Best Tactical RPGs for iOS and Android

Tactical Role Playing Games or TRPG in short are a special genre of video game that combines the core elements of role-playing games with those of tactical/strategy games.

So, where more traditional hack’n’slash RPGs focus on fast-paced action and exploration, tactical RPGs focus on complex strategic turn-based battles on a chessboard style map where you move units into tactically advantageous positions to gain an upper hand over your opponents.

Certainly, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and for that reason, there aren’t many Tactical Role-Playing games available for iOS and Android. However, there are still a handful of great games that you can enjoy on your smartphone or tablet.

So without wasting a second, here is our list of the 6 best Tactical RPGs available on iOS and Android!

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Top 6 Best Tactical RPGs for Android and iOS 2021:

On the internet, there are thousands of mobile tactical role-playing games. However, all of them aren’t very good. Most of them are slow movies with poor stories. Don’t worry. Here is our list of the 6 best Tactical RPGs for Android and iOS that you shouldn’t miss. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Brave Nine:

  • Publisher: NEOWIZ
  • Platform: Android and iOS
  • Price: Free
Brave Nine - Tactical RPG
Brave Nine

The number one on our list is the Brave Nine Tactical RPG. Brave Nine tells the story of a group of young souls on their mission to save the world from evil spirits. Build your ultimate army of mercenaries and battle with players from all around the globe in real-time turn-based combat.

With over 300 unique mercenaries, 1200 stages plus weekly and monthly missions the game will keep you hooked for a long time. Brave Nine has been updated with new features such as you can customize your collection of heroes, you can distinguish yourself in the World Arena while clamoring other players. Additionally, new mercenaries and stuff are added regularly. Sounds fascinating? give it a try will be astonished for sure.

Do note that Brave Nine is a free-to-play game but it has a gacha element to it. So, if you decide to spend money in the game, take it easy. The game is available on both iOS and Android.

Disgaea 1 Complete:

  • Publisher: Nippon Ichi Software, Inc.
  • Platform: Android and iOS
  • Release date: 2021
  • Price: $32.99
Disgaea 1 Complete
Disgaea 1 Complete

Disgaea 1 Complete is a port of the first Disgaea game that came out in 2003 for PlayStation2 with brand new visuals that are re-adapted for a new generation. It’s a classic Tactical RPG with a narrative to drive the game.

Netherland is a cursed land where the evil dynasty and foul beings reside. This story begins after two years of the death of Krichecskoy, who was the ruler of the Netherland. The demons fought against the ruler for supremacy while the son of the ruler Laharl (our protagonist) was asleep. Clueless of his father’s tragic end Laharl two years later thanks to a castle vassal named Etna. Now, It is all up to him to save Netherland.

Although it is basically a remastered version of the old game there are some new features such as Auto-battle that allow you to let the battle play out on its own, up to 8X gameplay speed booster, and cloud saving. Disgaea 1 Complete has no DLCs or extensions with 40 plus hours of the main story missions. Now, the price is a tad too high at $32.99. However, there are no in-app purchases so that kind of evens it out.

Overall if you are a tactical RPG Fan and decide to fork out the cash, you definitely wont regret it.

Final Fantasy Tactics:

  • Publisher: SQUARE ENIX
  • Platform: Android and iOS
  • Price: $13.99 for ios & $11.99 for Android
Final Fantasy Tactics

Last Fantasy Tactics is definitely one of the best Tactical Role Playing games on ios and Android today. Initially developed for the PlayStation in June 1997, the game has been re-worked as the new Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions(Fainaru Fantajī Takutikusu Shishi Sensō) for iOS, and Android.

It was coordinated by Yasumi Matsuno and created by Hironobu Sakaguchi, with Akihiko Yoshida giving the character plans and both Masaharu Iwata and Hitoshi Sakimoto giving the score. The game takes place in Ivalice, a bound-together realm of seven regions, which is trapped in the War of the Lions battled between two restricting groups competing for the rule of the kingdom. The story centers around Ramza Beoulve, an individual from the regarded House Beoulve, who winds up looked amid the war and up as soon as possible reveals the reality behind a vile plot behind it.

Final Fantasy Tactics offers a long campaign with many video cut scenes. Apart from that Square Enix (the developer of Final Fantasy Tactics) has added more characters, additional cut scenes, and even side quests to the game to provide more options and enjoyment.

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions is available on iOS and Android for $11.99.

Fire Emblem Heroes

  • Publisher: Nintendo Co., Ltd.
  • Platform: Android and iOS
  • Release date: 2020
  • Price: Free
Fire Emblem Heroes
Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem is Nintendo’s hit strategy-RPG series that has brought a revolution for more than 25 years and it continues its incredible journey on smartphones and tablets.

While the main game keeps up the classic tactical RPG mechanics of the original franchise, there are a few new play modes for you to try. As of January 2021, there are over 1,300 story stages available in the game if we include all the difficulty modes and new story chapters are added frequently.

Apart from the original heroes from the Fire Emblem universes, the mobile version of the game also introduced many fresh characters created by artists Yusuke Kozaki, Shigeki Maeshima, and Yoshiku. The game is also very clean compared to other mobile RPGs.

Fire Emblem is available for free on both iOS and Android with in app purchases.

Monster Hunter Stories:

  • Publisher: CAPCOM
  • Platform: Android and iOS
  • Release date: 2020
  • Price: $19.99
Monster Hunter Stories
Monster Hunter Stories

Monster Hunter Stories a role-playing game created and distributed by Capcom. The game was first released in Japan by Nintendo 3DS handheld game console on October 8, 2016. Later a high-definition mobile version of the game was released worldwide on September 25, 2018. It is a side project title set inside the Monster Hunter arrangement with a different gameplay focus.

First, Unlike previous games in the franchise, Players in Monster Hunter Stories take on the role of a Rider rather than a Hunter. A Rider befriends monsters by stealing eggs and hatching them. Then, they can name their companion monsters, ride them around the overworld, or have them join the player in battle. Secondly, the game features a traditional turn-based battle system.

The story begins in a forest near the riders’ village where 3 friends Lilia, and Cheva, and our protagonist accidentally hatches a Rathalos egg and takes the baby monster to the village. A few days later, the village gets attacked by a monster infected by “the black blight.” The beast destroys the village and, the incident scars Cheval and Lilia for life.

As a year passes by, our protagonist receives a Kinship Stone from the Village Chief and officially becomes a Rider. The three friends go their separate ways and a new adventure starts to unfold.

The players will explore different environments, encounter monsters in the field, battle them, collect items and steal eggs from monsters’ nests.

Monster Hunter Stories is priced $19.99 but once you pay the initial price the app has no in-app purchases!


  • Publisher: Mangobile
  • Platform: Android and iOS
  • Price: $4.89
Kingturn RPG
Kingturn RPG

Kingturn RPG is another great turn-based RPG for Android and iOS where you need to prepare and utilize units on the front line to overcome contradicting powers in incalculable situations. In a chess-like arrangement, the player needs to consider his/her moves cautiously as the enemy units are backed by a pretty smart AI.

The story kicks off with the young mage and scholar Nicolette having to step in as the new leader of the earldom of Montbelliard after her father, the ruling lord passed. Young Nicolette is unprepared for the power games played by the other noble houses. Encircled by adversaries and with the possibility of wedding an unknown noble for political reasons, her fate takes its course.

One of the game’s key highlights is recruiting reinforcements through barracks. In this way, crushing units alone isn’t adequate to win a situation. Critical arranging and overseeing key positions bit by bit is crucial for victory.

Kingturn features 87+ scenarios containing challenging gameplay, 30 character classes like Paladin, Archer, Assasin, Priest, 60 character skills such as lightning bolt, inferno, summon, and more than 700 items. With each battle, you win rewards that you can use to upgrade your army.

Kingturn RPG costs $4.89. The game isn’t a looker but if you are into TRPGs, this game has mastered all the basics.


So these are the Top 6 Tactical RPGs for iOS and Android that you can try today! Do let us know what are your favorite TRGs of all times in the comments below and will you like to play a TRPG on your phone?

Lastly, share this article with any TRPG fan you Know, and thanks a ton for reading!

Have a wonderful Day!

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