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In OSRS, The Tourist Trap is an intermediate quest set in the treacherous Kharidian Desert, just south of Al Kharid. A new desert pass has opened up, leading to unexplored dangers in the vast and trackless dunes. Adventurers are called upon to rescue a missing girl named Ana.

To complete the quest, you’ll have to disguise yourself as a slave, outsmart mercenaries, and uncover secret plans. Here in this Tourist Trap quest guide, we will cover how exactly you can complete the Tourist Trap quest in OSRS.


Osrs Tourist Trap Quest Requirements
  • Fletching (Level 10): You must have a Fletching skill level of at least 10. (Note: This skill can be temporarily boosted using certain items or potions).
  • Smithing (Level 20): You must have a Smithing skill level of at least 20. (Note: This skill can be temporarily boosted using certain items or potions).
  • Combat ability: You must be able to defeat a level 47 enemy during the quest.


You will need specific items to complete the quest. These include:

  • Shantay pass
  • 1-3 Bronze bars – Be prepared to potentially lose them during experimentation.
  • A hammer – Essential for various tasks.
  • 30-50 feathers – Required for crafting items.
  • 20 Coins
  • Desert shirt, Desert robe, Desert boots (can be purchased from Shantay)
  • Weapon (can be purchased from Shantay)

Note: We are going to discuss the requirement in greater detail in the step-by-step guide section below.

To enhance your survivability during the quest, it is recommended to have a combat level of 20 or higher. Make sure you have enough inventory space to remove all combat-related items at the beginning of the quest.

Prepare 1-2 full waterskins and a knife or slash weapon to refill them by cutting cacti. Alternatively, you can also refill the waterskins from the bowl of water at the desert camp.

Bring plenty of Stamina or energy potions to have extra energy during the quest, which will be helpful in various situations.

If needed, have some coins or a pickaxe with you. The coins can be used to bribe the mine cart driver or mine rocks to escape the mines.

For Ironman players, ensure you have two empty inventory slots in addition to unequipping armor and weapons. Additionally, keep 15 empty inventory spaces in case of failing dialogue.

By following these preparations, you should find the quest more manageable and improve your chances of success.

Step-by-Step Guide To Complete the Tourist Trap

Speak to Irena

Osrs Tourist Trap Quest Talk wih Irena

To start “The Tourist Trap” quest, you need to find and speak to Irena. She can be found near the Shantay Pass, which is located south of Al Kharid. Approach Irena and engage in a conversation with her. She will share her concern about her missing daughter, Ana, who has ventured into the dangerous Kharidian Desert. Show your willingness to help Irena find her daughter by agreeing to assist her in the quest.

Prepare for the Desert

Before going to the desert, wear the Desert clothing set (shirt, robe, and boots) to protect yourself from the heat. Make sure your waterskin is full to stay hydrated. You can refill it by cutting cacti with a knife.

  • Equip Desert Clothing: Make sure to wear the full Desert clothing set, which includes a Desert shirt, Desert robe, and Desert boots. This clothing will protect you from the scorching desert heat and help conserve water.
  • Water Supply: Fill your waterskins before setting off. You can do this by using them on a water source or a bowl of water found at the Desert Mining Camp.
  • Bring Essential Items: Carry 1-3 Bronze bars, a hammer, and 30-50 feathers with you. These items will be needed during the quest.
  • Access to the Desert: Ensure you have a means of entering the desert. You can use the Shantay Pass, Desert Amulet 2, Teleport tablets or scrolls, Fairy rings, or the Pharaoh’s sceptre.
  • Recommended Items: If possible, have a combat level of 20. You should also have enough inventory space to unequip all combat items at the start of the quest, particularly after the Mercenary Captain’s death. Carry 1-2 full waterskins and a knife or slash weapon to refill them by cutting cacti. Stamina or energy potions can be helpful for the journey.
  • Financial Backup: In case you make wrong choices during the quest or get caught in the mines, have 100 Coins to bribe the mine cart driver or a pickaxe to mine 15 rocks for escape.
  • Caution for Ironman Players: If you are an Ultimate Ironman, ensure you have two empty slots in addition to unequipping your armor and weapons. Failing dialogue will require 15 empty inventory spaces.

Fill Waterskins

Make sure your waterskins are full and ready to keep you hydrated during the journey. You can refill them by cutting cacti with a knife or slash weapon.

Follow Footprints

Osrs Tourist Trap Quest Follow the Footprints

To find footprints, head south from the Shantay Pass. Look closely on the ground for marks left behind by someone’s footsteps. These footprints will guide you on your quest to find Ana. Follow the footprints to reach the Desert Mining Camp, where your adventure will continue. Stay observant and focused to track down the missing person.

Mining Camp

This camp is guarded by mercenaries, so be cautious and wear your slave outfit to blend in. Inside the camp, you will find important items and encounter challenges. Explore the camp carefully and interact with the characters to uncover the truth and find Ana.

Talk to the Mercenary Captain

Osrs Tourist Trap Quest Talk to the Mercenary Captain

When you are inside the Mining Camp, your next step is to talk to the Mercenary Captain. He is a key figure in your quest to find Ana. Engage in conversation with him and try to gain his trust. He might ask you to kill a bandit leader, but just tell him you can’t do it.

Then, say something funny, like a joke about a captain who can’t fight on his own. This will make him laugh and get distracted. While he’s distracted, quickly unlock his chest to get what you need without him noticing.

Remember, if you attack him without being prompted, his guards will attack you and cause you problems.

Defeat the Mercenary Captain:

Osrs Tourist Trap Quest Mercenary Captain Fight

To defeat the Mercenary Captain, you need to be prepared and careful. First, ensure you have unequipped all your metal armor and put on desert clothing to survive the heat of the desert. Then, engage in a conversation with the Mercenary Captain, but do not attempt to attack him until prompted in a text box.

When the text box asks if you are sure about attacking, proceed to fight and defeat him. Once you defeat him, take the metal key he drops. It’s essential not to attack him before the prompt, as his guards will swarm you, take your water, and deal significant damage to you. So, make sure to follow the prompt and defeat the captain to proceed with the quest.

Enter the Desert Mining Camp:

Osrs Tourist Trap Quest Enter the Mine Camp

To enter the Desert Mining Camp, you need to ensure you are wearing only your desert clothing and have unequipped all slave robes. If you have defeated the Mercenary Captain as instructed earlier, you can enter the camp through the front gate using a metal key

Once inside the camp, make sure to keep wearing only your desert clothing and be cautious around the guards to avoid getting caught.

Trade Clothing with a Slave:

Osrs Tourist Trap Quest Trade clothes with the Male Slave

Enter the building to the north and search the table with a bowl of water to find a cell door key.

Now Go to the east wall and talk to the male slave. Help him remove his handcuffs, and exchange his slave robes for your desert clothing.

Enter the Mine:

OSRS Tourist Trap - Talk to the guards and tell them you want to work in a different area

Enter the mine and go all the way to the end and talk with the guard (select option 2 always).

The guard will ask you to get Pineapples for him after that you can exit the mine.

Go to Bedabin Camp

Osrs Tourist Trap Quest go to Bedabin Camp

Leave the dessert mine camp and continue to the west to find the Bedabin camp.Talk with Al Shabim inside the Bedabin camp and ask him to give you a pineapple.

Al Shabim will ask to get the plans from the Mercenary Captain Siad.

Get the Weapon Plans:

Osrs Tourist Trap Quest Distact Siad to Get the plans

Go back to the camp and enter the house on your left. Climb up the ladder to the captain’s location and search the southwest bookcase to learn about his interest in sailing.

Engage in conversation with the captain to distract him and unlock his chest to steal the weapon plans.

Return to Al Shabim

Return to al Shabim and show the weapon plans you stole from the Mercenary Captain

Shabim will ask you for helping them to create the weapon. Select I am interested.

Craft the Dart

Osrs Tourist Trap Quest Help Shabim manufacture the weapon

To craft the dart tips use the nearby anvil. Head to the tent directly north of Al Shabim.

At the anvil, use bronze bars to create dart tips. Once you’ve made the dart tips, add feathers to them to create darts.

With the darts and weapon plans in hand, return to Al Shabim in the Bedabin Camp to complete the crafting process. Now you have successfully crafted the dart tips and darts, and you’re ready to use them in your adventures.

Return to the dessert mine camp.

Find Ana in the Mine

Osrs Tourist Trap Quest Give the Pineapple to the guard

Equip your slave outfit and enter the Desert Mining Camp and give the Tenti pineapple to the guard who wanted it, and he will let you inside.

Walk further down into the mine until you reach a mine cart. Search the barrels nearby until you find one you can pick up.

Get into the mine cart by searching it, and ride it to the other side and continue down the northwest and then east path until you find Ana.

Use the barrel you picked up earlier on Ana to place her inside

Rescue Ana

Osrs Tourist Trap Quest Find Ana

After placing Ana in a barrel, ride the mine cart to the other side.

Retrieve the barrel containing Ana from the empty barrels and place it on the winch bucket in the southwest corner.

Don’t forget to compliment the nearby guard to avoid arousing suspicion.

leave the mine and go to the surface. Once you are in the open, go to the south west of the mine camp to find the winch operating system. Operate the winch to bring Ana up from the barrel.

A cut scene will play and Ana will be in the inside a barrel near the winch system.

Finally, place Ana in a barrel on the nearby wodden cart to complete the rescue. With Ana safely rescued, you can continue your quest to complete “The Tourist Trap.”

Leave the Mine Camp

Osrs Tourist Trap Quest Trade Talk to the mine cart driver

After rescuing Ana and placing her in the nearby wodden cart, approach the cart driver and convince the driver that a fight is just about to break out in the camp.

Select the dialogue options in the following order – 2,2,1,3,3,3,1,2 and you are good to go.

Claim Your Reward

Osrs Tourist Trap Quest Complete

Once you have successfully rescued Ana and completed “The Tourist Trap” quest, head back to Irena just outside the Shantay Pass. Speak to Irena and let her know that her daughter is now safe. Irena will be thankful for your help and generosity.

As a token of her appreciation, she will reward you with quest points and the option to choose experience in two skills of your preference, which can be Agility, Fletching, Smithing, or Thieving.

Additionally, you will gain the ability to smith darts and receive full slave robes, along with six bronze darts. Congratulations on completing the quest and enjoy your well-earned rewards

Osrs Tourist Trap Quest Rewards
  • 2 Quest points
  • 4,650 Experience in your choice of two skills (you may pick the same skill twice): Agility Agility, Fletching Fletching, Smithing Smithing, or Thieving Thieving.
  • The ability to smith darts.
  • The wrought iron key – allows access to a special door inside the Desert Mining Camp, which has several higher-tier ores inside, including mithril ore and adamantine ore.
  • Full slave robes
  • 6 bronze darts

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