How to Build a Perfect Dream Eater Team in Evertale

Here is a guide on how to build a perfect Dream Eater Team in Evertale to best utilize the sleep status effect.

Sleep is a status effect that is not particularly popular among fans, yet somehow it has proved its worthiness, and because of that, it has made its way to the top of the list for some of the players.

The thing with building a sleep status team is that you have to risk everything, and yet the victory can be a far-fetched dream. It’s quite annoying, and the inflicted unit wakes up upon attacking them, but if you manage to play your cards right, opponents might never get a chance to unleash a devastating blow on you.

Another disadvantage of having a team of sleepers is that there is a huge shortage of characters. I had to delay this article for days just because I couldn’t find characters to recommend, so if sleeping is your choice, then be ready to dream about getting them in the summons.

When you are going for either stun or sleep, there are certain things that you have to keep in mind. First, if the unit has hold ground, which most of them do, it will be difficult to deal with them because it will take an extra turn to deal with that lasting 1 HP, which is one of the biggest disadvantages of having a team of either type in my opinion.

Second, both of these effects are limited; they’ll wear off after a certain period of time, unlike poison or burn, which never ends unless you remove it, which is why you’ve got to be quick when going for combos as there’s a time limit. If you fail to do so, then you’ve got to start from step one.

Evertale Dream Eater Team

Let’s go through the characters one by one.

Callen – The Seaside Scholar

Evertale Callen - The Seaside Scholar

The first entry from the world of dreams is -Callen – The Seaside Scholar.

She was the first character I was able to find, and I suppose I hit the bullseye on my first try, although after too many trial rounds. You’ll soon know why I said I hit the bullseye.

Active skills 

Sleep Attack, Savage Force, Sleepy Sabotage, and Flip Sleep

Passive skills 

Spirit Loot and Hold Ground+

My Take

Callen has our favorite hold, but for the other one, you’ve got to compromise; it’s not something that you can rely on, but it’ll certainly be of some use in the battle. You’ll gain one spirit whenever an enemy is eliminated, no matter the cause.

Two of her active skills target multiple enemies: sleep attack, which has a 15% chance to put a target to sleep, and savage force, which will be unlocked when this unit defeats at least one enemy on the battlefield.

You’ve got to come up with your own strategy for using sleepy sabotage; as for Flip Sleep, you can use it only once per battle, but even then it’s the most useful skill she has, which exchanges the user’s current HP with the amount of HP they have currently lost and grants 1 enemy the Sleep status effect for 200 TU.

Rizette – Bashful Bunnygirl

Evertale Rizette - Bashful Bunnygirl

Second on this list is Rizette – Bashful Bunnygirl

Active skills 

Sleep Attack, Forced Sleep, Dawn’s Drain, and Dream Hunter

Passive skills 

Keep Ground and Chain Sleep

My Take

I suppose I don’t have to explain Hold Ground, but for Chain Sleep, it’s a skill that activates when this unit attacks a sleeping target, and the enemy with the lowest current TU is granted the Sleep status effect for 200 TU. This will overwrite any other status effect on that unit.

Her sleep attack can only target one enemy unit, but with a higher chance of putting them to sleep and inflicting a guaranteed Sleep status, there is always Forced Sleep.

If anyone has taken advantage of the full extent of this sleep status, it is her. With some supportive allies on her side, her abilities can be used to their full extent.

Dream Hunter targets two sleeping enemies and provides three spirits for each sleeping target.

Dawn’s Drain deals 300% damage to 1 enemy if they are awake after having fallen asleep while on the battlefield and heals the user for 50% of their maximum HP if the damage is dealt.

Even after waking up, no one is safe from her.

Alira – The Silk-Veiled Siren

Evertale Alira - The Silk-Veiled Siren

Next on the list is Alira – The Silk-Veiled Siren

Active skills 

Attack, Sleep, Nightmare Drain, and the Survivor’s Fury

Passive skills 

Sleep, Random Revenge, and Vigor Armor

Alira – Sweet Beach Temptation

Alira-Sweet Beach Temptation

Last but not least is Alira – Sweet Beach Temptation

Active skills 

Attack and Counter, Purify, Desperate Drain [two], and Sleep Bomb [two].

Passive skills 

Auto Guard and Minion Revenge

My Take

As you can see, both of them are different forms of the same character. It would have been nice if both of them belonged to similar element types, but as I stated earlier, good sleep characters are really rare, so her two forms will be a good match for them and also for the team.

To find out the Best characters in Evertale check out our Evertale Tier List.

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