Legends of Runeterra: Deck Building Guide

Need help building a good Deck in Legends of Runeterra? Here is a complete Legends of Runeterra Deck Building Guide along with a few helpful Decks for Beginners.

If your search for the deck-building guide for the legends of Runeterra has brought you here, then you are in the right place. In this guide, you’ll get to know the basics of deck building.

It’s been three years since the release of “Legends of Runeterra,” and in this course of time the game has been flooded by millions of cards (not literally), and it has become a big hurdle for the players who’ve just started the game.

So to ease this burden on the new players, we are here to help and provide them with an outline of how to build a deck at the beginning of the game, so before we begin, there are some things that you should know.

  1. Although this guide is for beginners, to be able to build a deck, you must have enough cards that you can collect through region rewards, weekly vaults, or other sources.
  1. Most of the cards you’ll be able to get for free, but there can be cards for which you’ve got to pay to include them in your decks.
  1. Deck building is not an easy task, and it’ll take time, patience, and hard work to build a proper deck.

Before we begin any further, there are some abilities that you’ve got to get acquainted with.

Card abilities in Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra Card abilities

Before we start with Legends of Runeterra Deck Building, lets take a look at the various card abilities in the game. Check out Legends of Runeterra Wiki if you wish to know more about card abilities.

Scout: Allows you to attack first, allowing you to attack twice overall in the round.

Challenger: As the name suggests, you can pick, when you attack, which card will block your attack.

Last Breath: This effect occurs when the card is destroyed.

Tough: Any damage inflicted on this unit gets reduced by one with every attack.

Barrier: a protective shield that nullifies any damage to the unit for one round.

Quick Attack: Get the chance to attack first.

Stun: prevents a unit from acting for a turn.

Elusive: Elusive units can only be blocked by other elusive units.

Recall: A card is returned to the hand, and any buffs are removed.

Frostbite: reduces a unit’s power to zero for that turn.

Overwhelm: Any excess damage dealt to the enemy will be directed to the enemy Nexus.

Fearsome: Can only be blocked by a unit with three powers or more.

Lifesteal: Damage inflicted by this unit will heal your nexus.

Invoke: Choose a celestial card from the given three choices to get in your hand.

Spellshield: invalidate the next enemy spell.

Fury: Killing an enemy unit will give +1/+1.


The thing about these strategic games is that there is nothing certain, especially when it comes to playstyles, which differ from player to player. But still, you can divide it into three segments.

Aggro: Aggro means aggressive, and this is a play style where you try to inflict as much damage as possible from the first round and try to finish the game as quickly as possible.

Control: Unlike aggro, control is a defensive and counter-attacking playstyle where you try to deal with the opponent’s powerful units in the beginning and then bring out your damage dealer to finish the game.

Midrange: Midrange is the combination of both styles, where the aim is to get the optimum benefit of both styles in different situations.

Which play style is better?

There can’t be a right answer to this question, but if you’ll ask me then I’ll recommend you either go for the aggro (if you have enough offensive cards) or for the midrange at the beginning of the game.

Essentials of Building a Deck in Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra

A deck can consist of a maximum of forty unit cards and six champion cards, but you’ll have to get 2-3 copies of each card and a mandatory 3 copies for both of your champions, so the number comes down to 10-13 units and 2 champions.

When building a deck, you’ve got to keep these things in mind.

  • Win condition 
  • Cards synergies 
  • Synergetic Spell 
  • Landmarks

What is a win condition?

Well, to put it simply, win conditions are your path to attaining your ultimate objective (destroying the enemy Nexus), so you’ve got to keep them simple and short in order to reach there before your opponents do.

What are card synergies?

Synergies mean where one card can get benefits from another card in some way or another. By this way, even a deck full of bad cards can become a good deck if its cards have synergies with each other.

What do synergistic spells mean?

Spells that are best suited to the units you are playing with

For example –

If you are going for stun synergies, then your spells have to work together with the units and provide them with support.

Why Landmarks?

When building a deck, you should consider having 1-2 landmarks in your deck, as they can prove to be beneficial. Because these cards have unique passive abilities that will stay in effect as long as they are on the battlefield,

Some beginner-friendly Legends of Runeterra Decks

Here we’ll discuss some of the beginner-friendly decks in Runeterra, which will be easy to understand for beginners, and you can even use some of them in the advanced stages of the game, so first among them is

Spider Aggro

Legends of Runeterra Deck Spider Aggro

The function of the deck is simple: inflict as much damage as possible before the opponents can even establish themselves on the battlefield, and the Fearsome ability plays an important role in doing so; many of the starter cards can’t even block them because of the Fearsome ability.

Deck code


Deck Content

1(Spell) Blade’s Edge x2
1(Ally) Hapless Aristocrat x2
1(Ally) Legion Rearguard x2
1(Ally) Precious Pet x2
2(Champion) Elise x2
2(Ally) House Spider x2
2(Spell) Black Spear x1
2(Spell) Glimpse Beyond x2
2(Spell) Vile Feast x2
3(Ally) Arachnoid Sentry x2
3(Ally) Phantom Prankster x1
3(Ally) The Undying x1
3(Spell) Fresh Offerings x2
3(Spell) Might x2
3(Spell) Noxian Guillotine x1
4(Ally) Crowd Favorite x1
5(Spell) Decimate x1
5(Spell) Grasp of the Undyingx1
5(Spell) Withering Wail x
5(Ally) Arachnoid Host x2
6(Champion) Darius x2
6(Spell) Brood Awakening x2
6(Spell) Reckoning x1
7(Spell) Vengeance x2

Spider aggro is among the evergreen decks in the games; despite the arrival of new cards and changes in strategies, this deck never grows old and to this date is the best choice for beginners who don’t have much experience with deck building, and this deck can also be used in the advanced stages of the game.

Why is building spider aggro an easy and sensible choice?

  • Simple to understand for newcomers
  • Easy to construct because it’s simple to obtain champions cards
  • Spiders have excellent synergy.
  • The winning condition is quite simple to fulfill.

Draven Burn

Legends of Runeterra Deck Draven Burn

Dwarfs are famous for their short length, and this deck tends to uphold that reputation. This deck is smaller in size than most of the decks in the game l, which is why it’s among the first choice for beginners to start with.

Also, It’s a perfect match for those who want to rush things, this deck completely focuses on aggressive gameplay.

Deck code


Deck content

1(Ally) Legion Saboteur x2
1(Ally) Legion Rearguard x2
1(Ally) Zaunite Urchin ×3
1(Ally) Reborn Grenadier ×3
2(Ally) Boom baboon ×3
2(Ally) Blastic bot ×2
2(Ally) Boom Crew Rookie ×3
2(Ally) Imperial Demolitionist ×3
2(Spell) Mystic Shot x2
3(Champion) Draven ×3
3(Ally) Station archivist ×3
3(Spell) Aftershock ×1
3(Spell) Get Excited x3
3(Spell) Noxian Fervor ×3
6(Spell)Decimate x3

The star attraction of this deck is its champion, Darven, so make sure you use his aggressive playstyles to their fullest. Other than that, this deck is also economical, as you can see from the fact that most of its cards don’t cost that much.

Cards like Legion Saboteur and Legion Rearguard, as well as Reborn Grenadier, are really cheap when you compare their abilities with their costs.

Why should you pick Darven Burn?

  • Cost-effective lineup
  • Simple to construct due to one champion
  • For those who are still learning the game, this is a great practice tool.
  • A small size deck 

Daybreak and Stun

Legends of Runeterra Deck Daybreak and Stun

It’s one of the decks that the game gives players, and it has a strong setup with everything a beginner might need.

You don’t need to use your brain to build this deck because it is provided by the game, but you can alter it to your preferences.

Working of the Decks in Legends of Runeterra

It’s all about synergies, so you have to focus on the daybreak units in the beginning and make sure they survive until you level up Leona.

You have to play daybreak units in the beginning so that Leona can level up; after that, she can help Yasuo level up with her stun ability; you have to stun or recall enemy units 5 times to level up Yasuo; you have to rely on stuns to level him up as recalling is not an option that will be available to you as easily as stunning is.

Yasuo maybe ain’t that strong like other champions, but as I said before, it’s all about synergies with the right deck and combos, and he can be a pain to deal with for the opponents as he can inflict damage to the stun units and finish them even before they reach the board for the play.

But doing all of this will require a lot of work from your end, and you will have to sacrifice many units. In order to protect your champions and minimize your losses, you’ve got to play a lot of spells.

In the right circumstances, Fae Bladetwirler is a force to be reckoned with, and you’ve also got to be wise when playing your allies and follower units.

Things You should avoid while playing with this Deck

  • It’s not an aggro deck, so don’t rush. 
  • Before leveling up your champions, avoid playing them. 
  • Pay special attention to leveling up Yasuo because he is weak without it. 
  • Some units have the potential to become even more powerful than the champions.

Final Thoughts

Legends of Runeterra is quite a big game and it only gets bigger over time, so it’s not easy for beginners to get used to, especially if you’ve started right before a major update that turned the whole game upside down puts. like the introduction of path of champions or the removal of expeditions.

It takes time to even learn the basics of the game and decks are a huge topic for a beginner to even think about and the idea of ​​making one to build In the beginning it’s pretty ridiculous.

But deck building is a must as you can customize a deck to suit your needs and card availability.

My advice to new players is to take it slow, familiarize yourself with skills and abilities, and regions first and play with the AI, then test your skills against the other players and then collect as many wildcards as you can and create a deck if you want.

By following this advice, you’ll have everything you need for a great deck experience, cards, champions, and strategy to help you think clearly while building a deck.

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