Evertale Fire Team Build – How to Build the Perfect Fire Team

This Evertale Fire Team Build guide will help you build a perfect fire Team in Evertale to best utilize the burn status effect.

Hold ground can be a nasty ability to deal with on the battlefield, and there aren’t that many characters or status effects that can deal with it efficiently; well, there are only two that can – poison and fire, without using one more turn just to deal with that one lasting HP.

Other than dealing with the hold ground, both of poison and fire status effects also open the path for many combos.

Things are different for the dark (poison) elements; the game is pretty much filled with the good dark types that possess poison abilities, and they blend well together.

But when it comes to fire types, it’s a completely different story.

Although Evertale has powerful fire types, most of them don’t blend that well together. Their main focus is inflicting the most damage, but when it comes to being a team, there aren’t that many good characters among the fire types.

To put it simply, having a team of the most powerful fire types will feel more like having a team that consists of different elements; there won’t be that much coordination among them, and that’s why dark is the most popular element.

Another reason that Dark is a popular element is that its poison ability is not exclusive to the Dark element, whereas its burning ability is pretty much exclusive to the Fire type.

Evertale Fire Team Build Character List

Evertale has a plethora of characters so we have listed a few of the best of the best characters who fit our fire build.

Here is our list –

Callen – Daughter of the Dragon

Callen - Daughter of the Dragon Evertale

Where most of the units only provide attack and defense boosts, or both at the very most, she possesses quite a rare leadership skill.

Quicken Fire

Fire allies have the TU costs for all of their skills reduced by 20% when they enter the battlefield at the start of battle or as reinforcements. This will overwrite the effects of previous Quicken skills.

Her leadership skill was enough to earn her a place on the team, but she possesses something more than that, which makes her worthy of your soul and the efforts you make to get her.

Passive Skills

Crisis Power

This unit’s attack is increased by 30% while allies have 1 or less spirit. This effect does not stack with enraged skills.

Survival Armor

65% damage reduction from attacks unless Survivor’s Fury is unlocked by this unit

These are the only passive skills you’ll be able to use if you are a normal player, and both of these are really great and handy.

And for the active skills, you don’t have to compromise their quality as much as she does.

Brash Strike

deals 135% damage and gets 30% damage in the form of reflections.

Purify Heal

Remove negative status effects from the allies and heal them for 25% of their maximum HP.

Crisis Blast

250% damage to two enemies Usable only if the user’s party has 1 or less spirit.

Survivor’s Fury

500% damage to two enemies Locked for 300 TU after the user has entered the battlefield

One of the main difficulties of having a fire-type team is the lack of spirits. This type of team requires a lot of spirit to unleash devastating blows on the enemy, and her Crisis Blast Can come in handy to deal with it when the situation arises.

Next on our list of suggestions is –

Hibiki – Demon of Class 2-B

Hibiki - Demon of Class 2-B Evertale

The real powerhouse of the team and a well fit for the definition of blending well, unlike our previous recommendation, she is quite different and possesses what really matters to be in a team of the fire element.

As we already have the leader of the team, if anyone would like to increase the damage, her leadership skill is what you seek.

Attack Up

Allied fire elemental units have had their attack increased by 15%.

Passive Skills

Crisis Focus

This unit is not affected by stun effects while allies have 1 or less spirit.

Burn Armor

50% damage reduction from attacks if this unit has the Burn status effect.

Active skills

Ignition Attack

damage to one enemy. The user is then granted the “burn” status effect.

Any unit that attacks this unit will be affected by the burn status, which is the main reason why she is on the team.

Ignition Rage

The user gains the Burn status effect, and until the end of its next turn, its attack is increased by 50%.

Burn Blast+

400% damage to 1 enemy

The user being affected by the burn is a prerequisite.

Crisis Drain

250% damage to two enemies, and the user recovers their HP by 50% of its own maximum if the damage is dealt.

She possesses the essence of being a team player, as she can inflict burns on herself with an ignition attack and anyone who’ll attack her, but she lacks the ability to inflict burns on her teammates, so we’ll need someone to do that.

Astrid – Hero of the West

Astrid - Hero of the West Evertale

Evidently, when building a burn team, SSR Astrid is among the must-haves for the teams. where Ignition Charge gives burn status and provides three spirits to the team.

to better deal with the situation of having low spirits.

Intense Burn reduces 20% of the TU cost of the allies’ skills.

By this time, we have the damage dealer and the leader of the team; now it’s time for the supporting character.

Astrid fits the very description of it; she is an excellent supporting character and will play the part of an offensive unit as well for the team.

Both other skills of hers can hit two targets at a time, and with burn status on, she’ll be quite a trouble for the opponents.

Rashanar – The Burning Hunger

Rashanar - The Burning Hunger Evertale

Anything which was left by the others is covered by him when going for a burned team. He becomes a must-have on the team.

Sacrificial attacks often do more damage than a normal attack; he can’t only sacrifice the units but also summon them with the help of the passive skill.

attack and attack All will deal damage to the opponents, and Attack All can deal damage to multiple targets.

Blood Burn grants the Burn status effect to the units and heals their HP, and Blood Nova unleashes a deadly attack on the opponents.

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