Atom RPG, The Popular PC Game is now Available for iOS

Atom RPG, the popular post-apocalyptic role-playing game developed by AtomTeam, is now available for iOS. The game is available on Apple AppStore starting May 29th and is likely to hit the Playstore very soon.

Funded by a kick-starter campaign, the game debuted on Steam back in December 2018. Since then, the game has received much praise for its engaging storyline and solid gameplay.


Video Credit: ATOM RPG Youtube

Atom RPG takes place in an alternate reality where the cold war ended with a nuclear apocalypse in 1986. Billions of lives were lost, and those who survived were left to fend for themselves in a nuclear wasteland.

The game starts in the year 2005, 19 years after the war, or the “great purge” as the survivors called it. Users play the role of a survivor, wandering in the radioactive wastelands of the once-powerful soviet union. As you progress through the game, you slowly start to uncover a sinister plot of destroying the remaining life on earth.

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Atom RPG iOS Gameplay

The PC version of Atom RPG received it much love from gamers owing to its Fallout and Wasteland inspired gameplay. Luckily, for all fans, the developers have decided to retain the same gameplay style for the iOS version as well.

With a claimed 60 plus hours of gameplay, 120 unique locations, 40 types of enemies, and more than 600 NPCs, Atom RPG aims to provide users with the proper Role-Playing-Game experience. The fact that the game also offers players a vast arsenal of more than 150 weapons to choose from makes it even more amazing.

atom rpg gameplay
Image credit: Atom RPG Youtube

Atom RPG for iOS uses a turn-based system for combat. Whereas, while interacting with other characters, the game presents users with multiple-choice dialogues to choose from.

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It also features a variety of different active and passive skills. Players unlock new skills as their characters level up. Specific skills also unlock unique dialogues that can be very useful in dire situations. The skill system also allows players to fine-tune their hero to their preferred playstyle providing an enjoyable playtime.

Moreover, the extensive customization system means you can make your avatar; however, you like. What more can one expect from a mobile RPG?

Atom RPG is available in the Apple App Store at a premium price of $7.99. The game is expected to hit Google Playstore soon. However, there is no news regarding the release date.

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