Bullet Echo ZeptoLab’s New Fun Battle Royale for Android and iOS

We are up again with more gaming news that might add some spice to your dull days amidst this lockdown. The well-known ZeptoLab has finally released its brand new tactical battle Royale title, Bullet Echo, for mobile devices.

For those who are unaware, ZeptoLab is a video game developer based in Russia. ZeptoLab has created various popular games like C.A.T.S., i.e., Crash Arena Turbo Stars, King of Thieves, Cut the Rope, and Pudding Monsters. The company is developing games since 2009.

Bullet Echo: A Multiplayer Action Battle Royale 

Bullet Echo is a unique PvP team-focused, top-down, stealth action tactical shooter. Players get a wide variety of different characters to choose from, each with unique abilities to suit the user’s playstyle better.

Gameplay and features of Bullet Echo

An exciting feature of this game is its unique gameplay with a top-down view. Contrary to other games, players only have a narrow field of view limited to the beam of a flashlight that illuminates the path in front of them. However, you can still hear the enemies’ steps and shots. Use these auditory ques to be fully aware of the surroundings before making a move.

video credit: Bullet Echo YouTube

Additionally, each character comes with a unique set of perks, ranging from invisibility to electrical shields. One must rank up to boost their hero’s power and then unlock new perks.

Bullet echo offers players multiple game modes such as Team Deathmatch(5 vs 5) and Solo(king of the Hill Mode).

Furthermore, you can participate in online championships and accomplish missions, to receive valuable resources. These will help users to unlock new heroes and upgrade the existing ones with unique guns and perks.

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The game includes a Battle Royale mode where five small teams of 3 compete against one another. You have to try hard to survive till the end to win a game in Bullet Echo. The longer you survive, the better rewards. So, never consider this game as easy going and less adventuring.

Our Verdict

Bullet Echo is an exciting action game for mobile devices that was released on 25th May. It can be a great game of choice, especially for a gang of friends, as this game is designed for team play.

As this game is new, there are a few bugs and glitches in it. Despite these issues, Bullet Echo has got excellent reviews and is being liked by the vast majority of users. Close to100k players have already downloaded this game. Not only this, but it is also currently positioned at number 17 for Adventure games in the U.S. App Store. So, don’t wait any further. Hurry up and install Bullet Echo for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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