Evertale Wiki: A Beginner’s Guide

Evertale is a collection-based RPG where you have to tame, train, and evolve monsters like most other games of its genre, but what makes it unique is its storyline. It is a story of a journey that is full of adventure, fun and engaging interactions with a plethora of interesting characters.

Moreover, Evertale also boasts of really good animations, character designs, and a lot of fun experiences that one can enjoy even without a high-end mobile device.

So are you ready, to dive into the world of Eaden? Let’s go through the basics, shall we?

Evertale Story

The Story takes place in the world of Erden firmly in the clutches of pandemonium- the ancient curse that befalls the land once in a century. Only those who bear the fabled Crest can stop this calamity. Now it is up to our protagonist to liberate the world from this evil and fulfill their destiny. But success is a far way out as our hero embarks on a journey to venture through the six regions, and tame monsters to face their fate.


Evertale Controls

It’s an easy-to-operate game. The controls are very simple. You can either use a joystick or tap on the screen to move to the desired location. Most of the players prefer to use tap to move to save time. It also happens to be the more convenient option.

How to Catch Monsters in Evertale

Monsters can be found in the bushes on the outskirts of town or the forests, and when you come across one, you can catch, pass, or knock it out.

Evertale catch monsters

To catch a monster, you must first put it in a weak state where the chances of resistance are slim, and then catch it. Doing this will increase your chances of capturing the monster.

Battle system

The game is based on a turn-based battle system, where your attacking order depends on the casting time(known as TU in the game) of the skill you choose. Every skill has a casting time. More deadly skills need more time to cast, while less effective skills need less time comparatively. The character with the least amount of casting time gets to attack first, followed by others in ascending order of casting time. So pay extra attention when choosing a high casting time skill If you’re not careful, enemies can get a few extra moves before you get another turn.

Evertale battle system

Team building

Okay, now you are acquainted with the basics of the battle system, but you need a team to battle with. You can have up to 8 characters in the later stages of the game; 4 characters in the front line and 4 in the reserve, which will take over as soon as a character gets knocked out.

Evertale Team building

There is a cost system in Evertale that prevents you from choosing all the powerful characters in your party, so players have to decide their team according to that.

Character type

Every character in Evertale belongs to one of the six elements in the game, namely, Fire, Wind, Water, Strom, Light, and Dark. Each of the elements has its own set of strengths and weaknesses. So when you choose a team, be sure to pick out a balanced team with at least one character from each element.

Here is a list of strengths and weaknesses of all the above-mentioned elements.

  • Light: Effective against the dark, neutral to all other elements.
  • Darkness: Effective against light, neutral to all other elements.
  • Fire: Effective against the wind, weak against water.
  • Water: Effective against fire but ineffective against storms.
  • Storm: water repellent but ineffective against wind.
  • Wind: effective against storms, weak against fire.

Weapons and equipment

Okay, you have chosen all the best characters you can, but what good is a character without a weapon? Weapons are as important as party members, even more so as they can be passed from character to character. The same goes for accessories, but they also carry a cost.


Evertale Summons

From the summons, you can get more powerful characters. You can use soul stones to summon and add more devastating characters to your party.

There are dozens of characters you can get from the summons, which differ by race and category.

You can get up to SSR-rank characters and weapons in the summons.

Use the fountain of luck. It will help you increase your soul stones by almost double. One can use the fountain of luck without spending anything, so make sure to get the optimum benefit from that.

Evertale Fountain of luck

Do keep in mind that you can place soul stones in fountains only in the following order: 30, 300, 3000, 30000… Therefore, I suggest saving up until you reach 30K and using them once you have finished multiplying them.

Ranks of Summon characters in Evertale

Evertale Summon ranks
  • SSR—Super super rare.
  • SR—Super rare
  • R—Rare
  • C— Common

Even SR-rank characters are hard to get. If by any chance you do get an SSR rank character, then you have some crazy luck on your side.

Main and side quests

Main quests provide you with some of the rarest weapons and accessories in the game, along with tons of experience, which will help you level up swiftly. They also increase the cost limit of the team, so you’ll be able to have a bunch of good characters in your team.

Side quests give you extra rewards and experience along the way, and the rewards from them can come in handy when you are completing the main scenario.

Evertale also has great real-time PVP matches and you should check out after you finish the story to see what the other players have to offer. It will give you a greater understanding of the battle system, which could be useful if you want to master the game.

Please take note that you can participate in PvP even if you are still following the story. It’s just that players who have finished the story will be way too overpowered, which can be very frustrating.

Status effects and strategies

Having eight party members with six different element types and rarity opens the path for thousands of team combinations and strategies, but status effects give a new height to these strategies.

Here is a list of Status effects with their effects

Burn: A status that inflicts burn damage to the unit for 300 TU time is equal to 300 TU or whenever the unit is no longer present in the fight.

Poison: A status that inflicts poison damage equal to 0.25% of the caster’s attack. Poison can be overwritten once, but damage per turn will not add up.

Quicken: This status reduces casting time by up to 20%, which allows the unit to attack faster than before. This may seem like a useless status, but it is quite useful. Be sure to use it as it gives you an extra hand in battle.

Sleep: This is a status effect that makes the inflicted unit unable to act as long as they are asleep. These units cannot be woken up by an attack or a status effect. Units will skip their turns. Sleep cannot be reapplied when the unit is already in effect.

Stealth:  A status that allows its user to use skills such as Stealth Strike. A Stealth Strike inflicts up to 400% damage to any unit. The unit becomes invisible for the time being and can avoid incoming attacks when under stealth. This status can also be used to overwrite other status effects.

With this, you are ready to bring the light into the world of Eden and liberate the world from evil forces, but before that, listen to some advice from the advanced players.

Some Tips for The New Evertale Players

  1. Be sure to collect soul stones as much as you can and use them wisely. Always use summon 10X as it guarantees at least one SRR or SR level drop.
  2. You’ll see some moving bushes on your journey. Don’t ignore them. You can find some rare monsters among them, which can be useful in your journey.
  3. Every silver counts, make sure you get plenty of silver coins by selling all of the duplicate monsters.
  4. Don’t waste your upgrading and bosting materials on the characters you’ll not use in the actual battle, and try to use characters or superior classes like SR or SSR rank so you don’t have to change characters every time you face a superior opponent.
  5. Join an active guild. You can rely on the power of mercenaries to win PvP battles that are out of your league.
  6. It’s an adventure game, so don’t spoil the adventure by just sticking with the main scenario. Who knows what the land of Eaden has in store for you?
  7. Status effects can turn the tide of the battle, so familiarise yourself with them; they are like double-edged swords, so learn to wield them properly or you will suffer.
  8. The game allows you to have up to eight characters, so make sure you have every element type in your party.
  9. Try to complete daily quests; they provide you with materials for upgrading and boosting your characters.
  10. And lastly, try to enjoy the game. Don’t get stuck competing all the time. It will be pointless to play a game if you don’t enjoy it.

Evertale is an RPG developed by Zigzag.Inc, which was established back in 2008 and has gained popularity ever since the release of Evertale. The studio is now determined to deliver more, and you can expect some brilliant work from them in the future as well.

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