Best City Building Games for Android and iOS 2021

Looking for the best city building games you can enjoy on your iOS or Android device? Here is the list of Top rated City builder/urban planning games for iOS and Android that are bound to impress you.

City Building games are subgenera of Management games that enable users the freedom to build and control but challenges them in various situations. Ever since Games like SimCity got popular in the early 2000s, game developers are constantly developing more and better urban Planning games. It is a mix of micromanagement, resource management, and constant grinding to improve your build designs.

One can go for a simple approach to either take on an organizer’s role or the city manager’s position. He/She will be responsible for its growth and prosperity. All of this, combined with how related it is to our city lives, can be super fun despite the more laid-back gameplay.

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Best City Building Games for Android and iOS

1. SimCity: BuildIt

SimCity: Build It,Best City Building Games for Android,

Price: Free

Available On iPhone, iPad & Android

SimCity is the most popular city building game of all time. Developed by Maxis, The first game was introduced about 30 years ago, paving the way for many other upgraded games of the same genre. SimCity allows players to build a city with ambitions that result in creating and growing a prosperous city. As Mayor, one has to provide the best for citizens. That includes building roads, building houses, building shops, and factories to meet city needs. When, as a result, the taxes are collected. A player can earn benefits on behalf of the whole city. SimCity Build lt has received much praise from critics as well as users over the last years. In SimCity, wealthy players have a decisive say in interacting with other players as this game also provides an option of chatting with the competitors or partners.

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Like most other city building games, as the mayor of SimCity, you will face issues such as traffic congestion, buildings getting damaged, or excessive pollution. Fix those issues, and you will be off to your race of becoming the best mayor.


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2. Megapolis:

Megapolis, Best City Building Games for Android and ios,

Price: Free

Available On iPhone, iPad & Android

Megapolis is a city building game that was developed by Social Quantum. The game features 3D graphics and has over 700 different designs that enhance the quality of the city. It provides various communication channels that improve relationships with other cities, and don’t forget to monitor the city’s quality of life.

With the right combination of strategies and game building, Megapolis has got the ingredients to engage its players with hours of fun. The most exciting thing about this game is that it is based on market rules. So, one has to play smart to create a prominent city of their dreams. Moreover, it gives one opportunity to build buildings, to improve infrastructure. For example, one can build railways, airports, ships yards, and so on.

Furthermore, a player can also participate in competitions to get the best prices, earn destructive weapons, and elevate their military might.


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3. Pocket Build:

Pocket Build, Best City Building Games for Android and ios,

Price: Free

Available On iPhone, iPad & Android

Pocket Build is a unique city building game with retro-style cities based on the 1960s. The items that one will find in this game are castles, bridges, barrels, towers, trees, rocks, etc. It features an open space and easy view of the entire map with plenty of lands that players can utilize to extend their city or harvest natural resources from their owned or earned area.

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The game has a good track record of updates, with new features are introduced regularly to keep the game attractive. The game is available on both iOS and Android Platforms.


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4. Townsmen:

Townsmen, Best City Building Games for Android and ios,

Price: Free

Available On iPhone, iPad & Android

Townsmen were developed by HandyGames and are easily the best offline city building games available on Google Play Store that one can play in your meantime. Your mission? To build and transform a small town into a kingdom. It has more than 150 cities and production facilities, in-depth economic simulations, and even deeper production chains of gaming experience. However, the game can be tricky because the player needs to play with different locations and complete the challenges.

To me, the best part of Townsmen is the way how a user is free to develop a small town in an ancient kingdom the way he/she pleases. This game provides a free sandbox play mode to let the player enjoy playing without interruption. Townsmen are available on Android and iOS for free.


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5.The Simpsons: Tapped Out

Best City Building Games for Android and ios,

Price: Free

Available On iPhone, iPad & Android

Simpsons: Excluded is the fifth city builder game on the list, and it comes from the house of IronMonkey Studios. This game offers many tools and techniques for good living. But one has to build up everything from scratch. To continue, the player gets the choice to collect their favorite characters and reunite the residents with their loved ones. Players can also wear their favorite characters to make them look more appealing.

Once you have selected the characters and their looks, try to make some wise decisions to keep the prospects. It is one of the best City Building games on Mobile devices with many monthly game events.

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Players can easily update their Simpsons characters and expand the city to add new buildings to make their Spanish field unique.


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6. Dungeon Village:

Dungeon Village, Premium city builder game for Android and iOS,

Price: $4.99

Available On iPhone, iPad & Android

Dungeon Village, developed by Kairosoft, is one of the oldest city-building games. And features several beasts and mountains exhibiting game nature. The pixel art of its various beasts and mountains of prey promises the same amount of fun and gives a different vibe to the world around you.

To progress in Dungeon Village, the player must select and determine the number of heroes in the battle to complete the quest. With all demands, the player can set high scores based on loots and built structures. That is to say, the beauty of Dungeon Village lies between the drops of haul and the war of rewards.

Dungeon Village is available on Google Play and Apple AppStore for a premium. However, the game is well worth the money.


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City-building games are widely played all over the world, both online and offline. Although not as popular as some other genera city builders, games have a wide fan base. For this article, I have picked a hand full of Best City Builders on iOS and Android from a sea of choices, based on their popularity and feature, and lastly, how I felt about the games trying them out. I hope my efforts will save you a great amount of hassle.

If you have any other game suggestions, let me know in the comments below. Lastly, share this with your city builder friends and stay tuned for more amazing content.


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