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Welcome to the Blue Archive guide and wiki. Here you will find everything you must know before you start playing Blue Archive!

Blue Archive is an RPG game developed and published by NEXONBlue Archive is quite interesting and fun to play Role Playing Game for mobile. If you are an Otaku! And love to watch anime and stuff then you will love Blue Archive the most. In this game your story is based in Kivotos, you are an Adviser in the Federal Investigation Club, Schale, in Kivotos.

The graphics of Blue Archive are well optimized. You will find 3D well-structured combat with kawaii in-game characters. These characters are adorable and with one of the best animations. If you are looking for a high graphic RPG mobile game with anime reference, then your research is over. Here is the Blue Archive for you!

The game is free to play with in-game purchases. You need to have a stable internet connection and a mid-end or high-end mobile device, as the graphics are quite high so you can’t play this game on a low specs mobile phone. For in-game purchases, you have to pay real money but don’t worry you can get in-game stuff for free! How? Check out the list of the latest Blue Archive – Redeem Codes.

Blue Archive is globally released on 8 November 2021 for both Android and iOS.


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Game NameBlue Archive
Developer(s)NAT Games (KR)
WriterYang Juyoung
Composer(s)Lee Jin Ah, Mitsukiyo
Platform(s)Android, iOS
ReleaseJapan: February 4, 2021,
World Wide: November 8, 2021


Blue Archive girls sitting on a tank

The story of Blue Archive is based in Kivotos, Japan. In Kivotos there are thousands of different academies. Just like every other story the game has an antagonist and protagonist. The game is led by Protagonists like us, also called ‘Sensei’. Sensei somehow lost their memories.

After the disappearance of the Presidentthe academies of Kivotos were in chaos and students started carrying guns with them. We as Sensei have to solve these issues with different tasks.

Blue Archive includes features like Raids, Main Story, Resource Stages, Commission Stages, Tactical Combat, and much more. One of the best and most exciting features of Blue Archive is you can talk to other players with a special communicator called Momo Talk! 

Other than completing missions in Blue Archive you can also battle against the other players with PvP features. The funny part is in PvP battle the strength of the attack and defense are determined by the rock-paper-scissors method.


Blue Archive Gameplay Azusa in swimsuits

You can get one of the best graphics in Blue Archive compared to other RPG Mobile games. In this game you have to form a six-man squad, these are all students. Among these six students, four students are Strikers and two are Special.

Strikers are the main attackers of the team while special teams are supporters. You can use the skills and attacks of a particular character by selecting a card at the bottom of the screen. While battling with enemies you don’t have to do much, just select the required attack and defense from the cards.


Blue Archive 3 star Koharu

In Blue Archive Mobile you can upgrade your characters by upgrading their strength, skills, and power. Character up-gradation is very important in Blue Archive because as you complete more missions the difficulty level will increase and you need to have strong attacking and defending skills.

For upgrading characters you have to complete as much as levels in the game. You can also level up your character by supplying activity reports. There are four activity reports available in Blue Archive:

  1. Novice Activity Report
  2. Normal Activity Report
  3. Advanced Activity Report
  4. Superior Activity Report


Blue Archive poster

Blue Archive uses the Gacha System, similar to other gacha games, players in Blue Archive are divided according to the stars. Gacha coins in the Blue Archive are named Pyroxenes. These coins are used to summon the Heroes from their summoning banners.

The rate for summoning the characters with Pyroxenes are as follows:

  • 3-Star Characters – 2.5%
  • 2-Star Characters – 18.5%
  • 1-Star Characters – 79%


Blue Archive Momoi, Midori, and Yuzu eating

Every character in Blue Archive have four different types of skills:

  • Normal Attack- Every character in Blue Archive has different attack damage against the enemy. You can find this out in Details of the character. Normal attacks do not require any skills.
  • Sub Skill- Every character in Blue Archive has a specific sub-skill. These subskills are for a short period of time only.
  • Basic Skill: Basic skills or also called Passive skills are always available for use. They don’t have any separate animations.
  • EX Skill: With this skill, you can control the range of a particular area you want to attack or defend. There is a cost to use this skill which can be found in the bottom right corner of the screen.

You can enhance the abilities of a character in Basic info > abilities. All the materials required to enhance your character can be found in the resource collection phase.


Blue Archive 100 day Celebration

After completing chapters 2-1 you can interact with your character in the Café section. You can boost your connection with a character in this section. Every time you boost a connection with a character it will give you a bonus reward for that particular character.

Also, you will get free coins and other rewards even if you are offline and not playing the game. You can also customize your Café by adding furniture, wall paintings, decorative items, and more.

You can download Blue Archive for free on Play Store or App Store. Don’t for to check out our article on – Blue Archive Tier List, and for more gaming news and updates follow