15 Best Anime with Overpowered Main Characters 2023

Here is the ultimate list of the best anime with overpowered main characters (OP MC anime).

Okay, let’s be honest at some point in our lives most of us wished we had superpowers. To be so powerful that no one could hold a candle to you. Sadly, that wish might never come true in real life, but many anime can help you experience that dream.

And thus today in this article, we are going to tell you about 15 great anime with overpowered main characters, why are the main characters in the show considered overpowered? and who should watch these anime series?

So if anime with overpowered protagonists tickles your fancy, stay tuned till the end.

15. The Daily Life of the Immortal King

The daily life of the Immortal King anime season 3 poster
  • Author: Ku Xuan
  • Source: Light Novel
  • Studio: Haoliners Animation League

The Daily Life of the Immortal King is a hilarious Anime series that incorporates mythology into a school setting.

The series follows a young boy named Wang Ling a genius at cultivating from a young age. When he gets into high school, Wang Ling plans to keep his powers under check and live a normal life. However, with opposing forces and challenges constantly popping up, life seems to have other plans for him.

Why is the MC OP?

The protagonist, Wang Ling, is capable of putting the entire world in danger should he wish to do so. Despite being young, he uses an amulet to keep his powers restrained. Should the amulet ever break, everything surrounding him could be destroyed. He has superhuman strength, stamina and excels in just about every area.

Who is it for?

Daily Life of the Immortal King is still a series that fans looking for light-hearted humor and action can enjoy.

14. Akame ga Kill

Akame ga Kill anime poster
  • Author: Tetsuya Tashiro
  • Source: Manga
  • Studio: White Fox

Akame ga Kill tells the story of a group of vigilantes known as Night Raid as they fight alongside each other to overthrow a corrupt government and rid their city of all its filth. With a cast of colorful characters each of whom uses a different method of fighting, Akame ga Kill is filled with exhilarating sequences and some truly dark moments.

Why is the MC OP?

The female protagonist of the series, Akame, is also the strongest member of Night Raid and the entire anime. She is fast and has a precise sword which lets her carry out assassinations extremely easily. Her superior combat ability and training from a young age allowed her to survive in this dark world filled with death.

Who is it for?

Akame ga Kill is definitely not for everyone. It has death in almost every episode and also has a lot of gore. It will most appeal to more mature audiences that like darker storylines and bold progression.

13. Mashle: Magic and Muscles

Mashle: Magic and Muscles anime poster
  • Author: Hajime Koumoto
  • Source: Manga
  • Studio: A-1 Pictures

Mashle: Magic and Muscles is a relatively newer series that revolves around a boy named Mash. In a world where those who cannot use magic are treated like criminals, Mash trains hard to overcome this weakness (not being able to wield magic) and get stronger solely through sheer determination and physical strength.

He joins a prestigious magical academy to surpass all the students and reach a position where his lack of magic would not harm his loved ones.

Why is the MC OP?

Mash is extremely powerful and uses his physical strength to the maximum extent. He is skilled in various kinds of fighting styles and can do everything from knocking an opponent out to choking them unconscious. He can also move at inhuman speeds and is never considered inferior to the strongest magic users.

Who is it for?

Mashle: Magic and Muscles is a classic Shounen story with comedy and action. It has a lot of uplifting themes and can be enjoyed by everyone ranging from kids, teens, and adults.

12. Am I Actually the Strongest?

Am I Actually the Strongest anime poster
  • Author: Sai Sumimori
  • Source: Light Novel
  • Studio: Staple Entertainment

Am I Actually the Strongest? is a very entertaining fantasy story that follows the main character named Haruto as he is reborn in a new world. Despite having parents from royalty, he is quickly abandoned after being believed to be weak. The reality is the exact opposite, however, and using his skills he will have to survive in this world filled with monsters and other supernatural creatures.

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Why is the MC OP?

Haruto is extremely powerful and contains inhumane levels of magic. Applying his magic, he is able to create various kinds of new devices and even technology. In addition to this, Haruto is also able to easily defeat any danger that comes his way.

anime with overpowered main character - Am I Actually the Strongest

Who is it for?

Am I Actually the Strongest? is a great watch for anyone who wishes to experience the glamour and glitz of an Isekai story that follows all the tropes and the protagonist’s journey of survival and revenge against the parents who abandoned him.

This is indeed a very gripping anime.

11. I’m Quitting Heroing

I'm Quitting Heroing anime poster
  • Author: Quantum
  • Source: Light Novel
  • Studio: EMT Squared

I’m Quitting Heroing tells the story of the hero, Leo Demonheart, who saves humanity from demons only to end up being the object of fear due to his power.

Left with nowhere to go, he decides to serve the demon queen and secretively joins their ranks. We watch his daily life as he solves their problems while getting to the root of why demons attacked humanity in the first place.

Why is the MC OP?

Leo has a variety of magic abilities, from high-level spells to copying skills which allows him to replicate any abilities he sees. He can easily seal opponents and even heal curses and diseases. Even the demon king is no match for the hero.

Who is it for?

I’m Quitting Heroing will be fascinating to fantasy anime lovers with a slice-of-life vibe and a hint of romance where the main character can do no wrong and is desired by all the females surrounding him.

10. Trigun

Trigun anime
  • Author: Yasuhiro Nightow
  • Source: Manga
  • Studio: Madhouse

Trigun follows the adventures of a notorious criminal named Vash the Stampede as he travels the wastelands followed by two insurance agents. Intending to reduce the amount of damage he does, the agents follow him on his adventures and we soon find that his personality is the exact opposite of the rumors.

With fearsome opponents and a haunted past chasing him, Vash will be able to stay away from the action for only so long.

Why is the MC OP?

Vash did not gain his reputation for anything, as he is able to generate power on his own and can use it for several things such as blocking powerful attacks and casting barriers. He uses weapons such as guns to defeat enemies and can bring out enough power to cause significant damage. Vash also has a long lifespan, can take a lot of damage, and can dodge bullets.

Who is it for?

With an adult cast, exciting action, and elements of science fiction, Trigun is fun for both Shounen and Seinen viewers while having both light-hearted and dark themes.

9. The Irregular at Magic High School

The Irregular at Magic High School
  • Author: Tsutomu Sato
  • Source: Light Novel
  • Studio: Madhouse

The Irregular at Magic High School is a very amusing series that combines two of the most fun elements of anime, the school setting and magic.

The series follows siblings Miyuki and Tatsuya as they enroll in a school teaching magic. While Miyuki is very skilled in this, Tatsuya, unfortunately, shows no proficiency. Fortunately, Tatsuya is very skilled in other areas that add to his combat power and we get to experience the daily adventures of this sibling pair.

Why is the MC OP?

Tatsuya has a very high intellect in magic and can conjure up highly technical and advanced spells. He can easily overpower strong opponents through devices he created and even his own strength which has been honed since a very young age. Using his magic engineering, Tatsuya has also created new kinds of magic which created waves in his world.

Who is to for?

The Irregular at Magic High School is a series that fans looking for a good time will enjoy a lot. While it does have morally questionable aspects and is not necessarily the most complex story, it will leave you thoroughly entertained.

8. Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing Ultimate anime poster
  • Author: Kouta Hirano
  • Source: Manga
  • Studio: Madhouse, Satelight, Graphinica
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Based on the legendary manga, Hellsing Ultimate follows a group known as Hellsing who fights against supernatural enemies while protecting mankind. It highlights the vampire Alucard, the prized possession of this group, as he faces off against his own kind, in what results in electrifying and bloody battles.

Why is the MC OP?

As a vampire feared by most, Alucard is extremely overpowered and close to immortal. His strength, endurance, and healing are unparalleled and he is also able to be omnipresent. Skilled in firearms, swords, and other types of combat, he has no other equal.

Who is it for?

Hellsing Ultimate is a delight for horror and gore anime fans and is full of explosive action in every episode.

7. Mob Psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100 anime poster
  • Author: ONE
  • Source: Manga
  • Studio: Bones

Mob Psycho 100 is a beautiful anime telling the story of a young boy called Mob.

Despite being a strong person with psychic powers, Mob is extremely shy and has a hard time talking to people. After meeting his mentor, Reigen, the two spend time defeating spirits while Mob gradually steps out of his shell.

Why is the MC OP?

Since his introduction, Mob is said to be a very powerful character. With his abilities, Mob can easily control and destroy objects at his will. Once he reaches 100% and explodes, there is almost no one who can control him. While he is generally kind, once Mob rages, the intimidating aura makes everyone fear him.

Who is it for?

While the series does have a lot of action, it is also a sweet coming-of-age story of the protagonist. Hence, this is one anime that almost everyone, no matter what genre you enjoy, needs to watch.

6. Overlord

Overlord anime poster
  • Author:Kugane Maruyama
  • Source: Light Novel
  • Studio: Madhouse

Overlord follows a man who is stuck in a virtual reality game as the wizard, Momonga. As a feared villain in this world, Momonga decides to put the resources he had then to use as he explores the world with hopes of finding the reason why he was stuck.

Why is the MC OP?

As a long-time player, Momonga has several overpowered spells which cause devastation to his enemies. He can raise and control the undead while also having immunity to almost everything. Along with this, Momonga also has powerful servants under him who would do anything for him at a moment’s notice.

Who is it for?

Overlord scratches the itch for those who want an escape from the typical good-natured main character. It has several hype moments and a protagonist who always takes the most logical option.

5. The Eminence in Shadow

The Eminence in Shadow anime Poster
  • Author: Daisuke Aizawa
  • Source: Light Novel
  • Studio: Nexus

The Eminence in Shadow is a very unique series that revolves around its protagonist, Cid, who has always dreamed of surpassing the human barriers of strength.

While he was unable to do this in his original world, after getting reincarnated in an alternate world, he finally gets to live his dreams. As the leader of a mysterious organization named Shadow Garden, Cid and those who were attracted by his strength face off against a powerful opponent while trying to retain the peace of the world.

Why is the MC OP?

While Cid’s antics might often seem silly, his power is nothing to laugh at. He is a master swordsman and has superior physicality and senses. Cid can also move so fast that time seems to be going slowly. Finally, his signature move is when he costs a huge explosion through his power which mimics an atomic bomb itself.

Who is it for?

The Eminence in Shadow is a hilarious anime that also has a lot of serious sub-stories. It contains elements of Ecchi and an extremely badass protagonist who is a complete delight to see on screen. Fans who wish to experience an Isekai story unlike any other need not look any further than this.

4. The Misfit of Demon King Academy

anime with overpowered main character - The Misfit of the Demon King Academy anime poster
  • Author: Shu
  • Source: Light Novel
  • Studio: Silver Link.

One of the most popular animes with an overpowered protagonist is undoubtedly the Misfit of Demon King Academy.

The anime introduces us to the demon king, Anos Voldigoad, as he is reborn several years into the future after sacrificing his life to save both humans and demons. To his surprise, in this future, history has been completely altered and no one properly remembers his deeds. Determined to change this, Anos has no plans on hiding his powers and identity as the Demon King.

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Why is the MC OP?

Anos has a huge amount of magic power and strength which already set him apart from the rest. In addition to this, he is also the most knowledgeable person in anime and constantly comes up with ingenious solutions no matter what problem arises.

Who is it for?

For those who just want to have a good time watching an anime without getting too emotionally invested while watching a very entertaining protagonist, The Misfit of Demon King Academy is the perfect choice.

3. Dragon Ball

anime with overpowered main character - Goku form Dragon Ball series riding on a cloud
  • Author: Akira Toriyama
  • Source: Manga
  • Studio: Toei Animation

Considered the father of Shounen anime, Dragon Ball follows the adventures of Son Goku as he travels the world with Bulma to find objects known as Dragon Balls which grant a person’s wish. In his adventures, Goku meets many powerful people who make him wish to become stronger and stop anyone who tries to hurt the friends he makes.

Why is the MC OP?

Guku is one of the most overpowered anime main characters. Ever since he was a kid, Goku was very strong while being agile and more powerful than those around him. Throughout the series, he learns several kinds of martial arts and with abilities to drastically improve his power such as Super Saiyan and Ultra Instinct, he is able to fight against the literal gods of his universe.

Who is it for?

Dragon Ball is shounen in its purest form and has creative fights which keep raising the bar. This is perfect for fans who want an adrenaline rush through an expansive series that only gets better with time.

2. One Punch Man

anime with overpowered main character - One Punch Man Season 1 anime Poster
  • Author: ONE, Yusuke Murata
  • Source: Manga
  • Studio: Madhouse, J.C. Staff

One Punch Man is a beloved anime that has the perfect balance of gag comedy and action.

It tells the story of a man named Saitama who has never met an opponent who he couldn’t defeat with one punch. Right when he was bored with life, he meets a cyborg named Genos who convinces him to become a hero and begs to be Saitama’s disciple.

In this new occupation, he hopes to finally have a good fight while saving people from various villains.

Why is the MC OP?

As the name suggests, Saitama relies on his overwhelming strength to defeat opponents. He is invulnerable and resistant to almost everything and has every physical ability from speed, endurance, and enhanced senses.

Who is it for?

With excellent humor that leaves us in stitches and an equal amount of heartfelt and dramatic sequences, One Punch Man is one must-watch anime for every anime fan.

1. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

anime with overpowered main character - That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime
  • Author: Fuse
  • Source: Light Novel
  • Studio: 8bit

Very few animes have the detailed world-building that “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” manages to achieve.

While the name might put many people off, this is an excellent addition to Isekai anime and follows a man who is reborn as a slime in a new world after his death. While considered one of the weakest species, this Slime is different as it can devour the abilities and skills of others.

Using this, he gradually makes a name for himself while hoping to establish a kingdom where all kinds of species can peacefully co-exist.

Why is the MC OP?

The slime, who later gets the name, Rimuru Tempest, can absorb the ability of nearly everything while also being able to take their form. He has immortality, telepathy and can also fly. And that’s not all Rimuru only gets stronger abilities following this in the novel, such as the power to bend time and space itself.

Who is it for?

The anime has a foot in everything, from action to comedy, and even features politics heavily. While Isekai might not be everyone’s cup of tea, this is the perfect starter for those wishing to get into the genre.

And with that, our list of anime with overpowered main characters comes to an end. Do you agree with our anime OP MC list? Who will you say is the most OP?

Let us know in the comments below. We are open to any and all suggestions so don’t hold back 😅.

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