Last Fortress: Underground – An Honest Review

Last Fortress Underground was developed by “Life is a Game Limited” and released in the year 2020. It has a download of over 10 million and a 4.4-star review on the Play Store, so we tried the game for you so that you’ll know if it is worth your time or not.

The storyline of Last Fortress: Underground

The plot of Last Fortress takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where the world is infected by zombies. And you are the commanding last of the survivors in their quest to escape hell, with the hope of seeing a new day, but that hope was crushed shortly when the zombies destroyed your last sanctuary. Now, with no food left, you have no option but to seek refuge in a strange building that was jolting out of the ground.

My Experience with the Game


Last Fortress: Underground

On the first day, I played this game for about 4 to 5 hours, and to be honest, it was quite an addictive game at first, and whenever you try to log out, they will throw a 30-minute limited-time competition at you where you can get lots of rewards, so you’ll stay for the extra half an hour to get them, and they will repeat this cycle many times a day.

On the first day, I thought that this was the game that I’d been looking for ages, only to find that illusion to be shattered on the second day, which I thought was the strong point of the game: its catchy voiceovers didn’t even last for a day, and that’s where the game felt like a scam, and there the realization hit me that you should never download the game just from watching the advertisements.

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After 15 days

last fortress characters

Even when the game felt like a scam to me, I continued playing it as it was still fun to play, but till now one thing was clear to me: this game demands time, more time than many people can invest in playing a game. Playing the game felt like I was doing chores; each time I logged in, there was something to do, and it never appeared to end, so if you were looking for a game that you can casually play, then it’s not a game for you.

After 2 – Months

Personal Opinion: This game is only playable until you reach Season 3. After that, you should quit the game and look for something else to play.

After playing this game for more than one month, one thing was clear to me: this game is a pithole, and a never-ending one at that, for money—a hole whose depth will only increase as you throw money into it.

And the game turned into a wallet war. By the end of the second month, one with a heavier wallet and a crazy mind to spend all that money will have the upper hand, and people are crazy enough to spend thousands of dollars in the game so that they can maintain their fake pride, which takes us to our next point.

Things to look out for

Last Fortress: Underground

We can’t blame the game for this, but the game is filled with crazy psychopaths who hide themselves behind the masks of caring advanced players who pretend to care about the beginners. But then they can’t conceal it for long, and their true nature is revealed as soon as they start making those crazy demands and force you to fulfil them, and their difficulty increases day after day.

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There is something that you should know about and pay extra attention to. While talking to the player on different platforms about the game and their experience with the game, I got to know a player who was stocked by one of these psychopaths, and he really suffered so much because of that. Apparently, they became friends on Instagram because they said we’ll be talking about the strategies to win the war, etc., so never be friends with people that you don’t know, and think a million times before coming in contact with someone whom you’ve met through the game.

Final Verdict

Last Fortress: Underground

This experience is not mine alone. Before writing this review, I talked with many players, and all of them had experiences that were very similar to mine, and the possibility of this happening to you is pretty high, too, so this game is fun, engaging, and enjoyable until you reach Season 3.

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Abhinav Roy
Abhinav Roy