Final Gear Tier List

This Final Gear Tier list ranks all the best characters in Final Gear according to their strengths, role in battle, and rarity.

Final Gear is creating a new wave of excitement in the entire gaming community. Moreover, players tend to use their favorite characters to win battles. You can control hundreds of different in-game pilots and support staff. The best part is that each one has unique abilities and skills depending on the rank.

Further, they are ranked according to their positions and power level while playing. Today, we will unleash each character and its type in our Final Gear Tier List. Make sure to read about each nominee in the list and use them in battles to earn rewards.

Complete Final Gear Tier List

Final Gear Tier List

There are a total of 4 different ranks, and each character falls in at least one of the following grades- SSR, SR, R & N.

There is no doubt in the fact that SSR pilots are the most powerful characters, and you rarely get them. You might end up collecting SR characters but are less powerful.

R grade and N grade characters have more spawn rates but don’t do as much damage.

The tier list is further divided into 6 hierarchal ranks depending on their usage.

  1. Tier OP
  2. Tier SSS
  3. Tier SS
  4. Tier S
  5. Tier A
  6. Tier B

Hence, we will disclose them one by one in the upcoming sections.

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Final Gear Tier List: Powerful SSR and SR Characters

Final Gear Tier list

Morgan – OP Tier (UR)

Lilian – OP Tier (UR)

Shmily – SSS Tier (SR)

Kaworu Nagisa – SS Tier (SSR)

Nova – SS Tier (SSR)

Rei Ayanami – SS Tier (SSR)

Alexa – SS Tier (SSR)

Asuka Shikinami Langley – SS Tier (SSR)

Mari Makanami Illustrious – S Tier (SSR)

Bernadette – S Tier (SSR)

Viorate – S Tier (SSR)

Eloise – S Tier (SSR)

Rin Kamiuezono – S Tier (SSR)

Taysia Graft – S Tier (SSR)

Snowy – S Tier (SSR)

Krista – S Tier (SSR)

Elizabeth – S Tier (SSR)

Sumora – A Tier (SSR)

Shinji Ikari – A Tier (SSR)

Aya Kujyo  A Tier (SSR)

Flavia – A Tier (SSR)

Nia – A Tier (SSR)·

Danngo Kobayashi – A Tier (SSR)

PN26 Elizabeth – A Tier (SR)

Evelynn – A Tier (SR)

Garren – A Tier (SR)

Viola – A Tier (SR)

A-16 – A Tier (SR)

Coreleah – A Tier (SR)

Margaret – A Tier (SR)

2-16 – A Tier (SR)

Natasha – A Tier (SR)

Karan – B Tier (SR)

Paula – B Tier (SR)

Murasaki – B Tier (SSR)

Cynthia – B Tier (SSR)

Phoenix – B Tier (SR)

Thea – B Tier (SR)

Sweety – B Tier (SR)

Patricia – B Tier (SR)

Leigh – B Tier (SR)

Grave – B Tier (SR)

Rebeyrca – B Tier (SR)

Ariel – B Tier (SR)

Amber – B Tier (SR)

Breeze Thallo – B Tier (SR)

Miroa  B Tier (SR)

Rinbell – B Tier (SR)

Shyaditty – B Tier (SR)

Helena – B Tier (SR)

Jessie – B Tier (SR)

Chilino – B Tier (SR)

Akari Onikage – B Tier (SR)

Final Gear Tier List: R Grade

Final Gear Poster

Solveig – Tier Ratings (9.5/10)

Roxanne – Tier Ratings (8.5/10)

Esmeralda – Tier Ratings (8.5/10)

Brittany – Tier Ratings (8/10)

Eggy & Peggy – Tier Ratings (8/10)

Neplim – Tier Ratings (7.5/10)

Mama – Tier Ratings (7.2/10)

Bathory – Tier Ratings (7/10)

Millyna – Tier Ratings (7/10)

Lollar – Tier Ratings (7/10)

Jasmine – Tier Ratings (7/10)

Scheer – Tier Ratings (6.7/10)

Audrey – Tier Ratings (6.7/10)

Kristina – Tier Ratings (6.7/10)

Veronica – Tier Ratings (6.7/10)

Keyla – Tier Ratings (6.5/10)

Xime – Tier Ratings (6.5/10)

Memay – Tier Ratings (6.3/10)

Final Gear Tier List: N Grade

Final Gear Poster

Ada – Tier Ratings (7/10

Aoife – Tier Ratings (7/10

Aurora – Tier Ratings (6.5/10

Fulla – Tier Ratings (6.5/10

Mary – Tier Ratings (6.4/10

Vivine – Tier Ratings (6.4/10

Nizzy – Tier Ratings – 6.3/10

Whitney – Tier Ratings – 6.3/10

Zoi – Tier Ratings – 6.3/10

Trang – Tier Ratings – 6.2/10

Adrienne – Tier Ratings – 6.2/10

Priscilla – Tier Ratings – 6.2/10

Joranda – Tier Ratings – 6/10

Maggie – Tier Ratings – 6/10

Final Gear Tier List: Healers

Final Gear Poster

Shmily – S Tier (SR)

Viola – A Tier (SR)

Margaret – A Tier (SR)

Karan – B Tier (SR)

Brittany – B Tier (R)

Esmeralda – B Tier (R)

Final Gear Tier List: Tanks

Final Gear poster

Rei Ayanami – S Tier (SSR)

Solveig – S Tier (R)

Sumora – A Tier (SSR)

Coreleah – A Tier (SR)

Margaret – A Tier (SR)

Rebeyrca – B Tier (SR)

Roxanne – B Tier (SR)

Final Gear Tier List: Support Troops

Final Gear Poster

Snowy – S Tier (SSR)

Elizabeth – S Tier (SSR)

Krista – S Tier (SSR)

Natasha – A Tier (SR)

Evelynn – A Tier (SR)

PN26 Elizabeth – A Tier (SR)

Eggy & Peggy – B Tier (SR)

Sweety – B Tier (R)

Final Gear Tier List: Attackers

Final Gear Poster

Lilian – S Tier (UR)

Nova – S Tier (SSR)

Kaworu Nagisa – S Tier (SSR)

Eloise – A Tier (SSR)

Mari Makanami Illustrious – A Tier (SSR)

Asuka Shikinami Langley – A Tier (SSR)

Alexa – A Tier (SSR)

Taysia Graft – A Tier (SSR)

Rin Kamiuezono – A Tier (SSR)

Viorate – A Tier (SSR)

Flavia – B Tier (SSR)

Shinji Ikari – B Tier (SSR)

Nia – B Tier (SSR)

Danngo Kobayashi – B Tier (SSR)

Evelynn – B Tier (SSR)

α-16 – B Tier (SR)

Leigh – B Tier (SR)


So, that’s pretty much it for Final Gear Tier List. You can just take help from the list to know about the best character to use in any situation. I hope you liked the article. If you have any query feel free to comment below.

Note: The Final Gear Tier List List is created with our own research and experience of the game. So your mileage may vary. Also, the Tier list is not absolute and is bound to change with time as new game updates are released.

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