Pokemon Masters EX Much awaited Family Ties Story Event is Now Live

Pokemon Masters, the Popular Pokemon RPG Game for mobile devices has recently completed its first year of global release. Following the celebration, today the much-awaited Family Ties event went live. The even will continue till the end of September and will feature three new sync pairs starting with Lusamine and Pheromosa sync pair.

For those who don’t know, Lusamine is the President Aether Foundation and the primary antagonist of pokemon sun and moon. This will be her first appearance in Pokemon Masters EX However, she won’t be alone. What’s even more interesting is that her Daughter Lillie and son Gladion will be joining the party with her.

The story event starts with Lillie, a pokemon trainer from the Alola region entering a Pokemon championships for families along with brother Gladion and mom Lusamine. However, they have a lot to learn when it comes to fighting as a team.

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Players will follow the trio as they travel through new the event map battling opponents and will receive a number of cool rewards throughout the event which includes 4-Star and 3-Star Power-Up, a Tech Move Candy Coin, and a Strike Move Candy Coin.

There will be 17 missions and trainers will receive additional gems and medals if they manage to beat certain areas while fulfilling certain criteria.

The trio will be available throughout September. However, not at the same time. Gladion and Lillie will have their spotlight event starting September 14th and 17th respectively.

5-star sync pair Lusamine and Pheromosa will be available through their spotlight event starting today. Pheromosa will have the upper hand against bug type and will be weak against fire type.

Pokemon Masters EX Much

Pokemon Masters had its global release on 29th August last year. The game was renamed to Pokemon Masters Ex to mark the changes. A variety of game modes and new features were announced for the first-anniversary event. Additionally, the developers announced a 3000 gems reward for all users for free.

Pokemon Masters EX is available for iOS and Android users on AppStore and Google Play, respectively. The game is free to play with in-app purchases.


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