Scout Invitational Tournament: Everything You Need to Know

A few days back, One of India’s best PUBG Mobile player Tanmay Singh, a.k.a. ScoutOP announced the Scout Invitational Tournament for top competitive PUBG Mobile players from the Indian gaming community.

From the name, one can guess that Scout Invitational Tournament will only be limited to some teams that receive an invitation from Scout. The tournament will pit invited teams of PMPL and some underdogs teams from India, which Tanmay will invite by a registration process in discord.

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About the Scout Invitational tournament

Rules of the tournament,

Previously Scout had announced that there would be 32 non-professional teams, but now, the sources suggest, there could be a total of 40 teams.

The teams will be divided into four different groups, with each group consisting of ten teams. These 40 teams will compete against each other in classic FPP matches of this PUBG Mobile tournament.

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List of teams qualified for The Quarter-Finals of Scout Invitational Tournament

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*Scout Invitational Tournament Format (FPP only)* _*Invitation Format*_ 32 Teams (16 underdog & 16 PMPL) battle out in group stages. 8 Teams each group (4 groups) A vs B A vs C A vs D B vs C B vs D C vs D Top 16 in overall points move to Finals Finals 4 matches Match 1 : Erangle Match 2 : Miramar Match 3 : Erangle Match 4 : Miramar _*Underdog Format*_ Now coming to underdog teams registation And format. 200 teams –> 10 groups(20 team each) Top 4 qualify 40 teams –> 10 each group (A,B,C,D) A vs B A vs C A vs D B vs C B vs D C vs D 6 matches From group stage 16 teams move forward these 16 teams will be a total mixture of underdog and elite teams 16 teams move to scout invitational semi finals. *POINTS TABLE AND RULES* All the rules of PEL (Peacekeeper Elite League) will be followed and the violation of any rule will lead to the disqualification of the team. So additional rules are attached below We will be following the points table attached below

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Team Scout will organize the tournament, to give few amateur PUBG Mobile players a chance to prove themselves and compete with the elite PUBG Mobile teams like – Orange Rocks esports, TSM-Entity, Team IND, SynerGE, etc.

The format of the matches will be FPP (First Person Perspective) and FPP only. Here is a list of teams qualified for quarter-finals.

Group A:

  • Invincible
  • IOI Gaming
  • Cyba
  • Esnnox
  • 7Seas Esports
  • Team BSUD
  • Pack Esports
  • Omen Elite
  • Reckoning Esports
  • Nox Crystal

Group B:

  • Team Anonymous
  • Champions Legacy
  • Warzone Elites
  • Rapture Esports
  • Maven
  • R4W Official
  • No Skills
  • Team Mayhem
  • Team Asterix
  • Big Secrets

Group C:

  • God’s Reign
  • Blink Esports
  • Reborn To Avenge
  • GG Esports
  • Team Insane
  • Particle Esports
  • ORB’
  • INS
  • NT
  • C7S

Group D:

  • Initiative Esports
  • ATX Esports
  • Tenet Official
  • TR1
  • Force One
  • Team Vendetta
  • Blind Esports
  • Team Ferocious
  • Not Butchers
  • Team Havoc

Scout Invitational Tournament Group Matches

A vs. B
A vs. C
A vs. D
B vs. C
B vs. D
C vs. D

Top 16 in overall points will move to Finals to compete with professionals.

Finals 4 matches
1st Match:  Erangle
2nd Match: Miramar
3rd Match: Erangle
4th Match: Miramar

The final list of teams will have 16 underdogs and 16 elites from the PMPL South Asia region. As expected, there are a lot of new names which most of us have never heard before. It will be interesting to see how the new teams fair against the Pros who have competed in PMIS, PMCO, and other top competitive tournaments.

We will continue to bring you all the latest updates of the Tournament before anyone else.

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