PUBG Mobile World League Season Zero: New Format & Schedule

Recently, the PUBG MOBILE World League (PMWL) Season Zero has notified of an essential change in the format and the schedule of the competition. But, these changes are only for the final stages, and no changes are there, of either the format or the timings of the league stage and Super Weekend’s levels.

New reports suggest that the officials have decided to introduce a new updated format, that too, just after the tournament commenced. However, the revised PUBG Mobile World League changes were declared over the weekend.

The PUBG Mobile World League East 2020 Season Zero is being held from July 11 to August 9, offering a whopping total prize pool of USD 425,000. The league was to launch on July 10, according to the previous schedule, but it’s been pushed back by a day.

Overall changes included in PUBG MOBILE World League (PMWL) Season Zero

Several changes have been announced for the tournament over the weekend by the officials

  • Previously the opening week was supposed to commence for three days, between 10th and 12th July, but got shortened to two days and took place on the 11th and 12th of July, under the new schedule.
  • In the updated format, teams will now play only eight matches against one another rather than twelve, previously announced. Those eight games will then determine the result of the opening weekend. This result will, in turn, decide the team groupings for the league stages.
  • Changes have also been announced in the format of the final stage. So, the finals will be conducted for four days instead of three. The finals will now begin on August 6 and continue till August 9, 2020. Initially, it was scheduled from 7th to August 9.
  • The last change includes the addition of the total number of matches to be played. Since the finals will now continue for four days, the number of games is increased to 24 from 18. 16 teams will compete in the finals. These 16 will play six matches each day, and the team with the maximum points at the end of the fourth day will be declared the ultimate PMWL East Winner.
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Nevertheless, the changes are introduced due to unexpected errors in the game on iOS.

Four stages of the PUBG Mobile World League 2020, East Season Zero

There are four stages in the ongoing tournament. They are as follows:

  1.  Opening Weekend
  2.  League Stage
  3.  Super Weekend
  4.  The Finals

Opening Weekend PUBG Mobile World League

The opening weekend will go on for two days, i.e., July 11 to July 12. Altogether, twenty teams will be participating in this round. Participating teams will be split into five groups, each comprising of four. They will compete in a total of ten matches held during the two days of the opening weekend.

The winners of the round will move on to the next round. Further grouping of teams for the league stage will be decided based on the selected teams from this round.

Map Order for Opening Weekend

Each day of the first stage will consist of 5 matches in four different maps. They are in the following order:

Erangel; Vikendi; Miramar; Sanhok; Erangel

Calendar for Opening Weekend

  • Day 1:- July 11, Saturday
  • Day 2:- July 12, Sunday

Groupings for Opening Weekend

pubg mobile world league east season zero qualified teams

Twenty teams from Asia have qualified to take part in the opening weekend of PMWL Season Zero East. The teams are divided into five groups (A, B, C, D, E) of four teams each. The list of teams in each group is as follows:-

Group A:

Team Secret (Malaysia,SEA); Megastars (India,SA); Bigetron RA (Indonesia, SEA); Reject Scarlet (Japan)

Group B:

Yoodo Gank (Malaysia, SEA); Morph Team (Indonesia, SEA); No chance Team (Mongolia, Wildcard); T1(Korea)

Group C:

Galaxy Racer Celtz (India, SA); Orange Rock (India, SA); Nova Godlike (India, SA); Freestyle (Pakistan)

Group D:

Team Ind (India, SA); TSM-Entity (India, SA); Valdus Esports (Thailand, SEA); RRQ Athena (Thailand, SEA)

Group E:

Box Gaming (Vietnam, SEA); King of Gamers Club (Thailand, SEA); U LevelUp (Taiwan); Synerge (India, SA) 

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League Stage PUBG Mobile World League

In this league stage, a total of 20 teams will participate, based on the outcomes of opening weekend. It will further be divided into five groups of four teams each. All participants will play five matches every day and a total of 10 matches every week.

Ten games will now be held every Tuesday and Wednesday for three weeks in compliance with the newly announced changes.

Only the Top 16 teams from each week of league stage will get a chance to book their slots for the super weekend, which will be held in the same week.

Map Order for League Stage: Week 1

  • Day 1: Erangel; Vikendi; Erangel; Vikendi; Erangel
  • Day 2: Vikendi; Erangel; Vikendi; Erangel; Vikendi

Map Order for League Stage: Week 2

  • Day 1: Erangel; Sanhok; Erangel; Sanhok; Erangel
  • Day 2: Sanhok; Erangel; Sanhok; Erangel; Sanhok

Map Order for League Stage: Week 3

  • Day 1: Erangel; Miramar; Erangel; Miramar; Erangel
  • Day 2: Miramar; Erangel; Miramar; Erangel; Miramar

Calendar for League Stage of PUBG Mobile World League (week 1)

  • Day 1:- July 14, Tuesday
  • Day 2:- July 15, Wednesday

Calendar for League Stage of PUBG Mobile World League (week 2)

  • Day 1:- July 21, Tuesday
  • Day 2:- July 22, Wednesday

Calendar for League Stage of PUBG Mobile World League (week 3)

  • Day 1:- July 28, Tuesday
  • Day 2:- July 29, Wednesday

Super Weekend PUBG Mobile World League

pubg mobile world league season zero format

Organized alongside the League Stage, the Super Weekend matches too will now take place every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. As mentioned previously, only the top 16 teams will get to compete in this round, which will involve a single lobby format. It will further decide the team’s position in the most compelling stage, i.e., the League Finals ranks.

After a total of nine days of events of the super weekend, the total scores of each team will be recorded. Those scores of each group will determine the top 16 sides that will qualify for the finals of PMWL East.

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Map order for Super Weekends (All Weeks)

The map order for the super weekends will be similar to the opening weekend with five games during each day of this stage. The order will be as follows:

Erangel; Vikendi; Miramar; Sanhok; Erangel

Calendar for Super Weekends: Week 1

  • 1st day:- July 17, Friday
  • 2nd day:- July 18, Saturday
  • 3rd day:- July 19, Sunday

Calendar for Super Weekends: Week 2 

  • 1st day:- July 24, Friday
  • 2nd day:- July 25, Saturday
  • 3rd day:- July 26, Sunday

Calendar for Super Weekends: Week 3

  • 1st day:- July 31, Friday
  • 2nd day:- August 1, Saturday
  • 3rd day:- August 2, Sunday

PUBG Mobile World League Finals

Now comes the last stage, i.e., the finals. The previous format was supposed to happen between August 7-August 9, which included 16 teams and 18 matches in total. But, now the latest PMWL schedule implies that the Finals would be conducted for four days, instead of 3. It will consist of 16 teams, who will play 24 matches in total. That translates to six games per day.

Each team will gain points based on their performance in a match. The team that earns the maximum points in all the 24 matches combined with the finals will be declared champions.

Four days Map order of the Final Stage

Erangel; Vikendi; Erangel; Miramar; Sanhok; Erangel

Schedule for League Finals

  • 1st Day Final:- August 6
  • 2nd Day Final:- August 7
  • 3rd Day Final:- August 8
  • 4th Day Final:- August 9

PMWL Prize Pool

The PUBG MOBILE World League has a combined prize pool of $425,000. The winning team will receive a tremendous amount of $100,000. Whereas, the MVP in the finals will receive a handsome $10,000 cash prize. Lastly, the champion of the League Stage will also get an amount of $50,000.

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