Rent-A-Girlfriend Season 4, Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Cast and More!

Here is everything that you need to know about the possible Rent-A-Girlfriend Season 4.

Key Takeaways:

  • Rent-A-Girlfriend is a rom-com anime adapted from the manga series Kanojo, Okarishimasu written and illustrated by Reiji Miyajima.
  • While there are no official announcements, Rent-A-Girlfriend Season 4 is expected to be released sometime in 2024.
  • Season 4 may adapt the Hawaii Trip Arc, exploring Kazuya and Chizuru’s evolving relationship.
  • TMS Entertainment is likely to continue handling the production duties for the 4th Season.
  • The cast for Rent-A-Girlfriend season 4 is expected to remain the same with big names like Sora Amamiya and Shun Horie making a return.

Rent-A-Girlfriend is a relatively new rom-com anime series that first aired in July 2020. The anime’s popularity stems largely from its main female lead Chizuru’s goddess-like appearance and the unique take on the Harem genre.

With the show’s third season almost coming to an end many fans are already anticipating Rent-A-Girlfriend Season 4.

So here in this article, we will go through everything we know about a potential Rent-A-Girlfriend Season 4, possible release date, plot, what to expect, cast, production status, and more!

Rent-A-Girlfriend Plot

Mizuhara feeding Kazuya

Rent-A-Girlfriend starts with a 20-year-old college student named Kazuya Kinoshita going through a heartbreak after his first girlfriend Mami dumps him telling him that she has fallen in love with someone else.

Depressed, Kazuya stumbles upon an app named Diamond that allows him to Rent-A-Girlfriend, through which rents Chizuru Mizuhara, an adorable and kind-hearted girl.

After the first date with Chizuru Kazuya is over the moon but when he finds out that Chizuru treats every one of her customers the same way Kazuya decides to book her once more to give her a piece of his mind.

However, fate had something different planned for them as instead of teaching Mizuhara a lesson Kazuya ends up introducing her to his family as his girlfriend. And thus a hilarious comedy starts to unfold.

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Rent-A-Girlfriend Season 4 Release Date

Mizuhara smiling

As of now, there are no updates about the season Rent-A-Girlfriend Season 4. The third season of the anime is currently airing so it will be a while before we hear anything from official sources.

Given the popularity of the show and the abundance of source material, we have no reason to believe that the show will be canceled.

If we consider previous release schedules, there is a good possibility that Rent-A-Girlfriend Season 4 will air sometime in 2024.

Rent-A-Girlfriend Season Wise Breakdown

Kazuya push Mizuhara against the wall on their school uniform date

Season 1 of Rent-A-Girlfriend anime covers multiple arcs of the manga, from Kazuya’s use of a rental girlfriend app and his evolving relationship with Chizuru.

We see comedy and dramatic situations where Kazuya encounters his ex-girlfriends and new characters like Ruka and Sumi.

Season 2 showcases Kazuya being more supportive of Chizuru’s acting dream and the tragic backstory behind Chizuru’s motivation toward her acting career and covers the beginning of the movie arc where we see both the characters work hard in creating a movie to have Chizuru’s grandmother see her as an actress before she passes away.

Rent-A-Girlfriend Season 3 revolves around Chizuru striving to achieve success as an actress for the sake of her grandmother. The season paints Kazuya in a new light as we watch him working tirelessly and launching a crowdfunding campaign for their movie project.

Rent-A-Girlfriend Manga

Rent-A-Girlfriend manga volume 1 cover

Rent-A-Girlfriend Manga is an ongoing manga series that began serialization in the famous Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine on July 12, 2017. 

As of writing this article the Rent-A-Girlfriend manga consists of 297 chapters, out of which 282 chapters have been compiled into 32 Tankobon volumes.

Rent-A-Girlfriend season 3 started off from form chapter 104 and we will have to wait till the season finale to know exactly where it ends.

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What Can We Expect From Rent-A-Girlfriend Season 4?

Kazuya, Mizuhara and Mini chan standing

With the first 3 seasons adapting up to the 7 arcs in the manga series, Season 4 of Rent-A-Girlfriend will likely cover the 8th arc which is the Hawaii Trip Arc.

Fans will see Kazuya and Chizuru trying their best to maintain a balance between their work relationship and growing feelings for each other.

We can say that the upcoming season will be a mixed bag engulfed with happy moments, funny mistakes as well and dramatic reveals.

Rent-A-Girlfriend Season 4 Trailer

As of now, there is no Rent-A-Girlfriend Season 4 trailer or teaser. We will update the article as soon as the Trailer drops.

Below is the latest trailer for the 3rd Season of Ren-A-Girlfriend.

Rent-A-Girlfriend Anime Cast

Rent-A-Girlfriend anime voice actors
  1. Chizuru Mizuhara:
  • Voiced by: Sora Amamiya
  • Notable Roles: Aqua in KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!, Elizabeth Liones in The Seven Deadly Sins, and Akame in Akame ga Kill!
  1. Kazuya Kinoshita:
  • Voiced by: Shun Horie
  • Notable Roles: Koji Koda in My Hero Academia, Mitsuya Maeno in Given, and Sui Ishida in Tokyo Ghoul.
  1. Mami Nanami:
  • Voiced by: Aoi Yūki
  • Notable Roles: Madoka Kaname in Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Diane in The Seven Deadly Sins, and Tsuyu Asui (Froppy) in My Hero Academia.
  1. Ruka Sarashina:
  • Voiced by: Nao Tōyama
  • Notable Roles: Karen Kujō in Kiniro Mosaic, Chitoge Kirisaki in Nisekoi, and Yui Yuigahama in My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU.
  1. Sumi Sakurasawa:
  • Voiced by: Azumi Waki
  • Notable Roles: Fino Bloodstone in I Couldn’t Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job, Maika Sakuranomiya in Blend S, and Rem Galleu in How Not to Summon a Demon Lord.

Which Studio Will Animate Rent-A-Girlfriend Season 4?

Rent-A-Girlfriend Chizuru Mizuhara

Rent-A-Girlfriend is produced by one of the oldest anime studios in Japan, TMS Entertainment which was established in October 1946. 

Season 1,2 and 3 has been consistently managed by TMS Entertainment by giving spectacular performance thereby creating a huge fandom for the series.

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While there is no official confirmation on which studio will make season 4 of Rent-A-Girlfriend, we strongly believe that the same studio will continue to animate for the upcoming season.

Apart from the Rent-A-Girlfriend series TMS Entertainment has produced great series like Detective Conan, Baki, Fruit Basket, Dr. Stone, and many more.

Who Will Enjoy Watching Rent-A-Girlfriend?

Mizuhara facing Kazuya

If you are into light-hearted romantic comedy anime and relationship-driven dramas, then Rent-A-Girlfriend is for you. Fans can expect to experience a rollercoaster of overwhelming emotions with the addition of a comedy element that brings delight to the whole series.

Frequently Asked Questions

Chizuru and Kazuya on their school uniform date holding hands

Will there be Season 4 of Rent-A-Girlfriend?

Although we don’t have any official announcements just yet given the abundance of source material it is very likely that there will be a Rent-A-Girlfriend Season 4.

When will Rent-A-Girlfriend Season 4 be Released?

It is speculated that Rent-A-Girlfriend season 4 can be announced sometime in 2024. We will update the article as soon as we have confirmed the release date.

How many seasons will Rent-A-Girlfriend Have?

It is hard to say how many seasons will Rent-A-Girlfriend anime have given there is a lot of content left. As of now, Rent-A-Girlfriend anime has 3 seasons. The third season is still ongoing and will conclude on September 21, 2023.

Where can you watch Rent-A-Girlfriend?

Rent-A-Girlfriend is available to stream in most countries through Crunchyroll. The anime is also available on Netflix but is only limited to Japan. So, if you are in any other country you will need a VPN.

Has Rent-A-Girlfriend Manga Ended?

No, Rent-A-Girlfriend Manga is still ongoing. There is no news on when it may end.

Is Rent-A-Girlfriend Season 4 canceled?

We have no reason to believe that Rent-A-Girlfriend season 4 is canceled.

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