Elements in Evertale – Understanding the Basics

There are six elements in Evertale: four normal (Fire, Water, Earth, and Strom) and two special (Dark and Light), and the characters you’ll choose are bound to be from one of them. Choosing an element is the first step toward building an unconquerable team.

Why choose a single element when there are six of them?

A lot of you may be wondering the same thing, but believe me, there is a reason why you should. Leaders can provide buffs to the whole team if the characters are from the same element, and these buffs have the ability to change the outcome of battles, as they can be Quicken, Attack Up, or HP Up, and some even possess Attack and HP Up.

Still not convinced? Yeah, current game scenarios don’t really favor element-oriented teams, and if you want to go with the current scenario, you should look into skill sets when building a team and pick the characters according to your needs.

As I told you, there are six elements in the game, but they don’t treat them as equal, so neither will we. There are some elements that you should pick, and there are some that you should keep your distance from. Stay tuned to find out which one it is.

But before that, let’s go through something more important.

Elemental Advantages and Disadvantages in Evertale

Elemental Advantages and Disadvantages in Evertale

You’ll have a 45% advantage over an element that is weak against your element, 25% attack, and 20% damage reduction.

But for the special elements, it’s a different story; they’ll deal 25% more damage to each other but won’t receive any less damage. Also, they are neutral to normal characters.

So if you have yet to waste your soul stones, you know where to waste them.

Let’s start with the Special elements –


Evertale Dark Element logo

Dark is one of the two special elements and the top pick of almost every player. Because it is a special element, you don’t have to deal with the double disadvantages of being a weaker element, and other than that, Dark is filled with a lot of good characters and is home to the two status effects poison and stealth, though you can find characters with stealth traits as well.

Why you may pick Dark Element in Evertale?

  1. A lot of players are playing with the poison and darkness combination, so you can get advice from them.
  2. Timely characters release—and powerful ones at that.
  3. Usually, dark characters blend well together.
  4. It offers you two of the best status effects; you can choose one or even both of them.
  5. Because there are a lot of characters for this particular element, you can utilise the leader’s buff to its fullest.
  6. An abundance of tank characters and supporting characters
  7. One of the initial SR characters, Beryx, “Jewel of the Forest,” is from the Dark, so if you get him in your summons, there is even more reason to go for this element.
  8. Better optimized AI for automated battles 

Why you may not want to choose a Dark Element character?

There is no flaw that I was able to find up until now; it’s pretty easy to play with the dark + poison combination.

With the release of Evertale 2.0, they have made the dark element an even stronger element, and a lot of good characters from different elements have fallen on the dark side, like Dark Callen – The Dark Guardian Dragon, and Dark Jeanne – The Maiden of Darkness, etc.

Want to build a dark team?

 Check out our guide for the Dark + Poison status effect


Evertale Light Element logo

Light is the second special element, so if you choose it, you’ll still enjoy the privilege of being the special one. Other than that, the best tank in the game, Ludmilla – The Crimson Valkyrie, is from the light; not only that, but Jeanne d’Arc – The Maiden of Radiance, is also here, and there are a lot of them in the land of light.

Why should you choose Light Element characters?

  1. En Soldier -Principality Commander, who happens to be among the initial SR summons, and if he was your first SR summons, then you know Path of Light is waiting for you. 
  2. Highly synergistic characters 
  3. Light units blend well together.
  4. You can try combinations of Stun and High spirits.
  5. Have the greatest tank in the game, and there is no shortage of supporting characters.
  6. You’ll find a lot of players playing with the Dark Element, so to counter it, it’s the only option.
  7. Timely release of characters 

Why you might not want to pick Light Element characters?

  1. There ain’t that many damage dealers in the light element, so you may have to wait for months for one to show up.
  2. Stun is not an element that favors beginners; to master it, you have to burn hours playing the game.

You can use the experience of other advanced players, as there are a lot of people who prefer this element.

So, we are done with special characters, and these were the ones that you should stick to if you haven’t used your soul stones yet.

Apart from these two special elements, Evertale has 4 normal elements too. These are –


Evertale Fire Element logo

Fire is the only element in the game that has an exclusive status effect (e.g., Burn in the game), which has its advantages as well as disadvantages. Here is what you need to know –

Why should you pick Fire Element characters?

  1. Burn deals damage per turn, so it’ll come in handy when dealing with Hold the Ground.
  2. There is no shortage of powerful fire characters in the game.
  3. You won’t have to look for damage dealers when opting for fire.
  4. Timely release of characters
  5. Fire only offers the burn status effect, so no matter which character you choose, he’ll have the burn status effect.

Why you may not want to choose Fire Element characters in Evertale?

  1. AI is not helpful in auto battles.
  2. The burn effect wears off after 300 TU
  3. Most of the characters don’t blend that well together.
  4. It’ll take time to get familiar with the skill set.
  5. Ends up hurting your own Hold ground units.

A lot of people dislike Burn for its low DPS and lack of supporting units, but damaging its own units justifies all of their allegations.

Want to build a Burn Fire team? Check out our guide


Evertale Water Element logo

There is an element like this in the game; it’s just that I forgot about it just like the developers, and now I’m wondering why they even bother to release characters for this element.

I didn’t know water had the exclusive status effect of Frost until I was writing a tier list and discovered that by chance, and its applying conditions made me hate this element even more.


Grants a Frost Mark to one enemy. A unit with 2 frost marks gains the “frozen” status effect for 120 TU; this will overwrite any other status effect on that unit. Frozen units can’t act, have 90% damage reduction, and are immune to status effects. Units cannot be frozen and marked.

By the way, did you check out our Tier list for the Evertale?

Why you may want to keep your distance from Water element characters?

  1. Yuki, Born of Winter, was the only character that I saw having the “frozen” status effect.
  2. I have been playing this game for 2 years, but I still don’t know what the specialty of water is. You can find Sleep, Stun, Frozen, and Neutral characters possessing water elements.
  3. You can’t expect the team to blend well, and there is no timetable for the release of new characters.

When I said you should keep your distance from this element, what I really meant was that you should keep yourself from building an entire water team; you should use water characters as a lot of good supporting characters possess water elements.

If you are planning to build a skill-oriented team, then water will definitely quench your thirst for that. I haven’t seen a character more supportive than Ludmilla – The Paladin Bride; they must have written the definition of support after seeing her, and there is a lot where she came from.

Want to build a Sleep team, check out our guide –


Evertale Earth Element logo

Earth has a pretty mixed reaction from the players, as no one, in particular, hates it, but I have yet to see someone who has built a whole team of Earth elements.

As for the status effects, Earth offers poison and stealth, and I think I’ve seen some units with sleep also, so yes, it’s quite a versatile element.

Some of you may be wondering, “Water also has a three-status effect,” so why this discrimination? One of the biggest reasons is that I personally find that one useless as the elements don’t blend well together, which is not the case with Earth. But as a beginner, you should also keep your distance from this one also.

Why should you choose Earth element characters?

  1. Offers a variety of status effects.
  2. Helpful in building a poison-oriented team
  3. Can be proved to be the backbone of the stealth team.
  4. Other than this, there is good blending and a timely release.
  5. Earth Mysha, who has the best DPS in the game currently

Why should not choose Earth element characters in Evertale?

  1. Units generally have a high TU cost.
  2. AI is average when it comes to auto battles.
  3. You may have to wait for the supporting characters to show up, as there aren’t that many.

Want to build an Earth stealth team, check out our guide-


Evertale Earth Element logo

In the current game landscape, characters of this element are killing it; when you are picking characters by only seeing their skills, then you are bound to have 2 or 3 characters in your team from this element; other than this, it provides you access to the stun and stealth status effects.

Why you may want to choose Storm Element Characters in Evertale?

  1. Fast characters
  2. TU will work in your favor throughout the game.
  3. Fast recovery 
  4. A great blend of characters 
  5. It is a great ability that makes coming back very easy and is good for manual control.
  6. Attacking or killing them usually puts the attacking unit at risk because of the debuffs.
  7. High chance of survival 

What are their cons?

Well, according to me, there is no apparent reason for you not to pick storm element characters, especially in the current game scenario.

Want to build a Stun team, Check out our guide for beginners.

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