G36C PUBG Mobile: Where to find G36C, Damage, Comparisons

g36c PUBG Mobile

One of the most popular Battle Royale games of today, PUBG Mobile, has four maps. Interestingly in PUBG Mobile, all maps have at least one gun that is unique to a particular map. One of them is G36C which is exclusive to the Vikendi Map. Tencent introduced G36C in PUBG Mobile last year.

What is G36C in PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile G36C Assault Rifle,

The G36C is an assault rifle that uses 5.56mm ammo(green). The gun was first spotted in the PUBG PC update patch 24. Later the G36C was introduced to PUBG Mobile in Season 6.  G36C in PUBG Mobile is exclusively available in the Vikendi map and replaces the SCAR-L.

In PUBG Mobile, G36C has a high rate of fire that matches assault rifles like – the M416, Beryl M762, AUG (0.086s between shots). However, the gun has much better controllability, especially while fighting the enemy at a close range.

You can say it is a shorter variant of  Scar-L but with a faster firing rate and higher DPS or Damage per second.

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PUBG Mobile G36C Specifications

G36C PUBG Mobile

G36C in PUBG Mobile works only with 5.56mm ammo. The standard Mag holds 30 bullets while an Extended Mag holds 40. G36C has a lower and an upper rail for attachments, but a stock can not be attached. It has hit damage of 41 with a muzzle velocity of 870 m/s.

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it offers two firing modes, Single-mode, and an Auto mode, but no burst.

PUBG Mobile G36C Rifle Overview
Hit Damage or Power 41
Range 60
Recoil 36
DPS 477
Initial Bullet velocity 870 m/s
Firing Modes Single, Auto
Method Magazine
Rarity Common
Ammo Type 5.56mm
Magazine Size 30
Extended Magazine Size 40
Firing Rate 697 rounds/minute
Attachment Slots
  • Lower Rail
  • Magazines
  • Muzzle
  • Sights
Gun Type Assault Rifle

Weapon Attachments

g36c attachment

Different attachments can be equipped to make the gun more stable, increase Mag capacity, reduce recoil. All grips – Angular grip, vertical grip, laser, and light grip can be used with G36C Rifle.

You can attach Quickdraw mag, Extended Mag, and an Extended Quickdraw mag to increase your bullet capacity and reduce reloading time.

G36 in PUBG Mobile supports all sights and scopes up to 6x.

The following are attachable to this gun:

g36c attachment,

Lower Rail:

  • Angled Foregrip
  • Laser Sight
  • Light Grip
  • Vertical Foregrip


  • Extended Mag
  • Extended QuickDraw Mag
  • QuickDraw Mag


  • Compensator
  • Flash Hider
  • Suppressor


  • 2x Aimpoint Scope
  • 3x Backlit Scope
  • 4x ACOG Scope
  • 6x Scope
  • Canted sight
  • Holographic Sight
  • Red Dot Sight

Damage Variant of the PUBG Mobile G36C

G36C Damage PUBG Mobile Test
G36C Damage Test
Body Damage From 10 meters
No Vest 41
Level 1 Vest 30.10
Level 2 Vest 25.80
Level 3 Vest 19.30
Headshot Damage From 10 meters
No Helmet 101
Level 1 Helmet 70.70
Level 2 Helmet 60.60
Level 3 Helmet 45.40


Body Damage From 100 meters
No vest 42.20
Level 1 Vest 29.60
Level 2 Vest 25.30
Level 3 Vest 19
Headshot Damage From 100 meters
No Helmet 99.30
Level 1 Helmet 69.50
Level 2 Helmet 59.60
Level 3 Helmet 44.70


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Where can we find G36C in PUBG Mobile?

G36C is only available on the Vikendi map. Here are some locations where you can almost always find the gun.

  • Port
  • Vihar
  • Castle
  • Villa
  • Dino Park
  • Podvosto
  • Goroka

Which gun is the best assault rifle – AKM, M416, or G36C in Pubg Mobile?

In Vikendi Map, three assault rifles (AKM, M416, G36C) are available. It can be confusing for players to choose the best gun they can use as a primary weapon. Here is a comparison between AKM vs. M416 vs. G36C.

M416 vs. G36C

M416 vs G36C PUBG Mobile

M416 is every PUBG Mobile player’s favourite gun due to stability and a greater rate of fire. It inflicts great damage with a firing rate of 698 rounds per minute. Despite that, with practice, the recoil is easy to control even with a 6x scope on. It is preferred by the players who can not control the recoil of other guns like AKM or M762 very well.

G36C has more vertical recoil compared to M416 but less sway. Both Guns have identical fire rate, DPS, and bullet drop.

Winner: M416

Why is M416 better Compared to G36C?

  • Anyone can handle the recoil
  • Supports all attachments
  • Reasonably low vertical recoil even without a stock
  • Works excellent with scopes due to low recoil
  • Most Effective at medium to semi-long ranges


AKM vs. G36C

AKM vs G36C PUBG Mobile

AKM is for short-range. Hence, you can’t compare it with M416, which is an all-rounder. Some players carry both and use them according to the distance of the enemy. Generally speaking, M416 is user friendly and highly recommended. Whereas the AKM needs more skill when used for medium ranges, and it is a deadly weapon in the good hands.

G36C has a much higher fire rate compared to AKM with less bullet drop (easier long-range targeting). G36C in PUBG Mobile has more attachments and better controllability compared to AKM. The AKM has more per bullet damage but lower DPS compared to G36C.

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The recoil of G36C can be further improved using a vertical grip that is not an option AKM.

Winner: G36C

Why is G36C better Compared to AKM?

  • Easier to control the recoil compared to AKM
  • Supports more attachments
  • Works excellent with scopes due to low bullet drop
  • Higher rate of fire, more DPS.


Our verdict on PUBG Mobile G36C

In PUBG Mobile, G36C is Relatively easy to control. There is some recoil compared to M416, a maxed out, and not as many attachment options. However, the gun has a healthy rate of fire, damage.

G36C has more vertical recoil compared to most other 5.56 assault rifles, but a consistent recoil pattern. In other words, the gun only moves upwards and not left or right while spaying at a target. Thus, G36 feels much easier to control.

Here is a from the PUBG Mobile official youtube channel explaining it better.

In our opinion, it is an excellent choice for newer players, but there are better options for a pro. G36C is overall a great assault rifle, but you need to have a little bit of control to able to wield it.

Furthermore, ss most players generally prefer to play on Erangel, and as G36C is exclusive to Vikendi (One of the least played maps), it is easier for most to Master M416 than the former.

With that being said, the new Cold survival mode can change things up greatly and swing the favour of G36C.


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