Evertale Team Guide: How to Build the Best Team in Evertale

Greetings  Crest Breares, Are you about to dive into the world of Eaden, or perhaps you’ve already, and want to get familiar with the characters? If so, you are in the right place.

Here you’ll get all the information you might need to build one heck of a team for yourself to rule the leaderboards one day with the strength of your team.

What Do You Need to Know about Teams in Evertale?

Your party size may vary from 4 to 8 characters, and some of you may like different characters and races. For example, I like dragons. Some of you might also, and some are obsessed with something different, but what we all like is victory, and this article may help you achieve that.

But first, To all the newbies out there, the ultimate weapon to build a good team is soul stones. The more you have, the better the chances of you having a good team. So make sure you have plenty when you go for summoning. Without them, a good team is just a dream.

If you are looking for some specific characters and want to have them, then having 10,000 soul stones is a must. But I’ll recommend you spend after you manage to collect 30,000 and use the fountain of luck to its fullest, You can have them under 10,000 if you have some crazy luck on your side.

There are literally zillions of characters in Evertale, but we only need to concentrate on eight of them. The difficulty is that those eight characters have to be from those zillions of characters, which is why we are here to assist you.

What are the Different types of teams in Evertale?

Before you build a team, you must know which team to build. Here is the explanation if you don’t follow what I just said: Some people like to play with having all the characters from all the element types, which is probably the safest way to victory; some like to stick with a particular element type like Dark or Fire; some don’t like either of those; instead they go for 3 or 4 element types; others don’t plan their team, they just go with the flow,  so first you have to choose what kind of team you want to build.

So if you don’t know which side to join, let’s go through the team types once, so you’ll have a better understanding of which side to join. So shall we.

Before we begin, just note one thing: there is nothing like a perfect team, there is no gurantee that if you’ll stuff your party with all the best characters you can get you’ll win, You are bound to win and lose battles. They’ll just increase the chances of your victory. Each type of team has some pros and cons. I’ll try to explain them in the best possible way I can 

Each Element type

As I’ve stated earlier, all element types are probably the safest path to victory. If you choose this side, you’ll have all the element types at your disposal, and it will be easy to win battles. I’ve completed the entire storyline and approximately 30–40% of my PvP battles with this type of team.

What are the pros of having an all-element type team in Evertale?

  • You’ll have a counter for every type of element there is, and the team will be balanced. 
  • You’ll get knowledge about each type of element, so if you want to shift to some other team type in the future, you’ll have information and experience about the characters, and it won’t be that hard to adapt. 
  • Even if it’s an all-element type team, there are still two extra slots. You can have two characters of the same element type. 

What are the cons of an all-element team in Evertale?

  • You’ll have to deal with the disadvantages of every element type.
  • At some point, there will be a lot of information to take in, and that might become a burden to some of the people. 
  • If you switch a single character to a different element, your entire team can fall apart. Getting powerful characters from every type is not an easy task. 

Each Element type

This type of team is not exactly made for the purpose of PvP battles, but I’ll recommend you start playing with this type of team as it’ll give you a better understanding of the elements.

And when you get acquainted with them, you can decide for yourself which path you want to take.

Few SSR Characters

Ludmilla’s Crimson Valkyrie

Ludmilla's Crimson Valkyrie

I’ll recommend you have her no matter which type of team you build. Her never-ending HP will be a great addition to your team.

While we are only focusing on her HP, she does have skills such as – Attack, Desperate drain, give turn, and purify. 

But her Auto Guard+ will be a game-changing factor.

Jeanne d’Arc—Maiden of Radiance

Jeanne d'Arc Maiden of Radiance

Well, it looks like I’m recommending a light-element team, but both of these characters are just must-haves in any team, no matter which type of team you want to build. She is like a buy-one-get-one type because you’ll get Mikaela along with her, so go for her if you see her in the summons.

Along with having an extra SSR character with her, she also possesses skills like – Attack, Holy Protection, Guardian Angel, and Survivor’s Fury

So we have covered one element with five more to go. For a dark type, you can choose any of the suggestions from certain team types.

But there’s one that you should choose because of his damage reduction(armor) abilities because in case you don’t have a tank, he can play the role of one.

Merdain- Knight of Vengeance

Merdain- Knight of Vengeance

He can really be a great fit no matter what kind of team you build, specifically in the poison type, but his ability will be a great addition to any team he’ll be on no matter the type.

Skills: Poison Attack, Armor Impact, Blood Nova, and Poison Frenzy.

He’ll need a summoning ally as one of his abilities needs to sacrifice the last ally in line to unleash a deadly blow on the enemy.

So we have covered light and dark. Now it’s time for fire, and when it comes to fire, there is no one better than him.

Fornaxos-Flame Incarnate

Fornaxos-Flame Incarnate

I think he is the best fire-type character in the game, or at least I just think that, but I’m sure you won’t regret having him on the team.

I got the chance to have him at my party as a mercenary, and he really was something. The tide of the battle just changed with his entry onto the battlefield.

Skills: Brash Strike, Charge Flare, Tribute Charge, Energy Charge

For earth types, I’ll recommend having Bahamut-Terror of the Gods. If you are going to get settled with any poison type, his ability will better match up with them.

You’ll get more information about him later in the article.

But in case you don’t want him in your team or he just doesn’t fit with the team, another earth type that is worth looking into.

Alira-Sweet Beach Temptation

Alira-Sweet Beach Temptation

She is among the top earth types in the game, so I think having her will be a great addition to your team.

You just name what you want from her looks, Offense, or defense, she’s got everything.

Skills: Attack & Counter, Purify, Desperate Drain, and Sleep Bomb.

Other SSR characters 

Elmina-Sunkissed Mirage(water)

Endless Astrid-Voice of Defiance(Earth)

Artimeia-Lady of the White Moon(light)

Altaireon-Soul of the Storm (Strom)

Antares-Thunderheart Heroine(Strom)

Ossia-The Hollow Heart( Strom) [ A must-have in any team]

I think now is the time to come down from the high horse of SSR characters, as it will take too much time to get this many SSR characters.

So, in the meantime, you should get settled with these SR characters.

Few SR Characters

En Soldier-Principality Commander

He is among the starter SR characters in the game, so there are high chances that you’ll have him. If so, then he is a character worth spending time on and leveling up.

Skills: Attack, Attack All, Survivor’s Fury, and Stun Spark

Esma-Bride of the Sea

Skills: Attack All, stealth, quicken, and give turn.

Eveline-Pious Acolyte

Her sleep ability will be a great help amidst the battle, along with her other skills are – Attack, Sleep, Dream Hunter, and Overdrive

Beryx-Jewel of the Forest (also one of the starter SR characters)

I’ll strongly suggest having characters from each element type. When you’ve got a party of six or more, this is probably the safest way to victory. If you’ve got a party of eight, try to have at least two Fire types and two dark types; they really blend well together.

Note: Choose those two backup characters very wisely. They can be your key to victory

Specific Element Types

A lot of people like to favor certain element types and tend to build their teams revolving around those specific element types, such as poison, Firelight, storm, etc., but for this kind of team, you’ll have to deeply know that certain element and come up with a strategic counter to deal with the disadvantages of that certain element type.

What are the benefits of having a specific element-type team?

  • Chances of succeeding in the battle increase drastically and the chances of victory are quite high in this certain type of team combination compared to other types of teams.
  • If you somehow manage to get all the characters of the same element type, then it will be one hell of a team.
  • Playing with a particular element type might be hard in the beginning, but as you spend more time playing, you’ll get better at it.

What are the disadvantages of having a specific element-type team?

Getting the same character type from a higher rarity class will be quite a task, as there are chances that they might not appear in the summons.

If you get into a battle with someone who is using the exact opposite element type, you will lose. Like Fire and Water.

No one knows how much time it’ll take to get the experience needed to ace every battle. 

If by some stroke of luck, you managed to get characters from the same element types, you ought to try this team combination; it’s just the best team combination in the familiar circumstances.

Check out our Evertale Elemental Guides for a better understanding

3 or 4 Different Element Types Teams in Evertale

There are players who don’t want to go for either of those team combinations and want to try something different, so it’s up to you to decide whether you want to go for 3 or 4 elements, but either way, this team combination is balanced as you can choose elements you want and are familiar with.

What are the pros of having this team combination?

  • It’s easy to play with a team of this combination, and this type of team combination isn’t that difficult to find. 
  • A lot of element types get converted into this type of team. 
  • You’ll be getting familiar with a lot of element types, but probably less than the first team combinations. You can build a team that will look after each other’s disadvantages, just like all the basic element teams. 

What are the cons of having this kind of team combination?

  • There will be fewer elements, but there’ll still be too many for some.
  •  If you choose to build a team with both basic and additional skills, there will be holes in your defense. 
  • Building a team like this may be easier than others, but it will still be a difficult task. 

This type of team combination carries almost all the pros and cons of the earlier types, with a few exceptions, but it is still the second safest team combination and a lethal one at that.

The Types of Three or Four Elements

Ossia - The Hollow Heart

I think recommending an entirely different team with different characters than the ones mentioned above would be foolish, so that’s why let’s just go with them. They are just the best characters in the game.


  • Endless Rizette-Angle of the ruins
  • Dark Jeanne-Maiden of Darkness
  • Meridian-Knight of Vengeance


  • Bahamut-Terror of the Gods
  • Endless Astrid-Voice of Defiance
  • Strom
  • Callen-Daughter of the Dragon
  • Ossia-The Hollow Heart.
  • Rolotia-Sorceress of Dawn


  • Astrid-Hero of the West
  • Shanna-Red Riding Hood, Dragon Slayer
  • Fornaxos-Flame Incarnate


  • Elmina: A Sunkissed Mirage
  • Astrid-Hero of Rigland
  • Yuki, the Winter-Born


  • Ludmilla’s Crimson Valkyrie
  • Jeanne d’Arc—Maiden of Radiance
  • Artimeia-Lady of the White Moon

You can pick the characters in whatever order you want, whether it is 2, 3, or 4.

As for SR characters,

  • Beryx-Jewel of the Forest
  • En Soldier-Principality Commander
  • Jayle-Horned God of Festivity
  • Gloria -The Gilded Heiress
  • Baltruk-Lady Luck’s Toy

These are the characters who will be worth your soul stones.

While having conversations with different players, some of them disliked the idea of having an all-element team or a 3- and 4-element team; they believed you should focus on only one element type from the beginning of the game. But despite that, I still went through the trouble to write a guide for both of the types, because while having the conversation, some of them told me that if they could have this type of information at the beginning of the game, they might be playing with some different element types or teams.

I also have my reasons as to why I wrote those two types; other than the status effect mentioned above, there are still types of team combinations that you can check out, and those can only be possible either with an all-element team or with 3 or 4 elements because of the scarcity of that particular skill among the elements.

Here are the leftover status effects.

Blood Sacrifice

Units have skills that sacrifice allies to deal damage. Usually, units have the ability to summon characters for sacrifice, like Kuromoris, etc.

But sometimes characters don’t have the ability to summon sacrificial characters but do have skills like Blood Nova and other sacrificial skills; skills like these usually do more damage than normal attacks, but characters possessing these skills are few in number in every element, so it’ll be kind of hard to have them specifically from the same element.

High and Low Spirit Oriented Team 

If you’ve played the game for a considerable amount of time, then you must’ve come across these kinds of characters, who have these prerequisites of having more than 7 Spirit to unleash the attacks, and also the characters who unleash attacks only when there is 1 or less Spirit.

So these types of characters are rare, and it’ll be impossible to have them from the same elemental types. In that case, it’ll be wise to look into those two team types.

Unplanned team

It will be hard to say anything about this certain type of combination as it can be so unorthodox that you can’t even imagine a team like it, but almost every player sometimes plays with a team like this, because they spend their soul stones without a plan. 

Well I can’t say it’s a bad team combination, it’s just that you stuff the highest rarity characters in your team, which is probably the best thing to do, but don’t care about them blending well with the other characters.

The success of this kind of team mostly depends upon your luck, if by some chance you get characters that get along well then there is nothing to worry about, but if you end up having a team that has nothing in common then what, so if you want to avoid a situation like that then you better use your soul stones carefully.

Unorthodox team

I won’t recommend you having a team of this type, but at the same time, I know players are bound to have a team like this when they don’t manage their soul stones and waste them in the hope of getting an SSR rank character.

Recommending a team of this type will just be stupid, but I can show you how mine looked when I was in that phase.

unorhodox team

As you can see, nothing is planned here. I just stacked my team with the best rarity characters I had at that time.

So I’ll recommend you not waste your soul stones as I did, but if you’ve already, then start building a team of 3 or 4 elements as I did. As you can see in the image, I have 3 dark, 2 light, and 2 storm element characters. At that point, I realized that a certain element-type team was exactly what I needed to rise in the leaderboards.

Getting along well

I keep using the terms getting along well or blending well, some of you might be wondering what that means, but don’t worry because here to explain.

There are skills that you can use only if a certain condition is met, like for the burn drive. The caster has to be affected by burn status, which will take time if only one character is doing that as you’ve to first get yourself inflicted by burn status, but if your second character can help you get it, then it saves a lot of your time, otherwise known as TU, and that’s all you need.

Stealth Fury

It deals 400% damage to 1 enemy. It can be used only if the user has the Stealth status effect. This attack ignores any enemy status effects, damage reduction effects, revenge passive skills, and skin passive skills.

Burn Blast

It deals 400% damage to 1 enemy. It can be used only if the user has the Burn status effect.

Poison Drain

It deals 400% damage to 1 enemy if they are poisoned and heals the user for 50% of their max HP if damage is dealt.

Note: No healing will occur if the target is not poisoned.

Crisis Drain

The user deals 250% damage to 2 enemies, and the user recovers their HP by 50% of their own max if the damage is dealt. It can be used only if the user’s party has 1 or fewer spirits.

All of these skills have some prerequisites, and I’ve only mentioned a few of those skills there are tonnes of skills like these. You’ll have to get yourself familiar with them and choose the skill type you want to use, and pick the backup character accordingly.

Characters selection 

Okay, now you know the type of team you want to build and you also know backup characters are the essence of an unconquerable team, but how you’ll choose those characters?

When choosing a character there are some things you have to keep in mind

A low-level SR character is far better than a well-upgraded R character. The same goes for SR and SSR. There is always a limit to how much you can upgrade one, so having a higher rarity level character is always a good thing.

Weapons are mainly divided into two segments red and yellow, a character is bound to one of those two types, it can either equip a weapon of the red or yellow category, so when you are planning to change your current character to some other character of higher class, do pay extra attention on his preferred segments, I’ve failed to do so many times and as a result my power was cut in half, I couldn’t equip the weapon I wanted to with the characters I wanted to.

TU costs of the skills, if you are willing to spend thousands of soul stones to get the characters you wanted, so please trouble yourself once to check their skills TU costs.

A leader’s skills are also worth looking into, it sometimes provides a buff to the whole party, and who dislikes buffs?

At first passive skills might not look like a big deal, but as the game progress they become a handful if you don’t have measures to deal with them, so get yourself acquainted with them.

Passive skills

We can’t stop at mentioning passive skills and be done with that, no sure can’t do that, if you think a team as a house then Passive skills are like a foundation hidden from eyes but still strengthing and providing support.

As I’ve mentioned earlier they might seem nothing much in the beginning, but as the game progresses, they’ll begin to change the course of the battles, and in the later stages they’ll become the deciding factor.

Here are some  Passive skills that your desired characters must have, if they don’t then you might want to change them.

Hold ground

If this unit would be defeated, it instead survives with 1 HP and then cannot be defeated until its next turn. This effect can trigger only once each time this unit enters the battlefield.

Some of you might be wondering it’s only 1 HP, why I’m making a fuss over it, and even mentioning it in a must-have section, so I only have to say this, this fuss is worth making. 

 Auto Guard

The unit having this skill will be a Guardian. For any enemy attack that would hit 1 or 2 other allies, the unit will have a 100% chance to redirect 1 hit to itself instead. This unit will not redirect skills that don’t deal damage.

Also, a super useful skill, which has proved itself on the battlefield, over and over, and this skill is quite a pain to deal with, imagine you’ve attacked some different unit and your attack lands on a different unit.

Crisis heal entry

Heal all allies for 30% of their max HP.

Triggered if ally spirit is 1 or less when this unit enters the battlefield from reinforcements.

It’s a must-have supporting skill, one of your reserve characters must have this skill in order to strengthen the front line.

Leader’s Skill

Along with them, there are tons of great passive skills out there, specifically those revenge ones, go through them once, it will definitely be worth it.

When you want to build an unconquerable team, having a leader with exceptional buffs is something that you must have.

Apart from the passive skills, another thing that pretty much decides the fate of battles is the leader’s skills, despite there being only one buff of the leader. But that makes a big difference.

Here are some skills that your leader should have to better justify his title.

Attack & HP Up

Allied Earth* element units have their attack increased by 10% and their maximum HP increased by 7%.

Attack Up

Allied Dark* element units have had their attack increased by 15%.

Quicken Storm*

Storm* Allies have the TU costs for all of their skills reduced by 20% when they enter the battlefield at the start of battle or from reinforcements. This will overwrite the effects of previous Quicken skills.


Allied Light* element units have had their maximum HP increased by 15%.

There are other skills as well but try to have a leader who has these skills.

*There can be different elements than the ones mentioned above.

If some of you are confused as to how to pick a leader,

Well, first, he should be from the highest rarity you have in your team; higher rarity characters will give more buffs in comparison to lower rarity characters.

Second, if you have more than one higher rarity character, your first pick for the leader’s spot should be the one who has Quicken as his leader’s skill; if none of them have that, the second one should be Attack and HP Up; again, if none of them have that, you should consider Attack Up or HP Up according to your need.

Third, there may be cases when you need attack up, HP up, and other buffs to win, so at that time you must change your leader to meet the requirements.

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