Free Fire Asia All-Stars 2020 tournament attracts over 20 million spectators

Garena Free Fire’s fun-tier Tournament, titled, Free Fire Asia All-Stars 2020 took place over the past weekend. The online-only competition starred pro players and leading influencers from all across the globe. Countries like India, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam were part of this event. The Tournament attracted over 20 million viewers, which is a remarkable feat in itself. 

Developed by 111dots Studio and published by Garena, Garena Free Fire is amongst the most popular battle royale games in the world. The game provides a smooth gameplay experience even on lower-spec devices and is considered as a substantial alternative to the likes of Fortnite and PUBG Mobile. Moreover, the localized contents, including exclusive contests and short films, have earned it extensive acclaim, even outside of Western countries.

Highlights of Free Fire Asia All-Stars 2020

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  • Online streams of the matches of the Tournament witnessed a total of 20+ million views. This record was achieved while counting the total views of both official and associate channels over all major platforms. The streams highlighted Garena’s approach to local esports contents and live service, as the local casters streams were available in all the four languages.
  • The competition consisted of 2 segments, which included the Influencers All-Stars and the Pros All-Stars. On June 12th, the Influencer All-Stars meet kicked off.
  • Since the very beginning of the event, Thailand’s Savage had put on a great show. Ultimately, they claimed the triumph by defeating all the 11 contesting teams. Their team comprised YouTubers Cake XI, GuyNa, JASMINNIIIZ, and SACOOL CH. They accumulated a massive total of 183 points along with two Booyahs(victories) from six matches. Overall, they claimed a total of $8,000 of prize money from the Tournament.
  • On June 13th, the Pros All-Stars performed. At first, Thailand’s Xavier Esports dominated this event by putting in a steady show. After the first few matches, the team was ranked third on the table. However, in their fourth match, Xavier Esports scored a victory, which grabbed them the first place and $12,000 prize money. Wisdom Esports of Thailand came in at a distant second spot as they obtained 63 points.

The Tournament had a whopping $50k prize pool, with Indian Team In Top 3

This year, Free Fire Asia All-Stars 2020 is one of the biggest Free Fire tournaments in Asia. With more than 20 million views in this event, it accomplished to bring about Free Fire’s popularity in Asia along with the gaming world. Even this event had a whopping $50k prize pool, which is only 2k lesser than PMIS 2020, which was India’s biggest PUBG Mobile Tournament, this year. In the end, Thailand’s Xavier Esports was the winner and brought home $12000. Whereas, India’s Team ‘Mafia’ bagged the third place with reward money of $5000.

If you want to give this game a try, then you can download ‘Garena Free Fire’ from over the platforms of App Store and Google Play. Free Fire is free-to-play with in-app purchases.

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