Pokemon Masters: New Events first Anniversary celebrations

Here comes some good news for all the Pokemon fans out there. The Pokemon Masters, the popular pokemon-themed turn-based RPG for mobile devices, is about to turn 1  this month and the developers have a slew of great events for this occasion.

The anniversary celebrations will see the return of Lance and his Dragonite as a limited time fair scout along with a legendary arena event starting today. The game will also change its name to Pokemon Masters Ex to mark it’s one year of release.

Anniversary Events and Rewards: Pokemon Masters

As teased earlier this week, there will be two limited-time events; Namely, the Latios Legendary arena, and the poke scout fair event. Both the events will be available for players to participate till 3rd September.

Latios Legendary arena

For those unfamiliar with Pokemon Masters, a legendary arena is similar to a boss level where users try to defeat a powerful pokemon using up to 30 sync pairs.

In the Latios legendary arena players have to fight against eon Pokemon at various difficulty settings. Apart from the main battle, there will also be side quests with cool rewards related to the arena event for players to complete.

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However, the developers have made things a bit different from previous arena events.  This time around trainers have to face Latios along with a Dragonite and Salamece. The trio has formed a group and will now help each other with passive abilities in battle. Players also need to be wary of the fact that Latios will change its’s attack patterns every time it loses a certain amount of hit points.

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The Poke Fair Scout

The event will see the Lance and his trusty Dragonite make their return to Pokemon Masters. This will give players a very good opportunity to claim the Kanto elite 4 member for themselves if they were not able to previously.

Furthermore, the five-star sync pair will get a sync grid expansion. So the players who already own it can advance their build.

Pokemon Masters: New Events first Anniversary celebrations

Pokemon Masters was initially released on August 28 last year for iOS and Android devices. The game is developed by DeNa Co.,ltd and has over 10 million downloads on play store. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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