilities and their compatibility with each other, a good understanding of which helps us to form a perfect squad for battles.

Below is a table representing the same –

FactionsCountersCountered by
Argent dawnCrimson duskUndead legion
Crimson duskLost tribeArgent dawn
Lost tribeUndead legionCrimson DuSk
Undead legionArgent dawnLost tribe
Future forceEldritch voidEldritch void
Eldritch voidFuture forceFuture force

The table above can be visually represented by the image below

Faction Dynamics in 2045 Wasteland Rebuild

Hero Types

The damage dealing heroes have been classified under the category ‘types’ which represents the type of damage they do to the opponent.

  • INT hero: Deals M.damage
  • AGI hero: Deals P.damage
  • STR hero: Deals P.damage
2045 wasteland rebuild all hero types
2045 wasteland rebuild all hero types. From left to right INT hero, AGI hero, and STR hero respectively

2045 Wasteland Rebuild Tier list 2021


Mythical heroes

MaryFuture ForceAGIAssassin
KutaFuture forceINTBuff
WoolfFuture forceINTNukeR
DamienEldritch voidSTRDebuff
AshleyEldritch voidINTControl
MillerEldritch voidAGIAssassin
LandaArgent dawnSTRNuker
AmandaArgent dawnINTCrowd
CarolArgent dawnAGIBuff
ColtArgent dawnSTRHealer
FionaArgent dawnAGIAssassin
AnnaArgent dawnINTBuff
LindaArgent dawnINTBuff
VigoArgent dawnSTRTank
JackArgent dawnINTControl
AmeliaArgent dawnSTRDps
GeorgeCrimson duskSTRTank
CoryCrimson duskSTRDps
UlyssesCrimson duskAGICrowd
MargaretCrimson duskINTHealer
BellCrimson duskSTRDps
DollyCrimson duskINTCrowd
GarrelCrimson duskSTRTank
JennyCrimson duskAGIDps
HannahCrimson duskINTNuker
JaminaLost tribeINTHealer
LuciaLost tribeAGIAssassin
LuluLost tribeAGIBuff
IsanaLost tribeSTRTank
ZeraLost tribeINTControl
KahunaLost tribeAGICrowd
BradLost tribeSTRTank
TimonLost tribeAGIDps
KainLost tribeINTCrowd
MandyUndead legionsINTCrowd
LieraUndead legionINTDps
BenjyUndead legionAGIDps
DarrenUndead legionSTRTank
DiegoUndead legionSTRTank
ZoeUndead legionSTRAssassin
MagnarUndead legionAGIDps
MorganUndead legionAGIAssassin

Legendary heroes

PattonArgent dawnSTRTank
BettyArgent dawnINTNuker
BrianArgent dawnAGIAssassin
DanielArgent dawnINTHealer
DaveCrimson duskAGIDps
AnthonyCrimson duskSTRTank
AuroraCrimson duskINTControl
AnkarLost tribeAGIDps
SayaLost tribeINTControl
AshLost tribeSTRTank
SeanUndead legionAGITank
CatherineUndead legionAGIAssassin
LockeUndead legionINTDps

Common Heroes

AdamArgent dawnINTHealer
AdolphusArgent dawnSTRControl
BillCrimson duskSTRDps
ChrisCrimson duskINTDps
BapaLost tribeINTDps
SusieLost tribeSTRDps
DavidUndead legionSTRDps
PhillipUndead legionSTRDps

So, this is the 2045 Wasteland Rebuild tier list for the current season with every hero and his/her faction named and described according to their compatibility.

Thoroughly go through the article and do visit the site regularly for seasonal updates.

Alternatively, you can hit the bell icon on the bottom right of your screen, allow notification from Shadow Knight Gaming, and get notified every time we make changes to the Tier List.

In the meantime, we’ve got plenty more articles on the same including a list of 2045 Wasteland Rebuild Free Promo Codes that will get you a free in-game reward. So, go ahead and check it out!


  1. Is the list valid all through the campaign?

    No, the list varies from level to level. Please visit the site regularly for any future updates and do check the in-game hero popularity index for more info.

  2. When will the list be updated next?

    The list will be updated next season as well as in the case of the arrival of a new hero.

  3. What is the quickest way to unlock new heroes in-game?

    The quickest way to unlock a hero is to get gems, either get gems from the shop or complete missions and use those gems for a quick scan to get a hero.

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