Red Stone Plateau: Chess-inspired puzzler, available for Android devices

Red Stone Plateau is the latest puzzle game, where you can train your brain by improving your logical and reasoning skills while having some fun at the same time! The indie game developer, Birdpop (aka Louise Mclennan) has created this game as her first solo outing on mobile. Being a User Interface Lead at Frontier Developments, Mclennan has earlier worked on games, like Jurassic World Evolution Planet Coaster, and Elite: Dangerous.

In Red Stone Plateau, players are given the task of saving the plateau from the nominal red stones, which have taken over your world. So, adopt the role of a compelling maze, The Fox Adept, so that you can have the ability to change into various chess pieces for accomplishing this mission. Apply your logic and test your tactical skills to defeat them in the chess animated puzzle game.

Gameplay: Red Stone Plateau

video credit: Birdpop YouYube channel

The game includes 50 different levels, where each of the levels resembles a small chess battle. You will have many adventures while trying to deceive enemies with logic. Precisely, you’ll have to mull over where the red stones will go before moving your chess piece to take them over.

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Red Stone Plateau may be inspired by chess, but it will not be at all like an ordinary chessboard. While playing Players will always find squares, blocked off by rocks. So, one will have to figure out a way across these as well. Moreover, the red stones will likewise look like distinctive chess pieces. There you’ll have the option to tap on them to check the possible squares up to where they can move up. Doing this will let you identify the best position to place all your chess pieces.

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When you enter the following levels, you’ll be able to use more than one piece while playing Red Stone Plateau. Although, make sure to move them all before the red stones go ahead of you. Lastly, you need one piece, at any rate, to survive and clear the final level.


Overall, it would be best if you challenged yourself to clear the levels in the least number of moves possible. Using proper strategies is crucial as you’ll receive stars dependent on how optimally you finished each stage of the game.

The game is now exclusively available on Google Play. It’s a free-to-play game, along with ads/promotions bolstering that.

Get the ‘Red Stone Plateau’ game now on Android devices and enjoy while training your brain.

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