Heavenly Delusion Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Cast, And More!

Heavenly Delusion is a new sci-fi anime set in a world after being hit by a catastrophe. The amazing storyline has attracted a massive fanbase helping anime to one of the most popular series of this season.

With the conclusion of Season 1, fans are already looking forward to the next season. So, in this article, we’ll be talking about everything we know about Heavenly Delusion Season 2, possible release date, plot, what to expect, cast, production status, and more.

Key Takeaways:

  • Heavenly Delusion is a sci-fi anime set in a post-apocalyptic world where man-eating monsters roam the Earth.
  • The anime features two parallel plots: one with Kiruko and Maru’s adventurous journey and the other involving children in an isolated scientific facility called Takahara Academy with unique superpowers.
  • While there is no official news on a second season, with the positive reception and demand from fans, we expect a Heavenly Delusion season 2, likely by 2025-2026.
  • The source material for the anime, the Heavenly Delusion manga is still ongoing, and Season 2 (whenever it is released) is expected to adapt the A.I. Arc of the manga, addressing unresolved mysteries of the first season.
  • Production I.G. will likely handle Season 2’s production.

Heavenly Delusion Plot

What is Heavenly Delusion series about

Heavenly Delusion anime series shows us a disaster-struck human civilization where dangerous man-eating monsters wander the world.

Amidst this chaos, a giant wall separates an isolated place where a high-class scientific facility’s laboratory shelters children and nurtures their birth through their experiments.

Few children find out about the world beyond the walls which makes them curious to know more and thus decide to sneakly investigate the facility.

Meanwhile, a separate story revolves around two young survivors, Maru and Kiruko, who together pave their way on an adventurous journey with the mission of searching for a special place called Heaven. 

In this journey, they hope to find answers about various cruel instances they faced in their past which still remains a puzzle.

Heavenly Delusion Season 2 Release Date

Heavenly Delusion Season 2 Release Date

As of now, we haven’t heard any official announcements concerning the release date for Season 2 of Heavenly Delusion. 

That said, with the anime’s engaging fandom and its thrilling plot, there is no doubt that the demand for season 2 is quite high.

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Unfortunately, the anime doesn’t have enough source material yet so fans may have to continue to wait a bit longer until 2025-2026.

What Happens In Heavenly Delusion?

Heavenly Delusion anime Story So Far

In the Heavenly Delusion anime series, we see two parallel plots going along each other. On one hand, we have two young teenagers Kiruku and Maru on their adventurous journey while the other story showcases the life of children within an isolated scientific facility known as Takahara Academy.

The world we know is long gone. Now it is filled with dangerous man-eating monsters.  Amongst this chaos, Kiruku and Maru contribute to the world’s well-being by saving many lives threatened by monsters during their journey.

They managed to kill many monsters with the help of unique abilities and equipment. Kiruku carries a gun that shoots with battery and Maru has an ability called the “Maru Touch” that allows him to kill the monster by crushing a heart-like core within them.

Heavenly Delusion screenshot

Things are much different for children in Takahara Academy. The facility consists of lush green surroundings, and the children attend daily lessons, extracurricular activities, and much more. The kids in the facility have superpowers.

One day the facility experiences a major technical error in their main program which handles most of the activities. This led to chaos amongst the people in the laboratory as well as the children. During this time, the wall that separates the facility from the outside world cracks, and a small hole is created.

The children take this opportunity to have a look outside and roam the outside world. As they pass through the hole in the wall they find themselves in a forest. They are surprised by the surroundings and cherish the greenery around them in the outside world.

Heavenly Delusion screenshot

Meanwhile, Tokio discovers his child and refuses to give it back to the head of the facility and kills the facility head who is trying to snatch the baby using his superpowers.

The first season ends with Tokio getting his child back and the facility being demolished causing many causalities.

The two plots continue to keep the viewers’ attention on the spot with an essence of action, science fiction, and an intriguing storyline.

Heavenly Delusion Manga

Heavenly Delusion Manga

Heavenly Delusion is an ongoing manga series written and illustrated by Masakazu Ishiguro with it’s serialization in Monthly Kodansha’s seinen manga magazine, since January 25, 2018.

So far the manga series has  8 volumes with 53 chapters. The First Season of Heavenly Delusion anime ended with The Outside Arc and covered 32 chapters of the manga series.

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We believe that the second season of the anime will continue from chapter 33, volume 6 of the manga series.

Moreover, Heavenly Delusion was voted best manga of the year by the Kono Manga ga Sugoi! magazine in 2019.

What Can We Expect From Heavenly Delusion Season 2?

What to Expect from Heavenly Delusion Season 2

Fans can expect Heavenly Delusion Season 2 to focus on the A.I. Arc of the manga series.

Although the studio has not made any official announcements for Heavenly Delusion Season 2, the growing popularity gives us all signs of having a second season.

With the ending of Season 1, it’s evident that the events at the scientific facility occurred in the past with various mysteries left unanswered. This makes the arrival of another season quite necessary for fans to get clarification about the children in the facility,  especially Tokio and Kona who gave birth to a baby. Fan theories state that the child born might be Maru considering his unique art of killing monsters.

As the season ends viewers don’t get to see the place named Heaven which adds mystery to the whole series with the need for the second season to address the unresolved storyline.

We assume that the story would continue to focus on this fascinating and dangerous world, while also developing new characters alongside. 

Heavenly Delusion Season 2 Trailer

As of now, there is no official information on the anime series, Heavenly Delusion Season 2 trailer or teaser. We will update the article as soon as the Trailer drops.

Meanwhile, you can check the season 1 trailer (above).

Heavenly Delusion Anime Cast

Heavenly Delusion voice actors

Here is a list of Japanese voice actors who played the main roles of these adored characters in this anime series:

  • Kiruko:
    • Voiced by: Senbongi, Sayaka
    • Notable roles: “Kotoko” from Even if the World Will End Tomorrow, and “Mumei” from Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress: Unato Decisive Battle
  • Maru:
    • Voiced by: Satou, Gen
    • Notable roles: “Chrome” from Dr. Stone, and “Rintarō Futsu” from Stars Align
  • Mimihime:
    • Voiced by: Senbongi, Sayaka
    • Notable roles: “Eve” from Black Cat, and “Yin” from Darker than Black
  • Usami:
    • Voiced by: Takeuchi, Shunsuke
    • Notable roles: “Zack Walker” from  Astra Lost in Space, and “Brawler” from Akudama Drive.
  • Tokio:
    • Voiced by: Yamamura, Hibiku
    • Notable roles: “Kikuri” from Arata: The Legend, and “Miyabi” from Dream Club

Which Studio Will Animate Heavenly Delusion Season 2?

Heavenly Delusion Season 2 studio

As of now, there is no information revealed regarding which studio will animate Season 2 of Heavenly Delusion.

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However, considering the positive reception of  Season 1, it is most likely that the same studio will be animating Heavenly Delusion Season 2.

Production I.G. might take a long time to announce the second season of Heavenly Delusion, as they are working on many other projects like Kaiju No. 8 and the final two films of Haikyuu!!.

Established in 1987 the studio Production I.G. has produced great series like Haikyuu, Shingeki no kyojin, Psycho-Pass, Vinland Saga, and many more.

Who Will Enjoy Watching Heavenly Delusion?

Who will enjoy Heavenly Delusion Anime

If you are into sci-fi, adventure genre, and post-apocalyptic world anime, then Heavenly Delusion is for you. 

The struggle to survive in a world lost due to a catastrophic event and the existence of man-eating monsters bring delight to the series.

Heavenly Delusion is quite relatable to previous popular anime shows like The Promised Neverland and Children Of The Whales.

With its amazing animations and a great plot, the anime gets an easy recommendation.

Heavenly Delusion Ratings

Heavenly Delusion anime ratings

Heavenly Delusion anime series has received an excellent response from the audience.

User ratings of the anime on popular anime database websites range from 8.2/10 on MyAnimeList9/10 on AniList, and 8/10 on IMDB.

The Weekly Ranking list on AniTrendz shows that “Heavenly Delusion” managed to reach up to 1st place in the anime popularity list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Maru end up with Kuroko?

Maru is in love with Kiruko and he has confessed that to her, but she rejects him revealing that she is actually a boy (in mind) in a girl’s body, which is why she cannot reciprocate these feelings, although she does care for Maru.

Who is the villain in Heavenly Delusion?

Hirukos (referred to as Man-Eaters when they meet their demises in their monstrous forms) are major antagonists in the anime and manga series Heavenly Delusion.

Who is Mikura in Heavenly Delusion?

Mikura is a minor, yet pivotal character to the backstory of Maru in the Heavenly Delusion series.

Why is Maru so strong?

Fan theories state that Maru was also the first baby born from two genetically modified Hiruko beings. So, naturally, he inherited the special powers that came with those Hiruko genes.

What happened to Robin in Heavenly Delusion?

Robin taunts Maru about Kiruko, he is then beaten to the brink of death. 

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