Arknights Tier List: all Operators Ranked [July 2024]

Arknights, a well-liked tactical role-playing game created by Hypergryph and Studio Montagne, has amassed a sizable fan base.

Players frequently ponder which characters to spend their cash on because of the game’s distinctive gaming mechanics and an extensive list of Operators.

This article attempts to provide a thorough level breakdown, rating the Administrators according to their general usefulness and use in different game modes.

How many Operator Classes are there in Arknights?

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There are 8 classes to which each Operator in the game belongs. These courses include:

  • Casters 
  • Defenders 
  • Guard 
  • Medics
  • Snipers 
  • specialist
  • Supporters
  • Vanguards

Understanding Arknights Tier List System

Before we jump into Arknights Tier List, here is a brief rundown of the tier system –

SThey usually fulfill the need for a niche if no other solutions are available.
Ahighly skilled in their job as an Operator.
BThe Operator excels in their position and can carry out their responsibilities well.
CAn adequate Operator for carrying out their duties, while not sometimes being the ideal choice.
DThey usually fulfil the need for a niche if no other solutions are available.

Arknights Casters Tier List

Arknights Operator Goldenglow - Best Casters in Arknight

Casters typically have a minor health reserve and are ranged operators specializing in magic damage. However, keep this from deterring you because the most robust casters can quickly decimate whole armies with their skills.

SGoldenglow, passenger, Ifrit, Eyjafjalla, Dusk, Ceobe
AMint, Minimalist, Mostima, click, Ebenholz,Rockrock, Kjera, Absinthe, Amiya, Astgenne, Beeswax, Carnelian, Leizi, Leonhardt
BHaze, Lava the Purgatory, Gitano, Irish, Indigo, Pudding, Qanipalaat
CSkyfire, Steward, Tomimi, Nightmare, Lava, Greyy, Corroserum
DDurin, 12F

Arknights Defenders Tier List

Arknights Operator Saria - Best Defender Operator in arknights

Defenders, the front-line soldiers in Arknights, are rugged individuals who can resist everything the adversary may throw their way. You should know that these characters are mainly suitable for blocking incoming strikes and cannot do much damage.

SSaria, Penance, Nian, Mudrock, Liskarm, Horn, Blemishine
AShalem, Nearl, Hoshiguma, Heavyrain, Eunectes, Cuora, Croissant, Bubble, Blitz, Ashlock
BVulcan, Matterhorn, Hung, Gummy, Dur-Nar, Czerny, Bison, Asbestos, Aurora
CSpot, Cardigan, Beagle
DNoir Corne

Arknights Guard Tier List

Arknights Operator Throns - Best Guard Operator in arknights

Guards are melee-based combatants who block foes’ attacks and deflect hostile damage volleys. These characters don’t even come close to being your party’s front line, but they deal an acceptable sum of physical damage through their strikes and have a sturdy life bar.

SThrons, Surtr, Specter, Skadi, SliverAsh, Pallas, La Pallas, Nearl the Radiant Knight, Mlynar, Mountain, Irene, Hellagur, Gavial the Invincible, Ch’en, Blaze
AUtage, Tequila, Tachanka, Luo Xiaohei, Lappland, Highmore, Dagda, Cutter, Broca, Bibeak, Ayerscarpe, Arene, Amiya(Guard), Akafuyu
BAstesia, Whislash, Sideroca, Savage, Mousse, Melantha, Matoimaru, Indra, Franka, Flint, Flamebringer, Estelle, Conviction, Beehunter
CSwire, Quartz, Popular, Midnight, Jackie, Frostleaf, Castle-3

Arknights Medics Tier List

Arknights Operator Ptilopsis - Best Medic Operator in arknights

As the name implies, Medic operators specialize in curing their comrades rather than engaging in combat with the enemy. As a result, these operators tend to be weak. Due to their inferior defensive capabilities, medic operators should be strategically placed to enhance their overall survivability.

SWarfarin, Ptilopsis, Nightingale, Mulberry, Lumen, Kal’tsit, Honeyberry
AWhisperain, Tuye, Sussurro, Silence, Shining, Purestream, Perfumer, Hibiscus the Purifier, Breeze
BPaprika, Myrrh, Gavial, Folinic, Chestnut
CLancet-2, Hibiscus, Ceylon, Ansel
D    –

Arknights Snipers Tier List

Arknights Operator W - Best Sniper Operator in arknight

Snipers, a category of operators in Arknights who specialize in doing damage from a distance, are used instead of sharpshooters. These operators can quickly deal out a tonne of burst damage, but because they are relatively weak, they are easily eliminated.

SW, Schwarz, Rosmontis, Rose(Poca),  Prozemka, Fiametta, Fartooth, Exusiai, ch’en the Holungday, Ash, Archetto
ASesa, Provence, Platinum, Pinecone, Meteorite, Glint, Kroos the Keen, Grey Throat, Firewatch,Blue Poison, April, Andreana
BVermeil, Totter, Toddifons, Shirayuki, Meteor, May, Lunacub, Jessica, Erato, Ambriel, Aciddrop
CKroos, Greyy the Lightningbearer, Catapult, Aosta, Adnachiel
DRangers, ‘Justice Knight’

Arknights Specialist Tier List

Arknights Operator Dorothy - Best Specialist Operator in Arknights

Specialists are operators that are masters at incapacitating or administering debuffs to foes when necessary. While they can be incredibly helpful up to a point, their actual potential as crowd-controlling units in PvP is shown. Remember that these operators should only be employed by their areas of expertise and are not recommended for doing damage.

SDorothy, Texas the Omertosa, Specter the Unchained, Lee, Jaye, Gladila, Weedy, Phantom, Aak
ARobin, Projekt, Mizuki, Manticore, Kazemaru, Kafka, Gravel, Frost, FEater, Ethan, Enforcer, Cliffheart
BWaai Fu, Shaw, Snowsant, Rope, Mr. Nothing, Bena

Arknights Supporter Operator Tier List

Arknights Operator Suzuran - One of the best supports in Arknights

Supporters typically carry equipment that benefits other party members who work as operators. These characters, especially teamed with Specialist operators, are helpful in PvP matches, whether to empower your teammates or debuff your foes.

SSuzuran, Skadi the Corrupting Heart, Shamare, Magallan, Ling, Gnosis, Angelina
AStainless, Scene, Proviso, Pramanix, Podenco, Mayer, Istina
BSora, Roberta, Quercus, Heidi, Glaucus, Deepcolor
CTsukinogi, Orchid, Earthspirit
DWindflit, Nine-Colored

Arknights Vanguards Tier List

Arknights Operator Saileach - One of the best Vanguards in Arknights

These characters are a different type of tanky operators who can serve as your army’s front line in battle and have skills and abilities that let you recover extra Deployment Points for using other operators.

SSaileach, Saga, Myrtle, Flametail, Elysium, Cantabile, Bagpipe
AZima, Wild Mane, Vigna, Texas, Siege, Reed, Chiave, Blacknight
BVigil, Scavenger, Grani, Courier, Beanstalk
CVanilla, Plume, Fang

So, that’s it for the Arknights tier list. We hope now you will have a better idea of the best characters in the game and achieve. That said, not all characters on our list will fit your playstyle and you will have to test which character/operator combinations work best for you.


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What does a “Tier List” mean?

A tier list is a grading system that divides people and objects into groups according to their effectiveness and usefulness in a game. In Arknights, the tier list aids players in assessing the power and viability of various operators in various game modes.

How can I use the Arknights Tier List?

The tier list might be helpful when choosing which operators to prioritize or invest in for your team. It offers a comprehensive evaluation of the efficiency and value of an operator. When making judgments, it’s crucial to consider your playstyle, the makeup of your squad, and particular in-game events. The tier list is a valuable tool, but it shouldn’t be the only consideration when putting together a winning team.

How many different classes are there in Arknights?

Arknights offers 8 different operator classes. Specialist, Supporter, Vanguard, Guard, Medic, Sniper Caster, and Defenders are some classes. Each class has a unique function and set of skills.

Can the operator tier list rankings change?

Depending on player playstyles, team makeups, and balance changes made to the game, Operator ranks in tier lists can alter. When evaluating operator rankings, it’s crucial to take the particular requirements of your team into account, as well as your preferences.

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