Rise of Kingdoms Best Commanders Tier List

Rise of Kingdoms gives you a fair experience of being a ruler and leading your Army. The first step is choosing a suitable Civilization. After choosing a nice Civilization, it is important to choose the perfect commander to lead the army and save the Civilizations.

For that, players need to know the skills and talents of each commander and then choose according to the battle. This article will help you know the legendary and epic commanders at a glance and then followed by the 5 best commanders in Rise of Kingdoms.

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Best Commanders’ Tier

Rise of Kindoms Best Commander

There are different Ranks for Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms. The following gives a brief of the same.

SThe Strongest Commanders. Sons of Gods.Very Overpowered
AMust have commanders.Overpowered
BBetter than most of the commanders.Balanced
CUse them if you don’t have any other commander from a higher rank.Slightly Underpowered
DGreat for the beginning but weak towards the end of the game.Underpowered
FThey are good for farming only.The worst

Types of Rise of Kingdoms Commanders

  • Legendary Commanders
  • Epic Commanders
  • Elite Commanders
  • Advance Commanders

Ranking of Skills for Legendary Commanders At a Glance

CommandersOverallOpen FieldRallying CitiesRallying ObjectsDefending ObjectsDefending Cities
Yi SeonGyeS+SASS+S
Julius CaesarAA+SAAB-
Cao CaoAAA-B+B-B-

Ranking of Skills for Epic Commanders At a Glance

CommanderOverallOpen FieldRallying CitiesRallying ObjectsDefending ObjectsDefending Cities
Sun TzuA+A+C-B+A+A+
Joan of ArcAAC-C-FF

Best Five Rise of Kingdoms Commanders

  1. Yi Seong-Gye
  2. Genghis Khan
  3. Richard I
  4. Charles Martel
  5. Cao Cao

Let’s see them individually….

Yi Seong-Gye

Yi Seong-Gye is considered the most useful and strong commander of Rise of Kingdoms. Placing him as a secondary commander with any other commander for F2P.

He can be unlocked between 90-95 days through the “Wheel of Fortune” by using the required amount of gems. Later using golden sculptures can max him, but this process required patience.

He is great at leading archer units, even better for open-field, undisputable garrison defenders, and flexible for PvE and PvP.

He has a skill name, “Rain of Arrows” which can cause great damage in a small radius and up to a maximum of 5 units. This skill in combo with his expertise of “ Arrow Storm” increases his damage capacity and turns that radius into a circular shape.

Another expertise- “Destiny” which is the main source for his damage skills as it can increase his damage by 50%.

As he is a great defender of the garrison, Joseon Dynasty is best suited for him as Garrison/ Watchtower attack is increased by 5% when he serves as a commander of the garrison.


  • Best DSP skills in AOE.
  • Fast regeneration of Rage by talents and skills.
  • Good against any commanderGreat in both primary and secondary positions.
  • He is versatile for both PvP and PvE.


  • No healing factor.
  • Lacking speed in march, cavalry can be his worst enemy.

Genghis Khan

Cavalry Commander

Genghis Khan is an incomparable leader who leads cavalry units. He has the option of fast DPS with high damage capacity for both Pvp and PvE.

He can be unlocked by spending the required amount of Gems in the Wheel of Fortune event between days 150-155 and then max him out by spending golden sculptures. Having Khan serves for all sorts of games, events, and tasks who is an excellent commander for PvP in open-field.

His active skill- “Chose One” can induce huge direct damage to a single target which is an essential skill for PvP, even PvE.

He has a fast Rage regeneration due to his talents of Skills and his passive skills of “Cycle of the Steppes” helps him to decrease the cost of rage for the active skill and increases the speed of march of cavalry under his leadership while not in combat.

He is best suited for Nomadic Empire as when the army is led by him in Nomadic Empire, they get 70% of their strength and have only cavalry units and increases the damage caused to any enemy by 30%. Increasing damage is one of the main skills of Khan which is complemented by magnificent DPS.


  • His active skills are powerful and cause a lot of damage to any type of unit that we face with a rapid rage generation.
  • Both as a primary and secondary commander, he is great at a leader with him providing improvement to units in the open field.
  • Great for PvE- “Ceroli Crisis”, “Arms Training”, “Race Against Time” and “Karuak Ceremony”.
  • A good choice for PvP and PvE because of his damage capacity.


  • No AOE skill damage, only a single target.
  • No Healing factor.
  • Not ideal for long battles.

Richard I

Infantry Commander

Richard I is one of the most powerful commanders in the game. His robustness makes him a strong leader and expert in leading infantry units.

Because of his rapid appearance in any kingdom and excellent showcase in open field and garrison, he makes the best option for F2P. He can be unlocked by using the required amount of gems on Wheel of Fortune between days 35-40 and then can be maximized by using Golden sculptures.

His skill of “Soul of the Crusaders” provides him a strong debuff to the enemies in terms of damage reduction.

His other skill- “Chivalry” increases the damage reduction coming towards units led by Richard and this has protection for each and all types of units under Richard as a garrison commander.

His “The Lionheart” in expert skills for infantry, increases the attack and defense by 15% which is followed by “Battle Hardened” which increases the healing effect by 30% for Richard and the attack which is taken by the watchtower is reduced to a maximum of 30%.

Tyrannical Lion”, which is one of Richard’s skills, reduces damage suffered by the army in battles and applies a debuff of damage and march speed to the cavalry units.


  • Great defense and resistance, ideal for long battles.
  • Excellent infantry leader for open field and garrison protection.Great healing factor in combat as an active skill.
  • His skills and talents make him one of the best Infantry commanders for PvP.
  • Great for events like – “Sunset Canyon” and “Golden Kingdom”.


  • He is pretty slow.
  • Doesn’t have direct damage skills.

Charles Martel

Infantry Commander

Charles Martel is an amazing infantry commander, he is tough and has a great buff for infantry units.

He can be unlocked in Tavern with Golden Keys on any day in the kingdom and then you can spend golden sculptures on him to maximize his effectiveness in PvP and a great choice for F2P.

His active skill of “Shield of France” gives him strong resistance, dealing direct damage, and also increases the damage-inducing power of his units by 30%.

As an infantry leader his buffs are very good and with his skill of “Heavy Infantry”, he can increase the defense and health of the infantry units which are under his command.

Martel is absolutely the best option in Rise of Kingdoms to defend any type of garrison as he is excellent as a leader with his talents and his skill- “The Uncrowned King” which increases Watchtower’s defense power by 30%.

Any commander who comes against Martel will face a great force of the blow as his special skill- “Martel’s Counterattack” increases his counterattack damage by 30% and “Rise from the Ashes” increases his defense, health, and march speed of the infantry units lead by him.


  • Ideal for long battles.
  • Strong protection, his active skills absorbs a large amount of damage coming from enemies.
  • Effective defense in every form.
  • Gives a boost and improves the defense mechanism of any structure he leads.


  • He is slow and a bad choice to flee from battle
  • .He has no talents or PvE skills.
  • Does not have a healing factor for troops.

Cao Cao

Cavalry Commander

Cao Cao is the best choice for F2P  for Civilizations that have Special Cavalry units.

He can be unlocked in the Tavern of the city with Golden Keys on any day of the kingdom. The possibility of getting his sculptures is very low but if you get them you can spend them and him to maximize him. His Effective PvE and PvP make him the best choice for F2P.

His great talent trees and skills are the pillars of the fact that he is the fastest commander in the game, perfect for chasing and fleeing any battle and he even provides an enhancement to his cavalry units.

His active skill of – “Dragon Rider” can cause a lot of damage plus reduces the damage received by 40% and increased march speed by 10%.

He has a great skill which can be useful for PvE- “The Qingzhou Army”, this increases the damage done to neutral units by 50% and it is ideal for fighting against Barbarian Forts and Barbarian.

His Passive skill- “Tiger Knight” increases Cavalry march speed by 10% and its attack by 30%. He also provides healing factor to his units in combat and a rapid rate restoration with the help of his skill- “Lofty Ambition”. He can improve cavalry attack by increasing it 25% and decrease troop defense by 10% with the help of his skill of “Emperor Wu of Wei ”.


  • Fastest commander in the game.
  • Can cause a lot of damage to any time unit.
  • Troop Healing Factor.
  • Excellent for PvP and Pve with his talents and skills.


  • He has no AOE skills.
  • Infantry is his worst enemy.